Pictures : I finally caught one butterfly by itself, and being still, better yet! I think this one was missing one antenna, or I am just not seeing it. Click on the image a couple of times and see if you can see a second antenna.
This shot was with the R7 and the EF 300 F/4. I just notice that the R7 EXIF data shows this lens as a F4.5, while the 7D Mark II shows it as a F4, I wonder why, not that it is really important, just wondering.

Butterfly 15_R7_ 09-11-22

Exercise : I did pretty good this week. Although, I am walking again, my walks are slow compare to just 6 months ago, but I am still going, 👍.

Have a great weekend Folks


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  1. I only see one antenna. In Google, some people say that means the butterfly will have a short life. Another site, say “If a butterfly loses one of its antennae, it doesn’t die, but this weakens its sensory power since it will have only one antenna to smell the whole world. The balance with nature will also be lost as it cannot sense day and night times when compared to a butterfly with two antennae present.”

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