A Bird or Two

Pictures : Here is a Lesser Gold Finch and a House Finch. Some birds pics for a change, but it will be back to butterflies tomorrow. Figure I should take advantage of the butterflies while they are around.

Lesser Gold Finch 05_R7_ 09-23-22

House Finch 04_R7_ 09-23-22

Weather : We had a little rain last night, a very good thing for the area. Seems to have bought in a bit cooler weather too, and I like that part.

Exercise/Knees : The old knees have been holding up well, but I did feel a little pain in my walk this morning. Perhaps, I am adding too many bird walks in. Maybe I should do one or the other (exercise or birding walk), and not both in the same day. As always, I will adjust as needed.

Have a nice day Folks