Pictures : Here is another Butterfly I spotted.

Hanging out. This one has a little spot above its eye that looks like a little eye, and is confusing, I almost wanted to clone it out. Give it a couple of clicks, and you can see what I mean.
Butterfly 04_R7_ 09-18-22

Headed out.
Butterfly 07_R7_ 09-18-22

Have a nice day Folks


Flower and Butterfly

Pictures : I had not taken the EF 100-400 Mark II for a walk yet with the R7 till this weekend, so here are a couple from that walk.

Flower 10_R7_ 09-18-22

Butterfly 01_R7_ 09-18-22

7D Mark II : I took the 7D II out today with the EF 300 mm looking for butterflies and took a few shots, so in the next few days I should have some of those ready. Tomorrow and the next day I should have some more from the same set as those above.

Have a nice evening Folks

Gold Finches

Pictures : After seeing these Gold Finch in the field about a 1/4 mile from the RV, I pick up a new thistle feeder and had visitors the same day I put it up.

Lesser Gold Finch.
Lesser Goldfinch 17-A_R7_ 09-16-22

Lesser Goldfinch 12-A_R7_ 09-16-22

Night Folks


Pictures : I finally caught one butterfly by itself, and being still, better yet! I think this one was missing one antenna, or I am just not seeing it. Click on the image a couple of times and see if you can see a second antenna.
This shot was with the R7 and the EF 300 F/4. I just notice that the R7 EXIF data shows this lens as a F4.5, while the 7D Mark II shows it as a F4, I wonder why, not that it is really important, just wondering.

Butterfly 15_R7_ 09-11-22

Exercise : I did pretty good this week. Although, I am walking again, my walks are slow compare to just 6 months ago, but I am still going, 👍.

Have a great weekend Folks

More Butterflies

Pictures : Another pair of butterflies.

Making little butterflies. Shots taken with 7D Mark II and EF 300 mm lens.
Butterflies 12-7D2_ 09-13-22

Always has to be a nosey neighbor 🦋.
Butterflies 11-7D2_ 09-13-22

A bee doing what bees do.
Bee 10-7D2_ 09-13-22

Have a great day Folks

Before and After

Pictures : I was out looking for butterflies yesterday and I only had the 7D Mark II with the EF 300 mm lens with me. While out, I walked in an area that had some Lesser Gold Finches flying around, so I give it a try. The first image is the shot I got and was thinking I won’t get much out of this, but I did get it to clean up pretty well, I think. Please click the images a couple of times to get the bigger pictures.

Start Image 06-7D2_ 09-13-22-2

After. Not the best shot I have ever taken, but I was pleased that it cleaned up as well as it did.
Lesser Gold-Finch 06-7D2_ 09-13-22

Here’s a grasshopper, also taken with the 7D mark II and EF 300 mm F/4 lens.
Hopper 02-7D2_ 09-13-22

Silver City : I had planned on going to Silver City today, but I put that off until tomorrow. I’ll spend a bit of time up there, going to the VA, stop in at Walmart (it is a bigger store than the one here), stop by Harbor freight and the Hardware store (it’s a bigger store too). Plus, it is about 3 hours of driving for me, I don’t go very fast

Have a nice day Folks

P.S. Tomorrow’s Pictures, Will be more (Butterflies Gone Wild)!


Pictures : Not a great shot, but it was nice to see some butterflies. Here I was testing the EF 300 mm lens on the new camera and I didn’t have things right, and was having a hard time getting the focus right. Plus, I don’t guess I can see like I used to, didn’t even realize it was two butterflies until I looked at the picture on the computer.

Butterfly 07_R7_ 09-11-22

7D Mark II : Took the EF 300 mm Lens and the 7D II out today and got a few I liked, I will post a couple tomorrow, it will be a Gold Finch. I also took a couple more shots of the Butterflies … seems like the only time I can catch them being still, is when they are getting busy. Anyway, I’ll post the Butterflies again in a couple of days, and this time I think I got a bit better images.

Doctor : Had a phone appointment with the Doctor today. The phone thing, is something the VA is doing much more now-a-days. At any rate, I came away feeling like I am going to get more out of this Doctor than I was getting with the local Doctor. She spent 90 minutes on the phone with me and I feel like she was listening. We will see how things go with all the follow-up appointments with all the specialist 🤞. One good thing is that I am going for blood work tomorrow. I have to drive about 60 miles away (120 Round trip), but maybe I can recover some expense in reimbursement for travel.

Okay, have a nice day Folks

Dime size Flower

Pictures : This little flower is about the size of a dime and seems to like growing in the shade under thick bushes. I was trying out the old EF 300 F/4 lens on the new camera, and I think that lens is best used with the older 7D and 7D mark II cameras. I had a really hard time finding focus with it. Likely my setting, but the 7Ds works great with that lens, and I’ll just use it with them. The 300 makes a really nice butterfly lens.
However, I don’t see a lot of butterflies here, and the ones I do see are fast moving and hard to shoot.

Wild 04_R7_ 09-11-22

Have a nice day Folks

Just a Dove

Pictures : Here is one of the many Doves that like to visit my feeding area.

White-Winged Dove.
White-wing 109_R7_ 09-04-22

R7 : I am still getting used to the auto tracking on my R7 and I find my self trying to track the focus point, LOL. (That is why the Dove’s head is so near the top of the image) It is a good problem to have, 😀. The auto subject tracking is wonderful, and I am impressed with it. The other day I was shooting a flower that the wind was blowing about a bit and the camera was tracking it. I had it set for animal tracking, so I wonder what kind of animal the camera thought it was?! LOL. I am loving the camera, and wish I could buy a half dozen of the new RF lens to go with it, but those things are very costly! The two that I most yearn for are the RF 100 Micro and of course the RF 100-500. All is well though, I still have lots of EF lens, and they will do fine for now.

Full-Time : Today is my 15th full-time birthday, I actually pulled out on the road on the 10th of September, but my first full day was 9/11 of 07.
Not sure if you can call what I have been doing for the last 3 years RVing, but I am still in a RV, and I still love the ideal that my house has wheels, and I can go at will.

Have a nice evening Folks