Trees Lake

Pictures : Here are a couple of shots of Deming’s Trees lake. It is an ongoing project. If you break it into smaller areas, it is kind of nice. Also, there is an area just as you drive into the park that is older and has a few trees and grass, and the birds like that.

Please, forgive the photos quality.

Trees Lake 02-7D2_ 10-23-22

Trees lake 01-7D2_ 10-23-22

When you walk down into the area where the water is, you can, appreciate it a bit more.
Added Stream 04-7D2_ 10-23-22

A great little nearby area for a short birding trip.

Have a great day Folks


Grebe and Old Flower

Pictures : Here is what I think is a Pied-billed Grebe and an old flower.

Pied-billed Grebe 49_R7_ 10-23-22

Old Flower 33_R7_ 10-23-22

RV : I replaced a leaky bathroom shower faucet today. A small job that needed to be done. It wasn’t leaking into any area that it could cause damage, but it was leaking pass the shut-offs and out the drain. I’ll leave the back side open for a couple of days to ensure that no leaks develop.

Have a nice day Folks


Pictures : Here is a couple shot of the Double-crested Cormorant getting in a little airing out time.

Double-crested Cormorant 10_R7_ 10-22-22

Double-crested  Cormorant 07_R7_ 10-22-22

Friday : Well, it is time for all the working folks to have a couple of days off. Of Course, for me, all that means is that I need to get my things done early and get back to the RV before all the action starts.
However, for all you folks still out there working, I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Exercise : My walking is going well, the knees do hurt a bit from time to time, but I have learned to keep a pace that allows me to keep my 10 miles a week going.

Have a great weekend Folks

Grackle and Butterfly

Pictures : A shot of a Cabbage White butterfly (My best Guess) and a Great-tailed Grackle.

Cabbage White 01_R7_ 10-22-22

Reckon where they got that Great-tailed name from? 😁!
Great-tailed Grackle 03_R7_ 10-22-22

Weather : Cool and windy today, makes me want to stay in and have a nice hot bowl of soup, or maybe a hot chocolate drink.

Have a nice day Folks

The Great Gatsby

Pictures : OH WAIT, That is The Great Grackle! Not The Great Gatsby. Also here is a little water Lily that was hiding in a weeded-in area, with a peak of light shining in.

Note: I have no ideal why that book came to my mind. The great Gatsby is a book written in 1925 by Scott Fitzgerald, and for me was part of an assignment in a humanities class, many, many, moons ago. How a Great-tailed Grackle reminded me of it … who knows??? LOL!

Just trying to be a little creative with my Post processing here, seeing as neither of the images were all that great. πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨

I took out some white clouds and darken the image a bit.
Great-tailed Grackle.
Gatsby:Grackle 40_R7_ 10-23-22

I darken this one, added a bit of vignetting and the yellow area just kind of popped out, lens flare maybe? Or maybe just the way the light was peaking through and hitting the water? At any rate, the yellow was nothing that I added.
Lili 35_R7_ 10-23-22

Weather : Pretty nice, temperature hovering just under 70 with a mild wind.

May you, have the best day ever, πŸ™‚.

More Egret

Pictures : More of the Great Egret. On this walk it was mostly overcast, and that is usually good when trying to shoot big white birds.

This shot is a full frame shot, I don’t often get a shot of a bird filling the frame, even when they’re this big, but this one is. It was resized for the web.
Great Egret 70_R7_ 10-23-22

Great Egret 50_R7_ 10-23-22

Cool today : Well compared to temperature of just a couple of weeks ago.

Have a nice day Folks

Finch and Wren

Pictures : Here are some evening/overcast shots of a Lesser Gold Finch and a Cactus Wren. My RV blocks the sunsets from my feeder area, and plus the feeder area is under trees. So, by 5 in the evening, it is low light time for me if I am shooting at anything in the feeder area.

Lesser Gold Finch 13_R7_ 10-01-22

Cactus Wren 41_R7_ 10-11-22

Post Processing : Seems to me each new camera I get has a bit of different post-processing method needed, and this camera is no different. I feel like I got the daytime good light processing down now, however still working on the low light, overcast, and evening light post-processing method. Both of the above images were in lower light.
Sometimes, when I’m doing my post-processing of images, I daydream of one of those huge Canon ($12,000 plus) F4 white lenses. LOL, no worry, that will only ever be a day-dream, but it is a fun one!

Weather : Ha, the cooler weather has arrived. The temperature is hovering just below 60 and there is a good bit of wind, not really cold, but feels cold after having all the warm weather we’ve had.

Have a nice day Folks

More of the same Birds

Pictures : I usually take five or six shots of a bird if I get him in a good position, and even more if I haven’t seen it for a spell. Such is the case for both of the birds in this post.

Great Egret. Today I went to the little lake again, and got a lot more shots of the Egret and this time a lot closer shots, and they will be coming soon. I had not notice till today, but these little islands are some type of artificial floating material with real plant life. Not real, but it is hard to tell with the plants growing on them.
Great Egret 140_R7_ 10-16-22

The Pyrrhuloxia stayed on this perch for a while, and I was able to get several shots of her, that I liked.
Pyrrhuloxia 71_R7_ 10-14-22

Have a good day Folks

Duck-Duck, Egret

Pictures/Link : Deming, New Mexico’s claim to fame —– Duck Races . Got to love small towns, LOL.

A pair of Mallards.
Mallards 91_R7_ 10-16-22

Another of the Great Egret.
Great Egret 133_R7_ 10-16-22

Beautiful Days : The weather has been very much to my liking of late. Cool night and warm days, with temperatures running in the 70-80 range, prefect!

Back to the Lake/Pond? : I went out to the little lake here in Deming, but I was running very late after sleeping in this morning, and there were too many people around by the time I got there. So, not many good pictures, out of that trip.
Maybe one day I’ll remember to bring a short lens and get a shot or two of the water. Ha, did a search online and found This link about β€œTrees Lake”, and it is 5 acres in size, so I guess, I have to call it a lake, πŸ€”. It is a very nice little man-made lake, it even has a small running-water feature. I find it pleasant to walk around, if not many people are there.

Have a nice day Folks