Back in May

Pictures : I have been lazy this week and have not gotten out and took any shots, so looking at some old ones I found this one, I took with the 7D Mark 1, back in May. These blooms were on a tree, not sure what kind of tree it is.

Tree 06-7D1_ 05:22:22

Flickr/Cameras : A couple or three months back, I was looking around on the Flickr site and I found a group called Planet 7. It is for folks that have any of the series Canon 7 cameras. Well, turns out I have them all, 7D, 7D mark II, and R7. I got the 7D used from a friend years ago and later on I brought the 7D II, and of course you all know that I just got the R7. I still just post to my photo stream, but I enjoy looking at all the different shots from all the 7 cameras in that group. It is fun looking at the camera model and lens, and the EXIF data when available and, exploring the kinds of cameras and lens combo they shoot with.

The quality of shots that some of them get out of their equipment surely keeps me humble. Some amazingly talented people, post on Flickr.

Flickr is a great place to look for groups of people that shoot certain cameras, or certain lens. If you ever wonder what kind of shots you could get out of a piece of equipment, that is a good place to go look and see.

Mac Users: Have any of you recently updated to macOS 13? If so, what do you think about the stage manager feature? Take some getting used to, but I think I like it.

Have a great day Folks