Bird Feed

Pictures : Here is a shot of some bird seeds, Milo that is 🙂! I need to get to know some farmers around here, could save a fortune on birdseed. Of course, not all birds will eat Milo. Most Doves, Grackle, Starling, Thrashers, and House Sparrows seem to enjoy it.
I kind of use Milo (In the stores they call it Wild Bird Seed.) for these types of bird to keep them a little farther back from my other feeders. I put it a few feet away from where I have my other feeders, like my black oil sunflower seeds, thistle, peanut, suet feeders, and others things I feed birds occasionally, such as meal worms.

Milo Bird Seed 03_R7_ 11-06-22

Note: I don’t really buy that much Wild bird seeds, and I only feed maybe a cup per day because I don’t really want to attract most of the birds that enjoy it. I just use it to keep them away from my other feeders a bit.

Milo and Cotton fields.
Cotton Milo 07_R7_ 11-06-22

Have a nice day Folks