Pretty much Gone

Pictures : The butterflies are pretty much gone now for the winter, but here are some shots I took a while back and didn’t process.

A couple of clicks will get you a closer view.
Sleepy Orange.
Sleepy Orange 45_R7_ 09-24-22

American Snouts. I had never seen these before this year, and this pair stayed in the same spot for me for a good spell.
American Snout 39_R7_ 09-24-22

Exercise : I am glad to get done with the week, the knees were starting to make a fuss of it, and they need the break. I have done well in keeping up my 10-mile weeks, I hope I can continue doing so.

Weather : As I said yesterday, it is cooler, but I can still keep the RV door open if I wear a sweater while watching the birds. I bet I don’t have too many days like that left this season.

I hope everyone has a fine weekend.