Fun Name

Pictures : Sometimes I come upon a name for something that just gives me a good smile. This time it was a plant that I have took a few shots of, a kind of morning glory. I posted a picture of one of these before, but did not know the name of the plant. I was looking for something to plant next year that maybe I and the birds would enjoy and was looking at morning glory’s and found the Dogofthedesert. I instantly recognize that it was a plant that I had photographed recently, and had posted on the blog. I found the plant a couple places out where I walk each day, growing wild.

Actually: I found a picture of it here and it says “Family – Dogofthedesert”. At any rate, I think it is a great name, 😀! It is very small (Size of a dime when open), but a little beauty. The other shot I posted of this plant was the same shot, but this one is the second one of the series and I did a little different post work. This shot is likely more natural.

Dogofthedesert 05_R7_ 09-11-22

Knees/Exercise : I debated a bit this morning whether I was going to walk, but decided to go ahead with it. 🤞🤞 Hoping the knees will hold up for the week. 🤞🤞

Have a nice day Folks