Summer Shots

Pictures : These are not my best Butterfly shots, but they are of a different butterfly.

I think these are Milkweed Butterflies.
Milkweed 08_R7_ 09-09-22

Milkweed 07_R7_ 09-09-22

Cyber Monday: I got bit by the old Cyber Monday bug. Of all the things, I brought a Canon EOS RP, refurbished from Canon. On sale for $600.00. This will be my first Full Frame camera. As most of you know that follow me, about 90% of my shooting is well-suited to a crop camera. And the big thing that has held me away from full frame cameras is, of course, is the dollars. For the money, I think the RP will be a good buy for me. It does not have all the bells and whistles of the newer cameras, but I can live without them, especially at more than triple the price for the bells and whistles.
The Canon R was going refurbished for about 300 dollars more, and I was seeing the R6 for about 2000 dollars refurbished. So, my thinking was, if a full-frame camera doesn’t give me much joy, I won’t be out the bigger dollars, and if it does, well I’ll know what I have been missing.
I have not been able to seeing myself clear to buying any more RF Lens yet … just too costly for now, at least for the ones I want.
So wish me joy with the new toy, folks. 🤞

Have a nice day, Folks