Tha Last One

Pictures : The last Holiday of the year is here to be seen only this one time, and never again. Enjoy your Holiday, but do be careful.

Happy New Year


Looking at You

Pictures : A shot of one of the Robins that visit me. The Background has been modified to a better color. Seems like my winter shots at the birdbath are giving me very gray looking backgrounds that I don’t like much. It is desert sand, but it is in a very shaded area. I have given some thought to getting me some green artificial grass to put behind it, 🤔. Do you think it would work?

Clicking on these images will get you a bigger picture.
Robib 03-_R7_ 12-22-22

Here is the original full-frame shot not processed but convert it to JPEG from raw, and resized for the web.
Not processed 03-_R7_ 12-22-22

What do you think, too much modification and processing, or is it okay? I just don’t care for the gray I am getting in these shots. I am content with the color of the bird.

Folks, have a fine day.


Pictures : Here is one of the Curve-billed Thrasher. The Thrasher looks like it is proud to be a bird, don’t you think?

Couldn’t get the white under the chin to come out like it should, so technically, I don’t like the image much, but I really like the pose that the bird give me.
Curve-billed Trasher 19-_R7_ 12-26-22

Weather : Windy today! The temperature is about 53 Fahrenheit, which ain’t bad, but the wind makes it feel cooler. We just got a few sprinkles of rain too, not enough to help anything, just enough to smear the dust.

At the Feeder: I think a week or so ago, I was telling you all about the Eurasian Doves that had started coming to the feeders and about the White-winged Doves chasing them around. Well, as it turns out, the Eurasian Doves have figured out that they are the bigger bird, so now the chasing goes the other way. LOL.
I am seeing three kinds of doves at the feeders now, the Eurasian Doves, the White-winged Doves and the occasional Mourning Dove.

Folks, have a nice evening.

Lady Robin

Pictures : Here is a shot of a female Robin. I was setting out visiting with a friend this morning and had 4 Robins all come at once to the birdbath for a drink (This shot is not one of them). They didn’t pay us much mind, just got their water and left.

Robin 25-_R7_ 12-26-22

Weather : Another fine day.

Folks, have a fine day.


Pictures : This leaf is from an apple tree, I think.

“Sometimes I feel lost” said the old leaf.
Not My Tree 02-RP_ 12-24-22

One more : Only one more big Holiday for this year, and as soon as it gets celebrated, the year is gone. Oh, how fast my years go!

Weather : Well, after our cold snap here, we are having some nice weather. Today is near 60 ℉, the sun is out, and the birds are singing. A fine day.

Folks, enjoy your day.


Pictures : Yep, just a duck today. Even though they are abundant, I still enjoy watching them paddle around.

Duck 92_R7_ 10-16-22

Cold : [Folks up North in the real cold, turn your head now and laugh] For here, it is cold today, about 36 ℉ at about 1PM. There is a mild wind and when it hits you the chill bites a bit. I talked to a friend of my today that is in upper New York state and his temperature is better than here! Unfortunately, for him, the cold is coming his way.

Folks, have a fine day.


Pictures : A dependable visitor, the good old House Finch. If no other bird comes to the feeders, you can bet the House Finches will be there. I’m going to bet that likely applies to any establish feeder anywhere in the U.S. However, I am not sure about up north feeders.

House Finch 17-_R7_ 12-19-22

Weather Today: Oh man, it is a beauty, with temperatures around 60 ℉ and mild winds, prefect for this time of year. I got the RV door open, and I’m enjoying the birds as they feed.

Folks, have a nice day.