Snaps From RP

Pictures : Here are a couple of my first shots out of the RP, and they are absolutely just snaps.

“Wow, sure is a lot bigger field of vision with Full-Frame cameras” said the dude who has only ever shot crop cameras. LOL, I guess that is kind of the ideal, yes? I need to find something to shoot with a full-frame … ! I am used to shooting with a crop camera, and then I usually crop the shots out of the crop camera. Full-frame is going to be different for me.

Yesterday sunset only had a small area that was nice, so I took a big wide shot and cropped it down to a smaller one, LOL.
Sunset 10-2-RP_ 12-31-99

A shot with way too much civilization in it, well, at least from my point of view. Too many wires, houses and such. The clouds, mountain, fields, and even the fence would have been great, without the other stuff.
Florida 02-2-RP_ 12-31-99

Have a nice day, Folks


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    1. Thanks, Deborah. I know it sounds funny, but I really am at a lost as to what to shoot with it, 🤔. If it was Spring or Fall, I could do some fun micro shots. People and people things have never been my choice of stuff to shoot. Houses, doors, buildings, cityscapes, and most things made and done by people, has just not been it for me. And the thing is, I have seen so many wonderful shots of all such things. I guess I need to get out and about more to do a little more discovery!

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