Duck, Duck, Coot

Pictures : Just some Ducks and a Coot.

Ducks 29_R7_ 12-02-22

You just got to love Coots feet, yes?
Coot 28_R7_ 12-02-22

What Day? : You ever have one of those days when the whole day just feels like a different day of the week? This is a Wednesday, and I am stuck on it being a Thursdays. I have done all the little things I do each Thursday, and now I will be lost tomorrow when I don’t have any Thursday chores! Tricky old brain! 🤔

Weather : It is mild, temperature wise, completely overcast with a bit of drizzling. Which is all fine by me.

Have a pleasant day, Folks

4 thoughts on “Duck, Duck, Coot

    1. Thanks, Deborah. The Coot had come to take a look at me, I think, LOL. I think I am back on track now … well if it is Friday … I’m okay. LOL.


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