Ground Feeding

Pictures : I have been doing a little ground feeding lately, and these White-Crowned Sparrows started stopping by. I like seeing these guys come by, and in the evening I’ll get 10 or 15 of them stopping in at once.

White-crowned Sparrow 07_R7_ 01-01-23

Weather : Looks like it will be cooling-off by about 10 ℉. Not too bad, and likely more the norm for this time of year. I can sure get spoiled when it’s a little warmer than it should be in the winter. Today I was able to set with the door open for a while, but then the wind started blowing pretty hard, and it cooled off a bit. It is January, so I guess in all … pretty good for this area.

I hope all you folks out there are having suitable whether to get your new year started.

Folks, have a fine first day of the year!