First year

Pictures : Here is another White-crowned Sparrow, and this one is a first year bird.

White-crowned Sparrow 06_R7_ 01-01-23

Weather : It has been pretty windy for the last two days and at about 50 ℉ it makes it unpleasant to be outside.

RV Repairs : Unfortunately, I need to get back up on the roof of the RV to do some more repairs from the sloppy work that was done before on this RV, but I’ve elected to put it off till this wind settles. I’m not all that stable on a ladder anymore, and definitely don’t want to be on one in the wind.

Although the roof looked great, when I got it, it was all just a cover-up job. I know my friend that had it done and that I got the RV off of, paid good money for the work, but he sure didn’t get what he paid for.

Folks, have a fine day.