The thrid Dove

Pictures : When I lived back east the Mourning Dove was the only Dove that I had, but out here in the west the Mourning Dove is in the minority, when it comes to Doves. The White-winged and the Eurasian Collared-Doves are in majority. This little Dove kept its distance from the bigger doves, feeding about twice as far out. The Mourning Dove is just a little smaller than the other doves.

Not a great shot, the Mourning Dove was about twice the distance that I normally shoot all the other birds from. I have only seen this one Mourning Dove, or maybe just one Mourning Dove at a time.
Mourning Dove 05_R7_ 01-05-23

Weather/Birds : It is a nice day today, so hopefully I can enjoy some birds today with the door open for a while. My RV makes a great bird hide, 😀. I’m not very well hid, but the bird pay far less attention to me when I’m inside, especially if I’m kind of still. They only hear the clicking sounds! 📷

Folks, have a nice day.