Up, Down … Who Cares

Pictures : Cactus Wren having a peanut.

Cactus Wren 13_R7_ 01-14-23

Camera Gear: I have looked at a lot of RF Lens and I see a lot to like, oddly enough my billfold don’t have any respect for what I like! Over the next couple of years I could maybe swing a couple of lenses, but not the top end ones. $2000.00 and over kind of makes me grit my teeth. If I could keep them near $1000.00 than a couple might be possible.

So, a couple I am thinking about is the RF 800 F/11 and the RF 24-105 F/4. Now, the 800 is not an everyday lens, this is a big light, sunny days, no shade type lens. I have been looking at a lot of images on Flickr from this lens and there is a lot of junk, however when I find some of the better photographer’s shots with it, I am pretty impressed. It is a capable lens in the right hands. Not that my hands are all that great, but I kind of stay in one area (Birds) and I think with practice I could get some good shots with it. So the 800 would add to my birding capabilities. As for the RF 24-105 F/4 it is not the fastest lens, but it would give me a good coverage for the RP, I would think. I could pick up one of the lower ends lens for something fast, maybe the non-L, Rf 50, RF 24, RF 16, or RF 35 or one in that caliber that is a fast lens. The RF 24-105 F/4 is not fast, but it is a good quality lens and in a coverage-ranges that I think I would appreciate.

This is just me thinking while I’m typing, so nothing in stone here. Would love to hear from folks that follow me here and know what I shoot. So somebody give a (poor gear head) some recommendations that will give me hope, you know, some good daydream stuff!

Okay, enough silly fun for today, you folks have a super day!