Robin listens to Catbird conversation

Pictures : This picture of the two Gray Catbirds with the Robin in the background is one of my favorites. I took this shot in my first year with a Digital camera, and my first year bird watching (2005). Technically, it’s not all that great, and they’re in a bird bath, so not in a wild, but still I’ve always enjoyed this image. I am sure I’ve posted it a time or two before, so if you have seen it, please look over me.

One Catbird says to the other, “Hey, don’t talk about that here, the Robin is listening”.
Gray Catbird 9-9-2005

Folks, have a fine day.


Desert Bouquet

Pictures : This is a shot I took about this time of year near Parker, AZ back in 2017. I wonder if it looks like that this year? I miss being on the road and seeing places like this.

Desert bouquet 11-7D2-030917

Weather : Much nicer today. Still have a bit of wind, but nothing like yesterday. Weather folks say we will have a bit of wind most of the week. Hopefully it won’t get as bad as yesterday.

Folks, have a fine day.


Pictures : A Prairie Falcon shot from 2018.

This was a very long shot and this is a heavy crop.
Prairie Falcon 57-7D2-122218

Exercise: For the first time in a couple of months, I got out for a walk this morning. Between the flu/feeling poorly and bad weather, it has been a while.

Wind : Oh boy, it is nuts today! Starting in about mid-morning and got harder till it peak about 11 am or so. The wind was hitting in the 60 mph ranges and is still about 50 mph now. The gust must have been even higher. My slide has an awning over it and I pull the slide in because it was flapping way too hard. Sure breaks the flow of things inside my RV when the slide is in. Hopefully by mid-afternoon it will be calm enough to open the slide back up. 🤞

Folks, have a nice day.

Hit a Wall

Pictures : Back in 2005 when I got my first DSLR Camera, I would just point and shoot at anything, and sometimes I’ll get a great image, other times I just hit a brick wall.

This particular wall was built in the late 1800s, but I am sure it has been re-grouted many times. This was a three store house and the brick is its structural support and 4 layers thick as best I recall.
Brick 9-3-2005

Folks, have a nice day.


Pictures : An older shot of a Blackish Swallowtail. I can’t wait to get back into the warmer weather.

Blackish Swallowtails 22-7D2-052818

Weather : Man oh man, it is fine here today! Lite breeze, in the 60s, and lots of sunshine. The door is open, and I am enjoying the fresh air.

Folks, I hope you are having a fine day too.

One of my first year Hummer shots

Pictures : Another 2005 shot. This is the Rudy-throated Hummer, I don’t get to see these guys out west.

Rudy-throated Hummer2_8-28-2005

More Wind : Today there is a bit more wind, but not as bad as yesterday. Other than the wind, it is a pretty nice day.

Hope you are having a nice day wherever you are.


Pictures : A new Chipper, I would think. This is an image from 2016, but I remember there were two of these little rascals running around.

Chipmonk 41-7D2-082216

Wind : The wind is blowing like crazy today. At least it is not cold. Although, still don’t want to be outside, there is a lotta dust and dirt in that wind with brown out conditions on the roads. A good day to stay inside.

Folks, have a fine day.


Pictures : This was the fly’s lucky day, I had my camera and not the swat. This one goes back to 2005.

Fly 7-10-2005

Blood Pressure : Doing much better today. That top number between 127 and 143 so far.

Weather : Today is a beautiful day, I think the weather prediction for tomorrow is more wind.

Folks, have a nice day.

Leak …

Leak : We have had a bit of rain over the last couple of days and I had a leak in my roof! I just love old RVs, NOT!!! At any rate, I spend about 4 and a 1/2 hours working on the roof today. I think I got the leaking area fix.

Blood Pressure : They are adjusting my medication and my blood pressure is jumping around like a frog.

Check these crazy numbers out. Changing dose as per Doc directions.
2-19-2023–12:38 pm—149/ 77/ 78 Yesterday
2-20-2023–8:45 am—127/ 75/ 66 This morning before I eat or took my meds. Up dose this morning.
2-20-2023–2:35 pm—95/ 67/ 114 After working on roof for 4.5 hours. Took new dose at 9:30 am
2-20-2023–3:47 pm—112/ 70/ 109 After resting and eating a bite.
2-20-2023–4:33 pm—116/ 71/ 104 Just now. After a little more chilling.

They are sending me one of the blood pressure cups that calls it in to a nurse after I check it, not sure how that works, but we’ll see. Meanwhile, I call my VA clinic this afternoon and left a message as to how it was going and told them I was going to adjust my dose myself, or they could call me and talk about it. Otherwise, I am going to adjust it myself. I think it has gotten too low.

Damn, it is too fun getting old!

So, that is my day, hope you folks are having a better one!