Leak …

Leak : We have had a bit of rain over the last couple of days and I had a leak in my roof! I just love old RVs, NOT!!! At any rate, I spend about 4 and a 1/2 hours working on the roof today. I think I got the leaking area fix.

Blood Pressure : They are adjusting my medication and my blood pressure is jumping around like a frog.

Check these crazy numbers out. Changing dose as per Doc directions.
2-19-2023–12:38 pm—149/ 77/ 78 Yesterday
2-20-2023–8:45 am—127/ 75/ 66 This morning before I eat or took my meds. Up dose this morning.
2-20-2023–2:35 pm—95/ 67/ 114 After working on roof for 4.5 hours. Took new dose at 9:30 am
2-20-2023–3:47 pm—112/ 70/ 109 After resting and eating a bite.
2-20-2023–4:33 pm—116/ 71/ 104 Just now. After a little more chilling.

They are sending me one of the blood pressure cups that calls it in to a nurse after I check it, not sure how that works, but we’ll see. Meanwhile, I call my VA clinic this afternoon and left a message as to how it was going and told them I was going to adjust my dose myself, or they could call me and talk about it. Otherwise, I am going to adjust it myself. I think it has gotten too low.

Damn, it is too fun getting old!

So, that is my day, hope you folks are having a better one!