Pictures : A Prairie Falcon shot from 2018.

This was a very long shot and this is a heavy crop.
Prairie Falcon 57-7D2-122218

Exercise: For the first time in a couple of months, I got out for a walk this morning. Between the flu/feeling poorly and bad weather, it has been a while.

Wind : Oh boy, it is nuts today! Starting in about mid-morning and got harder till it peak about 11 am or so. The wind was hitting in the 60 mph ranges and is still about 50 mph now. The gust must have been even higher. My slide has an awning over it and I pull the slide in because it was flapping way too hard. Sure breaks the flow of things inside my RV when the slide is in. Hopefully by mid-afternoon it will be calm enough to open the slide back up. 🤞

Folks, have a nice day.