Mulberry Tree

Pictures : This is 2008 shot, the last year I visited the east.

Mulberry Tree.
Malberry Tree 5-13-2023

Weather : The wind is up today and more to come tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t get as bad as it did the other day. The other day it said gust to 65 mph, but I am near sure that it was all gust 💨, LOL!! Today and tomorrow weather folks are saying gust to 45, which is far better than the 65 gust. The wind here is the weather’s worst thing for this area, and that beats the multitudes of other bad weather conditions, that so many others get.

Butterflies : While out walking this week, I have twice seen a butterfly. I look forward to seeing them again.

Exercise: As I said above, I am starting to walk a little again, and it feels good to be out doing so. Between the flu and bad weather, it’s been a while.

Water : I am adding more water back into my drinking habits. At one time I drink over a gallon every day, but I drop off from a gallon per day at some point. I am now staying more conscious of just how much I’m drinking and insisting on at least a half gallon per day and preferably more. Good to have the water, and it keeps me from drinking all the other bad stuff like soda pop.

Folks, have a fine day.