Pictures : It is so good to see things starting to show green, here is the apple tree starting to green up. Around town, I see a lot of trees starting to green up and many yards have trees that are blooming.

Forgive the shot, just a quick snap.
Apple Tree 3:16:23

Chores : Had to get out and about today to do a few chores. One, it was time to re-license the motor home and two, I had to get a propane tank filled. I likely won’t be filling the propane tank again for a few months now, without needing heat, I simply don’t use much propane. A good thing with propane being as costly as it is this year. The third chore was to get my one gallon water jugs filled, I had 8 of them. I drink a little better than a gallon a day, so refilling comes around pretty quick.

Weather : My weather has taken a little down turn today, but not too bad. It is windy and overcast and not as warm as it has been, still overall not bad.

Folks, have a nice day.