Red Crossbill

Pictures : In the summer of 2017, I stayed in the National forest area up in Cloudcroft for about two months, this is one of the birds I enjoyed seeing while I was there. This is the only time I’ve seen this particular bird, would love to see some more of it.

Red Crossbill 5-7D2-072817

Weather : With the wind up and the temperature hovering around 50 or so, it makes the mornings just a little bit too cold to get out for my comfort. Also, as the day goes on, and the winds pick up, it starts moving the dust about, which I definitely don’t like. But still, overall, it’s not bad, considering all the many other possibilities that could be.

My heart goes out to all the folks in Mississippi that got hit by that category 4 tornado. The images of that sure look devastating.

Wish all you folks a fine day.