About and Contact

I am a Full-Time Rv’er, and I am just out riding around the US of A and enjoying life……. it is good! 🙂 Well maybe not a lot of riding in this economy (cost of living is high). And please don’t mistake me for someone who has too much money and don’t know what to do with it. I live on a small fixed income so I am not living high-on-the-hog, so to speak. Mind you, I am not starving and for a poor dude ………….. I live well,  and most important of all, I am happy most of the time.

Full-time RVing. For those of you that don’t know what a Full Timer is … It means that I live in my RV Full Time and home is where I park it and that is a good thing from my point of view 🙂   Many people are out here Full-Timing,  some with lots of income, others not so much like me and yet others with less than I but most are in between. The point being, if you would like to do this full-time thing, you can, it is just like living anywhere else, you get by on what you have. Don’t let money stop you if you want to do this!

Things I like and do and may post about.

Birds; I like to do some birding and post a few pictures form time to time on the blog.

Photographing; I may talk about my photo gear, camera, lens and other photo related stuff.

Computers; I don’t know a bunch about computers but I do enjoy learning about and playing with computers, tablets, smart phones and other electronics stuff.

Everyday life; I may talk about anything to do with my life and what is happening with me.

Exercise/Diet/Weight;  I do exercise on a regular basics and diet to fight off the weight. The weight/diet part is a up and down thing, sometimes I do good and other time not so much 😦

About my writing; ( One must laugh at ones own short comings and move on) I never was a very good writer and more than likely never will be a great writer but hopefully good enough to get the point across.  Now and again you will see some misspelled words and some really poor grammar, so please look over me or if you like give me a comment and I will fix it.

to E-MAIL me, use
rvjohn at tutanota and the other part is a  dot   com.  This is wrote like this to fight off Bots.