Pictures: Here is a shot of a wondering Bluebird.


Chores: I was off to the city today to do the chores, laundry, pick up gals of drinking water and a little shopping.

Weather : Cooler and much nicer I think 🙂 !

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Making a get Away

Pictures: Here is a Mountain Chickadee flying in, grabbing a seed and hitting the road.


Weather: I think tomorrow we are about to get a break from this heat wave, a good thing indeed.

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Pictures: Here is a shot of a Mountain Bluebird.


Weekenders: I sometime hate to see the weekenders come. I know that the place is for everyone but it seems like the weekenders don’t bother with the rules, and my pet pea is loose dogs. Yesterday while out walking I had one come out on me and I held my walking stick in front of me between the dog and I and it bite my stick before the owner called it off and it would have been me that was biting if I had not had my walking stick. I sometimes think the rangers overlook loose dags but of course, they are riding around in their trucks and don’t see the dogs come out on people.

I usually don’t say anything to a ranger about it but if the dog tries to bite then I do report it to the rangers, as I did yesterday. By the way, I was not too fearful as I had the walking stick in one hand and pepper spray in the other hand, had the dog continue to aggress there would have been a battle. I told the owners somewhat rudely that they had leashes for “that”!

Just so you know I really like dogs, it is stupid irresponsible dog owners that I don’t like!!

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Bath Time

Pictures: Here is a Western Bluebird fresh out of a bath.


Exercise : Keeping up with the walking. I forgot to do an update till Meta mentioned it yesterday in the comments, but it is done now 🙂.

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Showing Colors

Pictures: This Rufous Hummer was watching closely trying to protect his feeder.


July: Well I guess July is hot all over the states and it is warm here too. Still, it is doable in the RV without AC but if I was hooked up I am sure the AC would be running. If I was any lower in elevation it would not work out for me, here I am at about 7500 feet.

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Western Bluebird

Pictures: Here is a shot of a Western Bluebird that I took a couple weeks ago.


Exercise: I am keeping at it, to see what I am doing click the Exercise Link under pages.

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Bluebird Chick

Pictures: Here is a Bluebird Chick either Western or Mountain, not sure which.


Weather: It has been getting pretty warm(up near 90). The rain is coming almost every day but they are very short and not very hard however it cools it off a bit during the rain, which feels very nice indeed.

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