On the Wire

Pictures: Here is a shot from a few days ago of a Black Throated Sparrow.


Weather: All so beautiful, sometimes I wish I could live here, oh wait I do … cause my house has wheels 😀. Kidding aside I am so enjoying the weather here this spring.

Night Folks


A Month

Pictures: I was looking for a photo for today’s post and found this from just a month ago, these are the Florida mountains that are about 6 miles from here. This picture sure makes today’s weather look mighty fine! Today a light breeze is blowing and I’m setting here with the door open, watching the birds feed and life is good … and warm!


Night Folks

Sunset Framed

Pictures: I am just playing around here with a sunset photo and doing a frame for it in Photoshop. I use to do frames a lot with my photos but it had been a while and I had to relearn how to do the frames again.


Do you like digital frames for online photos?

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