Busy …

Busy day and I didn’t get a thing done! Ever have days like that? Started with my walk and then a little cleaning up and off to help train the new person, and that took me to noon. Then a little shopping, another hour and half, and then I had to call some Government offices and that took a couple of hours! Just being busy without getting anywhere.

Okay, just ranting here, I did get things done that I needed to, maybe just not the ones I wanted to do πŸ€”.

Tomorrow I am off to help out again, so it will likely be another day like today. I am finishing off the day with laundry, yet another chore.

The days are starting to get pretty hot, getting up to 90 each day now. I forgot to turn on the swap cooler before I left this morning, tomorrow I won’t forget, don’t like coming into a hot rig.

Birds: I think I have just seen a Gnatcatcher at the birdbath, cool. I had been seeing the Gnatcatcher come to the feeder but could never get to the camera in time, but I think I got a shot this time. Also, today I have seen my first batch of Gambel’s Quail Chicks. There were 6 of them and they were tiny, I was on the phone, so no pictures of them today.

Night Folks

Sputtering Around

Doing little things around the RV today. Made a small wooden tray today to keep my quarters in, I save the quarters for washing the truck and such. When I was young, I used to love sputtering around with wood making things. Nothing fancy mind you, picture frames, small tables and stuff like that.

Still some things to do around the RV, but I am beginning to put things off now, getting lazy?? Maybe …. Or just saving my energy for bigger upcoming jobs, like the roof.

Tomorrow I am off to help out the new lady that is doing my old job. Likely about 3 hours in the morning.

Exercise : I am back to walking now, doing my two miles each morning. Hope the knees don’t mind too much after a nice, long break from walking. Two days in, and the knees feel good, but I will see how it is going after a week.

Camera : Hey, are there any crop shooters out there like me? I ask because canon has announced a new camera, the EOS R7, and it seems to be in a reasonable price range. The specs of the camera make it sound like an awesome camera, but who knows, what the reality will be. All the full-frame R cameras are getting great reviews and people seem to love them, so if the R7 1.6 crop camera follows in those footsteps, it should be a good camera. I am giving it a good bit of thought. The prices of the RF Lens are really high, it seems to me. I would love to have that eight stops of image stabilizing that come with some systems of RF lens and R Cameras, but that is not in the cards for now. However, they say the EF lens with the EF adapter do very well on the R cameras. If I do spring for the camera, there will not be any RF lens to go with it, I’ll just get the EF adapter. I like the ideal of IBIS (In Body Image Stabilizer) and the improved autofocus ability I keep hearing about. All you camera folks out there, step up, tell me what you think!

Night Folks


Yet another windy day, we have had so many this year, or at least it seems so to me. They are wearing me down a bit.

I got out and took a walk this morning, the first since 4/19. When I got busy moving and fixing, I didn’t do the walks for a while, but now it is time to get back to the walks. While I was moving and remodeling, I had no need to exercise because I was getting my fair share doing the work that needed to be done.

I replaced the RV step covers this morning that I had picked up from Walmart yesterday. The old ones had begun to tear and were pretty well shots.

Step covers 00-7D1_ 05:24:22

After that, I had a plastic container full of baggies with each bag full of screws, nuts and bolts, which needed separating. So I took each bag and removed the screws, nuts and bolts and put them where they should be. I have been putting these baggies back for about two or three years, plus I created many of them with all the little project I had during the move, so there were a lot of them. When I’m doing a little job, I always have screws, nuts and bolts lying around and when I get done I just throw them in a baggie and put them in that plastic container to be separated later, well later finally came.

By this time, the wind had picked up and started to moving dust and sand around, so I came in and started doing some much-needed cleaning on and around the cook stove. One of the hard areas to clean on RV stoves is the area above the stove where the stove is vented to the outside.(If you ever had an RV You know this) This RV stove was no exception, it needed a good bit of cleaning in that area, so I got started on it. Also, I looked in the oven and over all it was not bad, but I will do some cleaning there too. I don’t bake, so once I get it good and clean, I should be done with the oven for a long time.

It is near 3:30 pm and the wind is blowing like crazy outside …. come on, wind … GO AWAY! 😩

Everyone, have a nice day.


Pictures : There are a few places on the roof I want to redo with coating, so I order a can of Dicor Roof Coating. It is a two part system, but I have the material for the first step. This stuff is not cheap!


This, Plus shipping and tax. Ouch! Amazon link.

Roof work is one of the big job for me, at my age climbing is no fun. But it will be okay, I will take my time and be careful.

Doctor : I have an appointment this morning, it always makes me nervous going to see doctors. I feel like an old car, it’s not a matter of if something going to go wrong, it’s a matter of when something is going to go wrong. So each time I go, I am always thinking, “Is this the time?”. I don’t dwell on it in between, only when it’s time to go to the appointment. At least, I can take comfort in the fact that I’m going out of routine and something isn’t hurting or broke, and I need to go!

Yet another … forgot to hit Publish … maybe I am getting old and forgetful!

πŸ™‚ So here is yesterday post and I will make one for today.

Old VS New

Pictures : Something not RV, πŸ˜€.

Yucca are starting to come in, and here is old dead Yucca and a new Yucca starting.
Old:New 05-7D1_ 05:22:22

This small one(7 or 8 feet) is getting its bloom on.
Yucca 02-7D1_ 05:22:22

RV : I have not done much today around the RV, just one or two little things. Sunday, a nice day to relax.

Night Folks


Today I was back at the RV and doing things. Fixed a couple of cabinet hinges and added a place that I like better for my keys. There is an area above the door to hang your keys, but if you are outside and need a key, you must come all the way up the stairs and turn around to get the key. You can see in the picture that there is a shelf under where the keys hang, and this is why you must come all the way in. I added a place to hang keys to the front of that shelf, and now if I need a key, all I have to do is take a step-up the steps and reach up and get my key instead of coming all the way up and turning around to get my key. Oddly, I seem to need to get my keys a lot when I am outside doing things.

Keys 7D1_7096

Today I went to Walmart and got an extra shower curtain rod, the type that is spring-loaded, why you ask?

My tub is less the 2 feet wide and when I stand in the tub/shower area the shower curtain was always sticking to me. No, I am not 2 feet wide … but I use that much area as I move around in the shower, just saying … πŸ˜€.

The Tub is not very wide, maybe 20 inches.
Tub 7D1_7101

So you can see in the picture what the extra shower rod does ….. I put it in and out each time, and that is why I wanted it spring-loaded. The bottom of the shower curtain still hangs in the tub, so the only place I have to watch out for water is the bit of wall that is showing outside the shower, and that don’t seem to be a problem so far. Anyway, now I have lots of room to move around in the shower without the shower curtain sticking to me.
More Room 7D1_7100

Hey, maybe you call this tiny space living adjustments πŸ€”.

Night Folks

Maybe Less

Okay, I think another day of this, and I can kind of get back to me and my things. The person I am training seem to be an independent person (like myself) and kind of wants to learn how to do it for herself. So that is cool, this will make my escape easier πŸ˜€πŸ‘.

I would love to get back to dangling around the RV. I still have lots of little project I want to do and a couple of larger ones too.

Night Folks

Work ….. NO!

And I thought that I was done with that old four-letter word “WORK” forever! Yet, here I am again …. at least it will be short-lived this time. I am not sure when I will get all my time back to myself to do my things. I am hoping it will go quickly. The person I am training seems to pick things up fast, so that will be a plus.

For the year that I did the job, it pretty much consumed me completely. However, I hope the training of someone won’t be quite as time-consuming. I think maybe after a few days I can only go in once in a while to do training. We’ll see.

Night Folks

Another Job .. Temporary

Well, I am in it again …. Last year I was doing a job for the Loners on Wheels Club and the person I trained to take the job has decided to leave, and now I will be training another person to do that job. This will likely take a couple of weeks of my time. How do I get into these messes, LOL. The President Of the club (Mickey) ask me to do this, so I will try to help.
I say a couple of weeks, but it will likely be just 2 to 3 hours a day for a while.

At any rate, I will be distracted from the things I want to do to the RV for a spell. But Hopefully, I will be able to keep getting little things done.
Today I did manage to pick up a couple pieces of hardware that I needed, but that is about it.

Night Folks

Forgot to Post

Oh wow, I didn’t even post yesterday. Although I didn’t do much physically, my mind was busy thinking about the next projects. I did do a few things yesterday, but not a lot, it was nice to relax a bit. Today I started working on some small pieces of wood for this and that. Sanding, staining and polyurethane, seem to take a lot of time even for small pieces of wood.

Even though I didn’t do a lot yesterday, I feel like I have tons of stuff that I need to do, it is just a matter of when I should do them.

Tomorrow I got to take a break from the RV to go help a friend with some things. That will be fine, I have nothing super pressing right now. Mind you, there’s plenty to do, but it will get done in its time.

Little break here. I get distracted with all these little projects to do. While sitting here blogging, I happen to think about one of the little things that I wanted to do, and I got up and did it. In the bedroom there’s a television and of course this older RV was built for a tube type television in mind, and it now has a flat screen, so you’ve got the big hole behind it. Well as it turns out that big hole is full of this and that’s, where different televisions have been mounted, and I wanted to take all the unneeded stuff out of there and clean it up. Lots of dust bunnies in there too, LOL.

Here is the junk that came out … Dust bunnies, not included ☺️.

Little Project 7D1_7094

Go figure, one job leads to the next … lots of loose wires in there too … it is on the list, πŸ€”.

Folks, I promise one day I’ll get back to taking pictures of birds and talking about much of nothing, just being an old man fussing about the weather!

Night Folks