Tree Bloom

Pictures: Here is a Tree Bloom from a tree in the RV Park.


Exercise: Day two done on my morning walks.

Cornonavirus: It is a shame that the numbers are going up again. I still see people without mask in places like Walmart, a mask is something that show a little respect for other people or disrespect, sad.

Night Folks

Wild Flower

Pictures: Here is a shot of about the only flower I see during my morning walks in this area.


Weather: Still pretty pleasant over all, for this week anyways.

Night Folks

The Weekend

Pictures: Just a cloudy day shot, which is today.


Weather: We are getting a bit of a cool down for a few days here and if we get lucky maybe we’ll get a little rain. It is nice with lower temperatures, still hot mind you, but better. The temperature might be just a 5 degrees or so change but I can feel the differences.

You folks have a nice day.

Friend Hit the Road

Pictures: Here is another of the Cactus Wren.


Exercise: I got my five days in now I will chill for a couple.

Friend: Well my friend that I hang out with got on the road about 2 pm today, I will miss having someone to hang with. Good travels to you, my friend Barry 👍! On the up side of things, I got to see a another old friend for just a few minutes because she and her brother came over to drive Barry’s truck to his next location. It was good to see my friend Mickey, even for a few minutes 🙂.

Night Folks

Little Ones

Pictures: I just barely caught this shot, they were nearly out of site by the time I seen them. Gambel’s Quail chicks.


Exercise: I am staying with it, now over the hump day.

Weather: Another hot one with 100+ temperature. Sometimes I hate when the weather reports are right, LOL.

Night Folks

Road Runner Portrait

Pictures: I have at least two Road Runners coming to drink water because this one did not have a bad leg like the other one from a couple days ago.


Exercise: I got my walk done this morning. I wish I had a better variety of places to walk in the area but without taking a drive, I don’t. At least here I don’t have to walk out on the roads because there is desert around all sides of the RV Park.

Night Folks


Pictures: I think this Curve-billed Thrasher is a first year bird.


Exercise: I got my starter walk for the week done this morning, 1 of 5.

Night Folks

Hanging on the Block

Pictures: This Cactus Wren is the cool bird just hanging out on the block.


Weather: The Weather folks say the temperatures highs will be 97-102 till the of the month, 🥵. I am doing fine with staying inside but I sure miss be outside in the mountains.

Friend : My friend(Barry) is here in the RV Park too but he is headed out on the road next weekend and I’ll miss having him around. He is about the only one I know well in the area. I sure understand though, it is boring as all get out just staying in an RV Park! I wish I could afford to go with or go somewhere(to the mountains maybe), but I still need to get other things done, so I will hang. Also, many of the places I like to go is still closed due to Coronavirus.

Night Folks