Shallow to Deep

Pictures : How do you writers do it?? I have been looking at this for about half an hour now and thinking “What in the world could I write about today?” so I am writing about me thinking about writing something. Maybe blogging shouldn’t be one of my hobbies? LOL.

This is the first thing I do when starting my post each day, paste the code that I might use for the day. Then I set and look at it for a while to see what will happen 😀.
State of Blog

I likely don’t need to say that today is just not a happening day! Sometimes I just write about what every is in my mind at the moment, so here you got it. My mind is wondering what will come out of it and go into the keyboard.

…… Okay, here goes ……

Deep Thoughts: One of the things that I have come to in life is looking at growing as a human being as I live. I think that this thought hit my mind in my late 30s. Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that if after each decade of time if I can say that I am the same person that I was at the start of the decade I have wasted a decade. Think about the time in your life between 10 and 20 and if you had not grew as a person in that time … now why should that stop? No, it does not have to be such a big jump but it should always move some and the more the better, I think. I am talking about growing emotionally of course and doing a little bit here and there to make yourself a better person. Yeah, this is big talk and hard to live up to but one should always try. I think that I have, but I always keep in mind that should I live even two life times there would always be room for more growth. Also I note, that I realize that I had a good bit of growing up to do at that point of my life. Another big note here for me, this is about the time I got sober and stop drinking.

Maybe I think about the growth in me because I had much that needed to be better about me even in my late 30s, perhaps it was only then that I became mature enough to realize that I was a bit of a jerk at that time of my life and needed to change.

Shallow to Deep : See how my poor brain jumps around … what a mess?!?! LOL.

Weather : It is overcast and a bit cool outside today, so maybe a good day to let the mind ramble around a bit. 🤔

Have you grew as a person in the last decade? ⁇

Night Folks


Today Subjects : …………….. Yep, that about covers it, LOL.

On the Good Side of Things : The weather is fine with cool night and nice warm days and I am well.

Hoping for a Change : I am hoping that I can swing getting into a bit different rig by next fall and be back on the road but I guess patients is best for now. Still debating in my mind between 5th wheel and a class A, but I am leaning toward a 5th wheel. The main thing is I want something solid and comfortable that I can live in, even if not on the road. Something 30 to 35 feet long with lots of storage space. I am looking but will not likely make a move till the spring/summer. However, I am always open to a good deal and the kind of RV.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Not Blog Exciting

Exercise : I did good on my walking this week but I have the knees fussing at me. Hopefully the weekend will give me some recover time.

Las Cruces : I went with my friend to Las Cruces today, he just went to 3 places and I only pick up one thing, which was a tube of silicone. He likes the ride more then anything else, and it is good to just get out a bit.

Bad Day : Well, for my diet it was a bad day, I eat poorly today but I will get back to being right tomorrow.

Blog Stuff …. not! :
My life is really boring of late! I am not bored so much, but for what little I do it makes for poor blogging. Just not doing doing much worth sharing on a blog. Just hard for me to find things to be excited about setting still for all this time. The nomad in me needs more 😀!

Night Folks

Tap Tap Tap

Nice day : Good day to get out and piddle around outside and I did for a bit this afternoon. Even nice enough to set with the door open, which I am doing now 😀.

Exercise : Doing better this week.

Tap, Tap, Tap : As I have learned to use the track pad on the Mac Book Air I have learned to use many of the gesture and taps. Tap with one finger to selected, tap with two fingers for right click, use three fingers to highlight, use 4 fingers to open app drawer and so on. Anyways, most of the time it just comes without thinking about it but now and then I will forget and do all sort of tapping and gestures before I stop to think a second. Of course, the computer responds to the wrong thing as well as the right thing and that is what makes my old brain stop for a second with one of those “What was that?”, LOL. I did one of the brain stopper just a bit ago. I had set the “Get word definition” to 3 finger tap and had forgotten and was trying hard to “Force click”. Took me about 5 attempts before I remember, LOL. Habits are hard to ingrain to mind and muscle memory for me sometimes. By the way, I love that little feature on the Macs.

Night Folks


Inconvenient : Covid 19 has made things very inconvenient to do anything with state or federal governments, you can’t walk in no where anymore. Some of it goes overbroad a bit I think and I do believe in about all the cautionary stuff too, but I swear I think some of them kind of take advantage of the whole thing just to be lazy. Maybe I am just wore down with Covid, it’s like “please, let’s get rib of this thing.” I try hard to do my part, I hope you do too.

Exercise : Exercise is going well this week and I hope I still feel that way by the weekend. I knocked out another 2 mile walk this morning, so I am keeping my finger crossed that the knees won’t get too upset with me.

Barber : Well I got the old Barber(clippers) out of the closet today and I must say I did a pretty good job this time 😀! I could probably go out without a hat if need be, LOL. You know my haircuts don’t always go that way, sometimes I need that hat for 2 or 3 days. Don’t matter I wear the hat/hats all the time anyway to keep my skin from any more sun damage. Really important for us fair skin old dudes out west here.

Okay, enough jibber jabber for today.

Night Folks


Walking : My walking this week is going well as far as the knees holding up. Of course it is just two days into the week so keeping the finger crossed 🤞. Shorter walk today but staying with it.

Tomorrow : I think I will get out a little tomorrow for a bit and do a few chores, shopping for food and such.

Wow, doing things has come down to going to the store …. think maybe I am getting old!! Setting still has not been motivating for me at all, but it is best for now.

Birding : I am not shooting much but I have heard and seen the Sandhill Cranes flying over the area. Makes me happy to hear them, I enjoy the sound.

I watch a good many movies of late (streaming them on the computer) and I can’t help but notice have many of them have the sounds of Loons in them. Some of them even use the sound when there is no water in the scenes at all. It is a pleasant sound to hear.
You ever watch a movie and hear a bird the could not possible be in the area that the scene is representing? I guess it is kind of like seeing a movies that is showing scenes of a certain time and you see cars that are newer then the time being represented? LOL. Do I need to watch better movies, LOL?

Night Folks

Uncontrolled Dogs

Insurance : I am switching insurance company to Progressive, I hope they are good with their service. They beat out my old insurance company in price for sure. Had to go out and mail the paper work for the change today.

Dogs and Dumb Asses : This morning for exercise I walk down to my mail service to mail the insurance papers and on the way back I had three dogs come out on me being pretty aggressive with no owners around to control them and one of the dogs and the most aggressive one was a Pit Bull looking dog. I walk with a walking stick the size of a cane and I keep pepper spray in my pocket too, both where in hand at the time but I was able to be a bit aggressive myself along with a little loud warning and held them at bay. Pisses me off that I can’t walk down the street without uncontrolled aggressive dogs harassing me.

Okay enough ranting …. Maybe this is road rage without a car?? LOL.

Weather : Weather man says one more night of teens, hope they are right. The days are supposed to be much warmer too and that will be a good thing for sure.

Night Folks

Pictures one Day …. ?

Sunday is Better : Well today is a bit chilly but far better then yesterday with no rain or wind. Nice to see the sun again, that is more the normal for this area.

Food : Trying to get back into the hang of shopping while eating better, not buying junk food and finding food that keep the taste buds in check. Not buying the junk is not so hard but trying to find filling and tasty food to replace junk food is much harder. Working on it.

Pictures one Day? : Sorry folks, I will get back to picture one day but it may be a bit yet. As I said the other day I am not getting out much and it is not the best bird season for this area right now.(Well, at least not while setting here in the RV all the time.)

Night Folks


  Weather : Sorry, weather is the old man’s top topic today! It is cold, windy and wet and that is all the things my old creaky joints don’t care for at all! That said, I know that I am still in a lot better area then most of the rest of the US …. but I am here for the good weather after all and that makes my fussing legit 😀! For all you folks in the really bad weather, stay warm.

Mac : I have had my Mac book Air nearly a year now, and I am still loving the thing for sure. I think I started in on Macs at just at the right time when the new M1 chips came out last year. My Mac Book Air computer is plenty power enough for all the things I do and more. I still have and use my Windows computer too and can be fully functions on either of OS’s now. Learning the Mac system was pretty easy but figure out replacement software for other apps was a bit tricky.

The New Year : Last night I woke to popping and such and look out the windows to see what the devil was going on … took a minute or so for me to realize it was just folks welcoming the new year in. LOL.

Have a good day folks


The new Year : Less than 12 hours to go and 2021 will never be seen again. My only resolution for 2022 is to keep on my diet and lose some weight. The first time I did the Atkins diet I stay on it for a little over 3 year best I remember, and that was with no bad days. I often walked for 10 miles or better and could do 3 and 4 miles day after day and did so often. I know that I won’t be reaching that level again. However I do hope to stay study at diet and exercise. I am not sure how much I can lose at this rate but it will be a lot better than I have done over the past year.

So that is it, my resolution is to lose some weight in 2022.

Exercise : Rained out this morning, not the best end to this year considering the above, LOL. Oh well, good day to do some laundry I reckon.

Happy New Year Everyone!