Pictures: I seen these Elk passing one day while staying near Flagstaff, AZ a couple of years back.


Weather: It is windy but if it wasn’t for the wind it would be nice.

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Making a Living

Pictures: I took this shot in AZ about 3 years back of the Long-Hron Sheep making a living in the desert. It amazes me that they live well off land this harsh.


Weather: We are having a little cold snap way down here in the south and I guess they are having a really big one up north. I guess I have it pretty good 🤔 . The days are hitting about 50° F here and with all my blinds up on the south side of the RV, I don’t need to run heat during the day and that is nice!

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Pictures: Just the everyday Critters. Squirrel, Chipmunk and Rabbit.




City: I was off to do some chores today.

Move: Tomorrow I will move, I was thinking of going to my spot that I have used all summer along with this one, but I am now thinking I am ready for a bit of a change. Not sure where I am going but it will be one of three places, all of which I have been to at least once this year. I will end up by the end of the month being near a VA, where I can do my medical stuff.
I went to Walmart today but I didn’t get much food items so tomorrow I will stop and stock up on food and head south a bit.

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Squirrel and Chipmunk

Pictures: This squirrel has been coming in for my seeds and I let it get a few than I shoo it away to save some seed for the birds, so it decided to find a post in the distance to watch me and see when the best time was to seek in, here it is in it’t lookout post about 50-75 feet from the the seed, it is watching me closely 🤔



Exercise: I walked a mile this morning. Added a mile this afternoon, so two for the day.

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Prairie Dog has Chicken Leg and the Rabbit Chills Out

Pictures: Prairie Dog and a Rabbit.

While overnighting at Walmart last Sunday I looked out the window of the RV and seen this Prairie Dog happily eating away on something so I took a shot and forgot about it. Later this week when I loaded the file into the computer I see what looks to me like a Prairie Dog enjoying a Chicken leg!

While I was chilling out this week and setting around with my RV door open(like I usually do) this rabbit come hopping by and stop takes a look at me and just flops to the ground and makes itself comfort and start watching me! I don’t see rabbits relax like that very often!

Exercise: I walked 2¼ miles this morning.

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