Well Fed Prairie Dog

Pictures: Here is a Prairie Dog from the Bad Lands of SD. The Bad Lands of SD is a very poplar area for visitors so these guys are well fed to say the least. Here is one having a little rest πŸ™‚


Weather: We had a week or so of outstanding weather, warm and sunny but now it is cooler again however not as bad as it was in Feb. This is the time of year for windy weather in this area so the wind is to be expected with a little bit of a cool spell here and there. In summary not so bad πŸ™‚ .

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Pictures: I seen these Elk passing one day while staying near Flagstaff, AZ a couple of years back.


Weather: It is windy but if it wasn’t for the wind it would be nice.

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Making a Living

Pictures: I took this shot in AZ about 3 years back of the Long-Hron Sheep making a living in the desert. It amazes me that they live well off land this harsh.


Weather: We are having a little cold snap way down here in the south and I guess they are having a really big one up north. I guess I have it pretty good πŸ€” . The days are hitting about 50Β° F here and with all my blinds up on the south side of the RV, I don’t need to run heat during the day and that is nice!

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Pictures: Just the everyday Critters. Squirrel, Chipmunk and Rabbit.




City: I was off to do some chores today.

Move: Tomorrow I will move, I was thinking of going to my spot that I have used all summer along with this one, but I am now thinking I am ready for a bit of a change. Not sure where I am going but it will be one of three places, all of which I have been to at least once this year. I will end up by the end of the month being near a VA, where I can do my medical stuff.
I went to Walmart today but I didn’t get much food items so tomorrow I will stop and stock up on food and head south a bit.

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Squirrel and Chipmunk

Pictures: This squirrel has been coming in for my seeds and I let it get a few than I shoo it away to save some seed for the birds, so it decided to find a post in the distance to watch me and see when the best time was to seek in, here it is in it’t lookout post about 50-75 feet from the the seed, it is watching me closely πŸ€”



Exercise: I walked a mile this morning. Added a mile this afternoon, so two for the day.

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Prairie Dog has Chicken Leg and the Rabbit Chills Out

Pictures: Prairie Dog and a Rabbit.

While overnighting at Walmart last Sunday I looked out the window of the RV and seen this Prairie Dog happily eating away on something so I took a shot and forgot about it. Later this week when I loaded the file into the computer I see what looks to me like a Prairie Dog enjoying a Chicken leg!

While I was chilling out this week and setting around with my RV door open(like I usually do) this rabbit come hopping by and stop takes a look at me and just flops to the ground and makes itself comfort and start watching me! I don’t see rabbits relax like that very often!

Exercise: I walked 2ΒΌ miles this morning.

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