Another House Finch

Pictures: They just keep coming by and I just keep shooting.


Exercise: Got the week started this morning with my normal walk for this area.

Night Folks


Hanging Out

Pictures: Here is another of the Cactus Wren digging a seed out.


Weather: For now it is holding at the mid 90s but the forecast has much hotter prediction coming and I am not looking forward to the heat.

FOSS: I found another Free Open Source Software that I like, CopyQ Clipboard Manager. I have been using ClipClip which is free but not open source. There are others that I have use before but I think I like this one better.

Night Folks

Another of the Cowbird

Pictures: Here is another shot of the Bronzed Cowbird that visit me the other day.


Exercise: I am walking a bit slower for the past week or so but I am still going.

Hot : Well the summer heat is starting to come back into the forecast, I see the high 90s coming 😕.


White Crowned Sparrow

Pictures: This White-Crowned Sparrow came by for a little drink of water.


First of Month: I always shop for many things at the first of the month, no need for me to wait till them … I guess I do it out of habit. I will buy my bath room stuff and other odds and ends, just kind of stock up on thing like dish soap and such. Also this month is Oil change time for the truck so I bought the oil and filter I need to do that (or have it done). So a day of shopping and eating.

Diet: I am on the Atkins diet again but I take one day a month to be bad and on that day I eat what I want. Today is that day 🙂 Today I had a big old hamburger with an order of large fires and later I will have a big sub sandwich and chips that I pick up at Walmart this morning! Lots of bread and potato stuff! Oh, there was some sweet stuff in there too!

Night Folks

A Month

Pictures: I was looking for a photo for today’s post and found this from just a month ago, these are the Florida mountains that are about 6 miles from here. This picture sure makes today’s weather look mighty fine! Today a light breeze is blowing and I’m setting here with the door open, watching the birds feed and life is good … and warm!


Night Folks

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Pictures: Took this shot back in 05 while I was still living in a stick and brick. Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, enjoying my seeds.


Cooler: It is a pretty day out today and the good thing is that the wind is not blowing much. Yesterday was madding windy!

WordPress/Google: I use the Noscript extension in Firefox and when I log into I usually have to allow and and I am good to go to do all the things I need to do on the blog. Over the last few days I have notice that I have to allow and in order for everything to work (Tags, proof reader and the tool bar just above the text box). I really don’t like allowing google anything pass my Noscript extension. If this continues I will stop using tags and find another way to proof read my text, its not like I am all that good at this writing thing anyways! I will miss the handy tool bar.
I do understand that this interconnection is what allows google search to find my blog and things in my post on the blog, however if I was worry about all that I would just use google blogger. I think I am one of these folks that would like to see big tech companies (like Google) broke apart.

Night Folks

Trying WordPress’s New Block Editor

Pictures: Here is an American Gold Finch and this one shot in 5-5-07. Pretty Bird, I think he had on his best suit on …. just for the girls 😊


Block Editor : NO! That thing is not for me. I work with it about 10 minutes and that is all I wanted, I switch back to the Classic Editor in a hurry. I sure hope they don’t force us to go to the block editor one day.

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