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Blog update: I am still playing with the themes and I like this one “Scratchpad” except the header is a bit larger than I like and each post don’t have the number of comments or a place to start one ( you have to click the post to leave one or read the others). However, I think I will let this one ride for a bit and see if it grows on me.

Update; back to “Hemingway Rewritten” theme. I like everything about this one except the header image size ….. again! Yes, I can crop the image but the space dedicated to the image remains 😦 Well, when you do free you can’t fuss too much about it all 😉

Update; Now to “Big Brother” theme. Much smaller header image 🙂 and still very open.

Pictures: Today’s pictures are of a Female Black-headed Grosbeak.



Weather: We are getting a hard rain today. We get a little about every day but some days it really comes down and today is one of the “coming down days”.

Exercise: I have been a little lazy for the last two days but today I did get out for a 2 mile walk.

Night Folks


Really slack of late

Slack : I have been lazy on the Blog lately more so then I have ever been in the last few years. Still not doing well on my exercise or eating either 😦
Exercise: At least today I got out and did a 14 mile bike ride, first exercise in a week!

Computer: I have gotten a new Windows Computer ( a cheap one to hole me over till I find what I want, still thinking Apple later on this year). The new one is just one to use as a back up to my other older laptop which may go any day seeing as it is over 5 years old. Also this new one will let me take down the old desktop computer that I have and still have a backup machine. The desktop is built into a desk so it will be taking out the desk too. The desk takes up a lot of room so it will be good to have the room back. Ever now and then I like a big screen to play with but maybe if I get a nice high-end laptop later this year, I could get a nice 4 or 5K monitor to hook up to it 🙂 next year. Maybe just thinking on it for now.
The new Computer is a 14 inch Acer Aspire R 14, it is at least a HD 1080p but only a I5 processes with 8gig ram, 250 SSD and Windows Home. Nothing special but I am having fun playing with it, gives me something to do, seeing as I am off from all the things I usually do! Not that I am using it any but it is also my first “touch screen” for a Windows machine. I figure it will be a good enough Windows machine ( I do plan on keeping at least some kind of Windows computer) if I go with the main computer being an Apple.
I deactivated my Photoshop CS6 on the desktop and Activated it on the new laptop. I have not play with any photo on it yet so not sure how the color is going to be, but it looks OK. Maybe tomorrow.

Comments: Need to catch up on my comments, I have not look for a few days, sorry 😦

Night folks

WordPress Editor

Redbellied Woodpecker 20d_3721Pictures: How about a Redbellied Woodpecker? These pictures where taken back 7 or 8 years ago when I was still living in a stick and brick(house) and I had feeders out. In these pictures the pieces of wood has holes in it that where filled with suet and the Woodpecker where enjoying a meal.

WordPress: At the top of my WordPress editing page there is a line that says “There’s now an easier way to create on! Switch to the improved posting experience.” and I fear one day I will go to the editing page and the old  editor will be gone. I just can’t see this editor not being the better editor and the new one just looks a mess to me 😦 I don’t want to change!

What will be, will be.

Redbellied Woodpecker 20d_3709

Exercise: A pretty good walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.35mi, time: 59:24, pace: 17:45min/mi, speed: 3.38mi/h. Not a long walk but a good pace today.

Night folks

Long ride today

Blog: I don’t do a lot on the blog and when I drop pictures I just about don’t have a blog of late. I’m not a big talker even in person so just chatting about stuff is not my best thing. I don’t do a lot of exciting things at this time of my life so there is no big events to speak of. That pretty much leaves the little everyday things of life to blog about and being an older dude, that is not a lot! I guess the fact is that I have not been writing much of late (not that I ever did write a lot) but I use to write a little here and there. Maybe I am just getting lazier?

I kind of got out of putting as much time into the blog when I started my Volunteering last summer so I guess that has a bit to do with it to. Now I am hanging out with my friend Barry, and Barry is a goer and I go with, so we are always running the roads and that takes a good bit of time to, fun but time consuming. As a matter of fact I am off to do that now! Later

Ride: Wow, we rode till we where both wore out today. We rode to Bouse and then on to Quartzsite to goof off a while and then back, I’m beat. I pick up a couple of things for the RV while in Q and look at all the junk they have for RVs, made for a great day. Going down highway 95 is a nice drive form Havasu to Parker, some neat site seeing. I had never been to Bouse so it was neat to see that area too.

Next Location: I am starting to think on it. My friend is going to be taking his RV in for some repairs and it will be time for me to move. My friend and I will probably meet up again after he gets his RV fixed somewhere along the line. My next move could be just to the south of Lake Havasu, as far down as Quartzsite or somewhere in between, we’ll see.

Weather: Man, it is good! Enough said 🙂

Night folks

One more day

Okay, last day tomorrow and I am ready to go. Still thinking on what is next, nothing is set in stone just yet and I like it that way. It will more than likely be to a warmer place but …. we’ll see.

No pictures today. I had a long day and now I want to rest. Blogging will be on the short end for the next few days till I settle down somewhere again.

Night folks

9 red Starts

First Today: …. Well like all days with my blog, I start with 9 red starts. What is a Red start you ask? It is the Html code for my red subject at the start of each paragraph. This is one red start <span style=”color:red;”><strong><em>:</em></strong></span> ( Note the HTML code is not red ) So when I want to start a new paragraph/subject I just put it before the  :    I don’t use 9 most days but when I get done blogging I just delete the rest.  I don’t type these in each time, I have them stored in my Clipboard manager ( Ditto) so I just place my cruiser at the top of the page and select it in Ditto and bang, I have 9 red starts 🙂   Oh, I do know that you can use the text color option in WordPress to do this, but …. this way I get it red,  bold and italicized all at once, as you can see from the HTML code. All I have to do, is type in my subject and start my paragraph.

Pictures: One spring day many years ago back in KY.
Dog Wood Trees, one red and one white.

Apple bloom.
Apple Tree_0133

Stretching and exercise: I did do a little stretching today but not enough and as far as exercise goes, I’ll call the bit of work I did this morning exercise.

Windows 10: Yep it is coming, well mid to late next year anyways. Sounds like they are making some changes for the better, but we’ll see.

Night folks.