Chilling and Researching

Today I was very lazy! I got on the computer this morning and spent the day researching VPN’s. I did a lot of reading and that has been the only thing I have done the entire day! I stopped to eat a few times but that has been it.

I did a test run on NordVPN and I didn’t care for it, it was a lot slower than the one I have now which is PIA. I did take a lot of interest in ExpressVPN and I may one day move to it but not for now.

Does anyone out there use ExpressVPN here in the U.S. Would love to here what you think of it and how it does for speed from this side of the water.

Here is a shot of Variegated Fritillery from my very old Photobucket files. Sorry clicking won’t get you a bigger image.

Same as above but this one is a Northern Pearly Eye.

Night Folks


How to Hotlink Photo From Flickr to WordPress

I am not a coder or web developer so bear with me in my none tech talk ways 😁 Also I am not a writer. This is how I hotlink my Flickr photos to my WordPress Blog. What am I calling hot-linking you ask?? For me it means that my images are stored on Flickr but are shown on my WordPress Blog by linking. This is done by using a little HTML code.

Note: If you have some knowledge of HTTP and linking go to Short Summary at bottom of this tut.

NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANY HTML CODING OR CODING OF ANY KIND TO DO THIS! I am living proof of this, if your took all the coding I know and put it in a thimble and shook it twice it would be lost forever! The point is, you can do this even if you know nothing about any HTML or coding of any kind.

Let us start.

Upload the images you plan to post on WordPress to your Flickr.

How to Hotlink Photo From Flickr to WordPress with clickable link to a lager image. In other words clicking the photo on WordPress will give you a bigger images. Why do this you ask …?? Not all folks have fast internet service and getting pages to load with full size images is really slow and sometimes not possible.

I never put full size images on the web, I see no need to. My largest image size is (2000 X “whatever”) with 2000 being the largest dimension. I think this is big enough and more than sufficient to show the quality of the image.

To make loading easier I use clickable images in a smaller size and that is (640 X “Whatever”) with 640 being the largest dimension.

In summary  I  post images in a size of (640 X whatever) on my blog and make than Clickable to view at (2000 X Whatever). Again, the 640 and the 2000 are always the largest of the dimensions of the images.

So now we know what we are doing …. on to how we do it.
First of all copy the code below and put it in a Notepad, clipboard Manager or a Sticky Note on your desktop and save it forever, just get it stored somewhere handy because you will need it to hotlink ever image.

<a href=”XX Large Image Here XX” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> <span style=”color:blue;”> XX Small Clickable Image Here XX </span></a>

Note: All text inside of the XX (to include the XX will be replaced by code from Flickr).
Let us call this XX location for small image XX Small Clickable Image Here XX and XX location for large image XX Large Image Here XX. Don’t worry with it for now.

Okay got that line of code stored away? Let us open some tabs and do some logging in! Start by opening at least two tabs in your browser. Also open a text editor (for Windows user that can be Notepad) you can likely do this in most any text editor.

On tab one Login to WordPress, on Tab two login to Flickr. Upload your images to Flickr if you haven’t already done so. Go to your Blog tab and make sure you are in are in the HTML code mode on your blog . If you’re like me you will be in the admin editor (1)below, or you may be in the normal New Editor (2)below. Choice text in the Admin Editor, or HTML in the normal New Editor.


Next pick the spot in your blog where you want your image to be and paste the above code there. (The code you got safely stored away) πŸ‘Œ

Now go to your Flickr tab

Click on your image in Flickr that you want to link to. At the lower right you will see some symbols (image below) click the share symbol.


This will put up a white box. In that box click Embed(Image below) and that will change the box a bit.


Let us get the code for the smaller clickable image (the one that will show on our blog and is smaller for easy loading).

At the bottom of that Embed box you have a drop-down menu with different sizes, click it and pick (640 X Whatever) With 640 being the largest dimension (Note: you can pick the size you like but for now just pick the 640). Now at the top of that box there will be some code (just under the Embed).

Right click this code, that will highlight it and give you a drop-down menu and from that menu pick Copy. Now go to your text editor(Not WordPress Editor) and paste that code in the text editor. It should look something like the code below.

Note: Ignore the red below and space between code, look at it as a whole. There will be no red and no space between the code. (My theme is causing this)
Note 2: I can’t get this to display right so I am posting a images of it too. (A clickable image πŸ‘ )

<a data-flickr-embed=”true” href=”; title=”Poppy-phone-2-20170302″><img src=”; width=”640″ height=”165″ alt=”Poppy-phone-2-20170302″></a>//

Click for a larger view.

Now we only need part of that …. the part we need is the code below or the highlighted part in the image above and it will look something like the code below. So on your code you find the <img src and that is the start and then it ends with the greater than symbol. You copy that part of it, as below. This will be the small image that shows on your blog.

Note: Ignore the red below and space between code, look at it as a whole. (My theme is causing this). It start with <img src and ends with “>

<img src=”; width=”640″ height=”165″ alt=”Poppy-phone-2-20170302″>

Okay, back to your blog we are going to paste this part into the code we put on your blog earlier. Paste this part over the XX Small Clickable Image Here XX on the code in your blog, now the code in your blog should look something like this after pasting …

Note: Ignore the red below and space between code, look at it as a whole. (My theme is causing this).

<a href=”XX Large Image Here XX” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> <span style=”color:blue;”> <img src=”; width=”640″ height=”165″ alt=”Poppy-phone-2-20170302″></span></a>

We now have a clickable image on the blog and we just need somewhere to go when we click it, which of course is the large image.

So ….. back to Flickr. On Flickr in the Embed box we are going to pick the size we want to show when the image is clicked . For me that is (2000 X whatever). Once you have pick the size in lower part of the Embed box, again at the top of the Embed box right-click the code and copy.

Back to the text editor and paste. The code will be a little different this time because we have a different size. Should look something like this …

Note: Ignore the red below and space between code, look at it as a whole. There will be no red and no space between the code. (My theme is causing this).

<a data-flickr-embed=”true” href=”; title=”Poppy-phone-2-20170302″><img src=”” width=”2000″ height=”516″ alt=”Poppy-phone-2-20170302″></a>//

This time we need less of the code, we need the code below, or the part in (bold and red) in the code above. When looking for this again find <img src and go to the https to start and end with jpg.

Paste this part over the XX Large Image Here XX in the code on your blog ….
you are done!! Should look a lot like the code in the image below.


If there is something you don’t understand or have question about please ask in the comments.

Short Summary ….

which you will be able to use once you have done the long version a time or two. Once you have used the short summary a few times you will not need it either.

1. Post save code to your blog. Make sure your WordPress Editor is in HTML code mode first.
2. On Flickr get code for small image and paste to small image XX location on blog.–
In the Embed box with size (640 X Whatever) Selected copy code and paste to Text editor, copy needed part for small image, It start with <img src and ends with > Paste to XX Small Location on blog.

3. On Flickr get code for large image and past to large image XX location on blog.
In the Embed box make sure the large size image you want when small image is click is selected in the size drop-down and then copy code. Paste code to text editor and copy needed code for XX Large Location. It is right after img src and start with https and ends with jpg. Paste to blog XX large Location.

4. Done!

Posting image Without a clickable part

I hope you have read the above part because it is the best way to post images in your blog. However I am now going to tell you a short way to post images that are not clickable but you can pick the size you want to show.

After posting your image go to Flickr go the share box/Embed and pick the size image you want to display, copy the code and paste to text editor(not WordPress Editor) and then get the part for the small image (as Above) and paste that straight into your blog without anything else. It will display the image in the size you picked.

Example, the below code will place an image in your blog all by itself.

<img src=”; width=”1366″ height=”103″ alt=”Small-Image-Code2″>

Another of the Sunset

Pictures: This is just another shot of the sunset from yesterday’s photo and it is a little closer shot, maybe you can see the bird in this one πŸ™‚ Also one more of the Gambel’s Quail.Sunset-4-7D1-042318


Apps: I have run across a app that I like. I am one that hates all the permission that apps ask for so when I see a poplar kind of app that has few or no permission I jump on it. One of the kind of apps that abuse permission is weather apps and I found this one (Klara Weather), it has much less permission than the others, so I’m giving it a try, so far I like it.

I guess accuracy is important so comparing forecast … comparing highs for today and tomorrow Klara = 82/86, AccuWeather =84/86, Under Ground weather, 84/88. So maybe Klara runs a little cool but nothing I can’t live with.

Exercise: I walked 2 miles this morning.

Night Folks

Firefox 57

Pictures: Here is a sunset shot I took near Parker, AZ.


Firefox 57: I am liking the new Firefox pretty good it works fine on the Laptop and I think it is faster on the Tablet and the Phone. All the extension that I like are now back too!

The Noscript Extension is the one I feel like I can’t live without and it is back and running well. It has a much different interface but does much the same things as before. It is being updated most every day and getting better every day.

The Privacy Setting Extension is back too but is coming alone slower. It is a interface that kind of looks in at the About:Config setting of Firefox and puts many of the privacy setting in one panel with enable/disable switches. Very handy.

Night Folks

Little Buys for Black Friday

Pictures: My Little Black Friday.

A set of sheets for $24.00


In the Walmart Black Friday Sales Paper had the 1TB backup dive for $45.00 and I was not going to bite because I wanted a bigger drive(maybe next year) …. but when I went to the store they had it marked for $29.00 so ….. I bite! They had the 32gig SD cards for $7.00 and the 64gig SD Cards for $14.00 and I got two of each, I seem to find a use for them here and there.


Temptations: Little Temptations: Home Depot had the new 20 volt Dewalt Drill with two batteries and charger on sale for $100.00, I have the older 18 volt version so I passed for this year.

Big temptations: B&H had some fine deals on the Mac-book Pro Late 2016 model …. but no, I was good and did not bite!

There were some pretty tasty deals on Canon Cameras too but again I was good and did not bite πŸ™‚

In my new site, I park the truck just outside my door and I can see that it will not be long before I need a set of tires for it and I think it will likely need other work soon too, that really keeps the temptations for the fun stuff down!

Exercise: I walked my two miles today.

Night Folks

Firefox No-script Update

No pictures today.

The new one: Well today I see that the new updated No-script extension got updated and it is very different for sure. I am trying to figure out how things work on it, the user interface is completely different for sure. Not sure if any of you use this Firefox Extension or not but I think it is the most important extensions Firefox has. If any of you use this I would love to hear what you think about it.

This is pretty much what the user interface looks like.
New noscript

And as best I can tell for now is that ….
Note: Folks don’t write this down, this is just the best that I can make out about how things work in this new version.

(1) The first icon is to set everything to default on that site, now I am not sure what that means …. but I think if you set it to default it will be off the white list when you next go back to setting.

(2) The second icon will set the site to trusted and allow all script (note: the lock has more to do with that) I also think this will white list the site unless you click the clock, see 4 below.

(3) The third icon Will set all script to not trusted and block all script on that site.

(4) Clicking the little clock mean that this is a temporary setting for this session of browsing and will be gone when you next start-up …. ?

(5) Clicking the 4th icon allow you to pick the custom setting about what kind of script is allow. I have not gone there yet!

(5) The Lock …. when allowing a page … if the lock is green and locked it only allows HTTPS script and if the lock is red and unlocked it allows both HTTP and HTTPS script.

This is my best guesses for now, would love to hear from someone who really know their way around this new extension!

Night Folks

Firefox 57

Pictures: Sunsets.



Exercise: I rode the bike today (cross country) For 8.9 miles.

Firefox 57: Well I lost a few extensions but two that I hope will get updated soon, Noscript and Privacy Settings. These are my two favorite 😦 I read that the Noscript extension will be coming back soon but I am not sure about Privacy Setting extension. I am using uMatrix for now but will drop it when I get back Noscript.

Night Folks


Pictures: Sunset.



Exercise: I walked yesterday with one of the other RVers(Randy) in the area fr about 2.6 miles. Today was chores day so no exercise today.

Firefox Update: Well for us Firefox users with lots of extensions tomorrow is a big day with the Firefox 57 update. All extensions that are Legacy will stop working after taking the update. I think I have about 7 of them for now but some says they will be updated to work with 57, so we will see. Your Firefox may look a little different too, but it should be much faster!

Night Folks

Junco and Coot

Pictures: Dark-eyed Junco and a Coot.



Password Manager: I am still playing around with the password managers, Lastpass and Bitwarden. After using Bitwarden(free) for about a week or so and Lastpass getting it latest update I switched back to Lastpass and it is a more refined program, however I have to pay for Lastpass(premium). It is pretty low cost but still I pay, which I don’t mind if it stays updated and working right. However during the last week I have found that Bitwarden is a good program and very usable plus it is free and open source. One of the pitfalls of Bitwarden is that it’s 2 factor authentication is a bit harder to use(a thing I use) and two: it too has a premium account like Lastpass. You can get a free account on both and a paid account on both. Maybe I will figure out a way to use one of the free accounts to back up my paid account. Oh, one big plus for Lastpass is that you can use it offline.

So ….for now I will keep both up to date and play with them.

Night Folks


Pictures: A couple more of the oldies. These over 10 years old.

Images not clickable for larger view.



Exercise: I walked a couple of miles today.

ΓΌ vs βœ“: A check mark stump me up for a day and half!!! I kid you not …. I wanted to put a check mark like this βœ“ in a document I have and when I did the copy from the Character Map I got this ΓΌ instead of the βœ“ and I even looked up the keystroke for doing this which is Alt+2713 and it still put ΓΌ in?%$! So after much research I found a register hack that I use to put in a new string value and was finally able to get my check mark by using the Keystrokes Alt+2713 !!! Still I cannot get the Character Map to copy many of the Character right, such as the check mark. I know a lot of it has to do with the language and keyboard type but after a day and a half and finally getting my check mark, I called it a tie and give up πŸ˜’

Am I the only one that gets so hung up on little things like this and can not let it go, are some of you other folks like this??? LOL

Night Folks