Wild Flowers and pimping the Computer

Pictures: More Wild Flowers.

Flower-11-7D2-092116 Flower-12-7D2-092116

Firefox: I use Firefox for my Browser and it is not a very fast browser but I like it because you can get plugins for about anything and I have a ton of them. I know that they slow me down a bit but that is okay. Most of them are for security and privacy but I have some just for fun too. One I just starting playing with is Personas Plus, it lets you make you own theme for Firefox, so I have been pimping my Firefox πŸ˜€

Pimping my Fox πŸ™‚


I also like to pimp out my Desktop. Sometimes I use a photo I shot but other times I just like playing with it. I need to find a picture of Bill Gates and put him looking out the window, you know ….. Microsoft watching πŸ˜‰

My Desktop

Weather: More rain, looks and feels like a all day thing, we are on a roll here with all the rain 😦 Another all day in the RV.

Night folks


Good bike ride toady

Pictures: White-Crowned Sparrow and a Anna’s Hummer.

White-Crowned Sparrow 22_7D2_140116

Anna's Hummer 27_7D2_140116

Exercise: Today I rode the bike for about 14 miles, nice ride.

New Computer: Still liking my new computer. It has great battery life and is doing a fine job. Just a little more working with it and I’ll reset(reinstall Windows 10) my other laptop. Something I have not done sent I brought it 5 years ago, I’ve always just upgraded and a reset is much needed I think. Maybe I’ll add a copy of Ubuntu on it too.
At some point I will reformat my hard drives on the desktop and take it down too. When I get an Apple computer that will be my desktop replacement.

Night Folks

Windows 10 from RVJohn’s eyes

Pictures: Here are a couple of shots of more wild flowers in the area.

Wild Flower 20d_2321

Wild Flower 20d_2319

Windows 10: Now that I’ve had it for a while I thought maybe I’ll share my views and opinions about it.
About the install of Windows 10.Β  I have installed about ever version of Windows since Windows 95 and only once or twice have I had an install go completely without at least one or two little problems, Windows 10 had a couple for me too. I installed Windows 10 on a friend’s tablet and it was a perfectly smooth install but it was not to be for me. I did things a little different by first downloading a ISO file of Windows 10 instead of just letting Windows do it for me because I wanted a copy for my other computer and I like having a backup. On my friend’s computer I let Windows do the downloading, it was a much smaller download and as I said earlier if went perfectly smooth, maybe that made the install go better or maybe that had nothing to do with it, who knows?
So ….. The first problem that I had was getting the installer to start, after about five tries it did start but it crashed on me at least 3 times during installation but in the end it installed. After everything was installed my video was messed up, so I had to fix the video driver for it and updated a few other drivers while I was at it ( I think this broke some things because of the way I did it with a internet installer for drivers). At any rate after this my computer was running like a champ on Windows 10.Β  But ….. LOL. A few days later I notice that I was not getting my Windows updates. When I discovered the fact that my updates where not working I spent the day trying to fix this problem and in the end I could not 😦   This caused me to do another install and after the last install everything is doing fine, updates and all. By the way, I did all installs as upgrades and not clean installs so I could keep all my files and programs in place.
Now, with Windows 10 installed and everything working fine I turned to the privacy issues that many are talking about with Windows 10 and I agree there are a few. If you run Windows 10 on a Windows phone or a Windows tablet with apps and a Microsoft account you are going to give up some privacy just like you would on an Apple or Android device. However ….. if you just want to run a desktop/laptop and have desktop apps and only do desktop things you can restore a good bit of your privacy.

Here are the things I did.

(1) Microsoft Account; When installing Windows 10 don’t set up a Microsoft Account, do a Local Account instead, this will kill the use of the Cortana, the Microsoft Store, OneDrive and others so if you want those you can’t do a Local Account. I don’t need them. Here is a link with a How-to.

(2) Privacy Settings; Go to Start/Setting/Privacy, then start at the General tab on the left and turn off everything on the right, do this for the whole list on the left From General to Background Apps. This will kill many of the new fancy things too, but nothing I can’t live without on a desktop/Laptop. Shut them all off if privacy is your thing.

(3) WiFi Settings; Go to Start/Settings/Network and Internet/Manage WiFi Setting/ and turn off WiFi Sense, turn both to off. This kind of sucks if you ask me but if you really want to put a nail in it go to your Router and rename the SSID to whatever with ” _optout ” (no Quotes) on the end of it. This tells Microsoft not to store your WiFi password on their server for that Router. You can read more on this if you Google “WiFi Sense” . This is what I did.

(4) Windows 10 Updates; Go to Start/Updates and Security/Advanced Option/Choose how Updates are Delivered, and turn this off if you don’t want to be part of Windows new torrent net! Again give this a Google if you want to know more about it.

(5) Windows Search (In the task Bar); When I do a search in Windows I just want the search to search Windows and not the Web with Bing search engine. You can make it do just that, but you need to dig a little deeper into Windows. Here is a link to one way of doing it, I forget just what I did to stop it, but I did something because my search engine only searches the computer now πŸ™‚

(6) Windows 10 Feedback; Windows 10 wants to know how you are using it and their privacy statement don’t read in a way that sounds like you get much privacy out of it. so …..
If you go to Start/Setting/Privacy/Feedback and Diagnostics set windows feedback to never (if you like) and the other one gives you three choices pick “Basic” for the least info to go to Microsoft. “Ha”, you say “I don’t want them to have any info!”
To shut off all feedback (the way I read it anyways, I may be wrong I’ll give a link and you decide) you got to do a little deeper hacking by going into the Windows register and services, stop here if you don’t want to do a little hacking πŸ™‚ Here is a Link that shows how to hack the register and change some services. Mind you folks you can break Windows doing these things so if you are not comfortable getting inside Windows don’t go there!

These are the things I have found that you can do if you like and there may be others I don’t know about that stops more of the nosing. These will help stop some of Microsoft’s nosing but not all but I believe these help. None of this is needed but I like to play so ….. πŸ™‚

My opinion of Windows 10. Windows 10 seems to be solid in function to me even if it is a bit nosy, LOL. The big change on the outside is the Start Menu returned. What do I think of it? …. Well Let me start on the right side, that is the only side that works well if you ask me. The Start menu has two sides to it, the right side is the Metro side and the left side is the text side. The right side (the Metro side) is greatly improved with lots of controls and settings you can make it your own. The left side does bring back a Text menu but I think it kind of sucks and does not offer much setting and controls to make it your own. But if you look back in my blog post you’ll see a way around that, that will give you a very good text menu on the task bar. Here is a Link to the post.

I like Windows 10 overall but as is with all OS’s now-a-days, I wish it would do less nosing!

OMG (as the young folk say), I am long-winded today πŸ™‚

Night folks


Pictures: Warblers, which I am not good at ID’ing. If you want to ID one of them or both please do πŸ™‚
I think this one is a Tennessee Warbler.
Tennessee Warbler 20d_8326

Virginia’s Warbler is my best guess one this one.
Virginia's Warbler Small 20d

Exercise: Walk …. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.43mi, time: 44:40, pace: 18:22min/mi, speed: 3.27mi/h.

Weather: It is 10Β° cooler and windy today, still pretty nice considering what everybody else across the US has going on. I keep checking the weather where my Volunteer job is this coming summer but man, it is sure too cold for me there. If you wasn’t I’ll hit the road.

Desktop: I decided to update the desktop today and I at least got the Windows updates done, over 1.5 gig of data. Still got one windows update that would not update, error 😦 Updated Firefox, Thunderbird email, Adobe Camera Raw and Evernote.

Night folks

First stop

Storrie Lake: My time here is near over and I have really enjoyed my first time as a volunteer. The staff that I worked with where all super supportive, which makes for a great work environment. I don’t know whether or not I will ever volunteer at a state park again, but I will say I am glad I did this summer.

Computers: Today I am backing-up my Desktop computer and transferring files and folders. I did a full image back-up and copy all Documents and Music over to the laptop.

Pictures: Here is a rainbow in the desert somewhere near Deming, NM.
Bruce's house photo IMG_5115.jpg

Here is a shot looking at Deming, NM from the top of the Florida Mountains. Yes another mountain I climbed πŸ™‚
 photo 50mmtopofSpringCanon.jpg

La Ventana Arch/ Which is located in the area of El Malpais National Monument This is where I will be stopping first, after leaving here. Well, I will be parking about 5 miles from the arch, a good bike ride πŸ™‚
By the way, if you ever get in the area around Grants, NM. take Highway 117 south for about 10 miles or so to see this area. Well worth seeing, beautiful mountains on one side of the road and miles of lava fields on the other, a absolute beautiful contrast of landscapes.

Highway 117 NM photo ARCHr2.jpg

Exercise: Yes, I got to that today, with about 6 miles on the bike and a little stretching.

Tomorrow : Tomorrow will be a day of chores with getting everything ready to go. Laundry is first on the list and then it will be doing things around the RV and turning in all my tools and such. Looks like Wednesdays morning will be the day for traveling, I look forward to it πŸ™‚

Night folks


Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.10mi, time: 39:53, pace: 18:58min/mi, speed: 3.16mi/h. For now, my normal morning walk
I don’t know how often I’ll be getting in the big walks or bike rides this summer, but I may be able to sneak in a few later on as the weather gets warmer and I can ride early morning. The 2 miles in the morning and the walking/riding I’m doing while working will be enough, but still I would maybe like a little more now and then.

Weather: The wind has been very persistent this spring and I guess that is normal. The temperatures are right on, just where I like them. The weatherman says we’ll get rain this weekend, it is really needed here, like all of the southwest it is very dry here at Storrie Lake.

Windows 8.1: I think that I now have all the kinks worked out of the computers from the updates. It is not unusual to have things go wrong when a big update comes out. On this computer (the Desktop) it was Firefox and it’s fonts, and on the laptop it was the mouse-settings not staying set. It takes a little while to work out kinks.

Night folks

Computer stuff

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.08mi, time: 44:21, pace: 21:22min/mi, speed: 2.81mi/h. This is becoming my Standard Walk.

Older Computer: I am running an older computer (desktop) with a old Graphics Card in it (ATI Radeon HD 4800), Firefox and Windows 8.1 . Well it turns out all these things were not getting alone, and in my Firefox browser the text was not very clear and I try many things to fix it over the pass few weeks. I think I finally got it with this little tip.

Link to what I did. I disable ( gfx.direct2d) and so far that seems to have fixed it. Here is the quote from the link that I use to figure this out.
Try to set the gfx.content.azure.enabled pref to false or if this didn’t help disable Direct2D by setting the gfx.direct2d.disabled pref to true on the about:config page and leave hardware acceleration otherwise enabled. That way you still have the benefit from hardware acceleration, but may not suffer from rendering issues.
You can also try to uninstall Windows update KB2670838 if you have this update.

I am glad to be passed that problem, it was making me nuts.

Birds: Here is two bird shots of a Male and Female Bullock’s Oriole. Taken here at Storrie Lake.
Bullock's Oriole Male_1070
Bullock's Oriole Female_1072

Night Folks

Storrie Lake State Park

Wake up at Walmart: Ha, nothing like a refreshing wake up at Walmart (just kidding here). This is one of the better ones with a nice quite and peaceful area to park the RV. Some Walmart are like truck stops, in that they are noisy and crowded, but this one is good for a one nighter. The worst thing for me is that I go into the store and buy to many things. I guess that is why Walmart likes us RVers!

Move: I’ll only move about two miles today, the State Park is right down the road. I will be here in Las Vegas for at least two months and maybe the whole summer, we’ll see. I’m home for now.

All moved in: I am now at Storrie Lake State Park.

Humming feeders: I am making sugar water as I type this because when I was here last year I had lots of Humming birds.

Night folks

Ubuntu 14.02 LTS

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.77mi, time: 01:00:17, pace: 21:44min/mi, speed: 2.76mi/h. My walk for today

Added another short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 1.32mi, time: 28:38, pace: 21:45min/mi, speed: 2.76mi/h.
Another Short Walk

Workout Summary:
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 04/21/2014 – 04/27/2014
9 workouts
8 routes
16.9 miles
7.9 hours
2,219 kCal burned

Computer: Today I have been playing on the computer with Ubuntu. I installed a new version of the OS(14.02 LTS) and I am playing in it now as I do my post. Needless to say this has been most of my day, it is already near 3pm. Hey, I’m having fun πŸ™‚ It is so nice to be hooked up to electric and be able to run the desktop all day and do these kind of fun things.

One of the first things I had to work out was to find a way to get my Evernotes to Ubuntu and I did that with a program called Everpad on Ubuntu. They work well together but the Everpad is not as full featured as Evernote by no means, but it gets the job done.

Bird: Sticking with the White Throated Sparrows, here is another picture, taken in KY.
 photo cp.jpg

Silly Problems: My first problem is that one of my batteries up and stop being able to charge so I had to remove it for my 4 battery system, meaning that I had to remove two of my batteries because they are wired in series/parallel arrangement (I have four 6volt batteries in a 12volt system). This is going to be a problem when I go back to the boon-docking, I’ll be down to half my power. The good part is that I will only be boon-docking for 10 days after I leave here, then I’ll be hooked-up to electric for the rest of the summer.

My next problem is that my browser of choice for Windows 8 on my desk-top is doing something silly and messing up the letters it puts on the screen. But only on the desktop with Windows and Firefox. I have Firefox running here in Ubuntu on the desktop and it is fine. More than likely something in the Windows Register messed up with the latest update. I tried to un-installingΒ  andΒ  reinstalling but it did not help. Well, it will give me something to fix later on.

Weather: A couple more days and this little cold snap should be over, hopefully. I have not enjoyed it LOL. Boo to cold weather πŸ‘Ώ

Night folks

Cloud Computing

Still cold: Yes, I’ll hush about it when it is warmer and hopefully that will be this weekend. This morning didn’t seems as bad but I think it got cooler as morning went by. We will warm up a little today but no heat wave.

Office chair: When I use my desktop computer I have an office chair I sat in, and it always takes me some time to get back use to using it after sating in the recliner all the time where I use my Table and laptop computer. It makes my back and neck a little sore for a few days and then after that, I think it is probably better for the back and neck.

Cloud Computing: Using internet clouds have become a very useful tool in most people’s life’s that use handheld devices and computers. For me they are the easy way to move small amounts of data back and forth, for instants I’m using my tablet now to write this part of the blog on the night before the post will be used and I’m using Evernote to write this on the tablet as I watch TV ( during the commercials πŸ˜€ ) and tomorrow I’ll likely use one of the computers to write the rest, and post. Cloud base data in small amounts is great for me. Thinking a bit more on that, I don’t think cloud base software is a good ideal. Why? Many, many folks are using mobile devices more and more, and don’t know of any reasonable deal to get much bandwidth on a mobile device. If you run software through the clouds it takes a lot of bandwidth to do that. So, with this in mind, I don’t understand way Google one of the most used mobile OSs (Android) is pushing the clouds so much. Now if we all had lots of bandwidth at a reasonable cost, it would be another thing, but for those of us that must live with only mobile bandwidth it’s not something we want to see. I want my apps and most of my data to live on my computers/devices.

Oddly I find networking my computer/devices more difficult than using clouds. Actually with Windows machines after about Windows 7 and up, networking has become pretty easy but try mixing operating systems and different versions of OS and it gets to be fun. Clouds have none of these problems. I think that if I had a stick and brick (house/home, not on wheels) I would use the clouds a lot more, for things like my music and photos which are big data wise, and would chew my mobile bandwidth up like candy. Maybe one day.

Don’t know that I’ve got any big point here, just saying mobile bandwidth is not the best way to do cloud computing with some of us being stuck using only mobile bandwidth, except with small amounts of data.

Bird: Another shot of a White-throated Sparrow, Eating a seed. I think he is saying “Don’t bother me now, I’m eating! ”

Sparrow White throated photo YTSCU.jpg

Walk: It is about time for me to get out and about. There is a little wind blowing so I will likely walk in the canyon again. Back in a bit.

I’m back from my walk and it was not a long one but enjoyable. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.16mi, time: 51:30, pace: 23:53min/mi, speed: 2.51mi/h.
Short but enjoyable walk

Night folks