Chilling and Researching

Today I was very lazy! I got on the computer this morning and spent the day researching VPN’s. I did a lot of reading and that has been the only thing I have done the entire day! I stopped to eat a few times but that has been it.

I did a test run on NordVPN and I didn’t care for it, it was a lot slower than the one I have now which is PIA. I did take a lot of interest in ExpressVPN and I may one day move to it but not for now.

Does anyone out there use ExpressVPN here in the U.S. Would love to here what you think of it and how it does for speed from this side of the water.

Here is a shot of Variegated Fritillery from my very old Photobucket files. Sorry clicking won’t get you a bigger image.

Same as above but this one is a Northern Pearly Eye.

Night Folks


Firefox No-script Update

No pictures today.

The new one: Well today I see that the new updated No-script extension got updated and it is very different for sure. I am trying to figure out how things work on it, the user interface is completely different for sure. Not sure if any of you use this Firefox Extension or not but I think it is the most important extensions Firefox has. If any of you use this I would love to hear what you think about it.

This is pretty much what the user interface looks like.
New noscript

And as best I can tell for now is that ….
Note: Folks don’t write this down, this is just the best that I can make out about how things work in this new version.

(1) The first icon is to set everything to default on that site, now I am not sure what that means …. but I think if you set it to default it will be off the white list when you next go back to setting.

(2) The second icon will set the site to trusted and allow all script (note: the lock has more to do with that) I also think this will white list the site unless you click the clock, see 4 below.

(3) The third icon Will set all script to not trusted and block all script on that site.

(4) Clicking the little clock mean that this is a temporary setting for this session of browsing and will be gone when you next start-up …. ?

(5) Clicking the 4th icon allow you to pick the custom setting about what kind of script is allow. I have not gone there yet!

(5) The Lock …. when allowing a page … if the lock is green and locked it only allows HTTPS script and if the lock is red and unlocked it allows both HTTP and HTTPS script.

This is my best guesses for now, would love to hear from someone who really know their way around this new extension!

Night Folks

Firefox 57

Pictures: Sunsets.



Exercise: I rode the bike today (cross country) For 8.9 miles.

Firefox 57: Well I lost a few extensions but two that I hope will get updated soon, Noscript and Privacy Settings. These are my two favorite 😦 I read that the Noscript extension will be coming back soon but I am not sure about Privacy Setting extension. I am using uMatrix for now but will drop it when I get back Noscript.

Night Folks


Pictures: Sunset.



Exercise: I walked yesterday with one of the other RVers(Randy) in the area fr about 2.6 miles. Today was chores day so no exercise today.

Firefox Update: Well for us Firefox users with lots of extensions tomorrow is a big day with the Firefox 57 update. All extensions that are Legacy will stop working after taking the update. I think I have about 7 of them for now but some says they will be updated to work with 57, so we will see. Your Firefox may look a little different too, but it should be much faster!

Night Folks

Junco and Coot

Pictures: Dark-eyed Junco and a Coot.



Password Manager: I am still playing around with the password managers, Lastpass and Bitwarden. After using Bitwarden(free) for about a week or so and Lastpass getting it latest update I switched back to Lastpass and it is a more refined program, however I have to pay for Lastpass(premium). It is pretty low cost but still I pay, which I don’t mind if it stays updated and working right. However during the last week I have found that Bitwarden is a good program and very usable plus it is free and open source. One of the pitfalls of Bitwarden is that it’s 2 factor authentication is a bit harder to use(a thing I use) and two: it too has a premium account like Lastpass. You can get a free account on both and a paid account on both. Maybe I will figure out a way to use one of the free accounts to back up my paid account. Oh, one big plus for Lastpass is that you can use it offline.

So ….for now I will keep both up to date and play with them.

Night Folks

Western Bluebird

Pictures: Couple shots of the Western Bluebird.



Exercise: Jeanne and I walked 3.9 miles this morning.

Firefox: Who all is ready for the big change? If you didn’t know Firefox is changing up it code and a lot of your plugins may no longer work. All plugins have to be WebExtensions to work in Firefox 57+, that means that most all plugins have to be rewritten. Firefox 57 is due out in November.

Night Folks

Yellow-rump Warbler

Pictures: Here is a couple shots of a Yellow-rump Warbler.



Bookmarks/Passwords: Today I have been looking at the way I save and sync my bookmarks. I have used Xmarks for years but I think I will move over to Firefox Sync for my bookmarks from now on. Also I have been looking at my password manager “Lastpass Premium ” and wondering about it and my continuing use of it. I have been looking hard at “BitWarden” a free open-source password manager.

I have all ready started syncing my bookmarks with Firefox Sync and disabled Xmarks plugin(testing) and I’m thinking hard about the password managers. If anyone out there is using BitWarden please let me know what you think about it.

Night Folks

LG Access rooted

Pictures: White wing Dove and Eurasian Collared Dove.

White-wing Dove 20d_8735

Eurasian Collared Dove 20d_1550

Email: It seems that my email has been particularly busy of late, ever have one of those time when it feels like your email is filling up way to fast? Most of it is stuff I want which is good, but sometimes I wonder if maybe I should opt out of a few things, LOL. I know that I should some of it because all I do is delete it anyways.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.63mi, time: 49:22, pace: 18:46min/mi, speed: 3.20mi/h.

Rooting : Yesterday I rooted my phone (the LG Access L31L) with the Towelroot app. It went well, the only thing about doing it this way that is bad is that the bootloader is still locked. Which is kind of bad because you can’t flash another rom or do a lot of other things that a custom recovery would let you do. Still I have root and that allows a lot to happen. For me the best thing is the “ops app” app which lets me control a good bit of what other apps do.

Night folks

Changes at WordPress

WordPress: While the old editor was great, WordPress has decide they are going to change it.

Things I don’t like about the new Editor

  1. It don’t behaved as the old one did, so a learning curve is in order
  2. Some things seems to not functions correctly, such as Preview post now opens a new page each time you hit it where as it use to just write over the already open preview page.
  3. It don’t seem as full features as the old one.
  4. The new editor don’t have the navigation bar across the top so I can quickly get to my Dashboard.
  5. Categories not organize with sub folders no more.
  6. Tags no longer give suggestion of previous tags
  7. Smaller editor Window

The list is forever, Read the post at the WordPress forum.
Beep Beep Boop, should be named A Boo Boo! So why? I think maybe they are going for a touch-screen interface, and like Microsoft with the Windows 8 touch interface, they are cutting off their foot just to spite the toe!

On the good news front …… I may be in luck this winter when I start using my tablet to do my post to WordPress. With it being such a mess with the PC interface I sure hope that something got better somewhere! Also a good thing is that for now you can still get to the old editor by way of the Dashboard.

Itchy feet: Yep, I am getting them itchy feet big time.

Pictures Not today.

Night Folks