Is it Over?

Holidays: Holidays, are they done for a while? Oh good!!! Sometimes there is way to much of a good thing πŸ™‚

Blogging: I am starting back blogging today but it might be a bit before I get on track with photos and such. I will at least say Hello and Night Folks each day πŸ™‚ Hey, that is the best I can do for now, LOL.

Texting: Over the last year I have just started to do a little texting … why you ask? Well, seems like over the last year I have run into people who want to do it. Most of the folks I know are older like myself and didn’t want to text, but that seems to be changing a little. What made me think of this is that I just got a text form an old friend that I know just hates anything Smartphone, so if he is willing to texts than it must be catching on with us old folk! Right Barry? LOL.

Firefox: I have always use private browser mode in Firefox but I have learned about an extension Mult-Account Containers that I like even better than private tabs. The extension seems to isolate tabs better when putting tabs in their own container. One of the best things about this is that I can log into both my google accounts and both my Flickr accounts all at the same time and they can’t see each other on Firefox. Helpful when you want to make different setting to like accounts πŸ™‚

Internet: Over the last few months I have had lots of problems with Verizon internet service, I think maybe they have overloaded they network since they have push so hard with they new unlimited plan. Like most big businesses they like to get the customers but hate to do the services, (money for as little effect as possible).

Exercise: I have kept up with my exercise, doing five days a week and taking two off, but I have put on a good amount of weight over the last year and it is making it hard. I’ll keep pushing!

Friends: I have 3 folks in the area that I know from last year. Good to have folks around that you know.

Night Folks



Pictures: Yet more pictures from Cloudcroft, NM. Man that was a great birding place.
Another Western Bluebird.
Western Bluebird 20d_7998

Yellow-rumped Warbler.
Yellow-rumped Warbler 20d_8003

Parker : Took a trip to Parker,AZ today (nearest Walmart) and did some shopping for things at the big store. About 50 miles one way so it took most of my day to go, shop and return. Shouldn’t have to do that again for a while now.

Exercise: Just barely squeeze in 2 miles. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.56mi, time: 01:04:59, pace: 18:16min/mi, speed: 3.29mi/h.

Night folks

LG Access rooted

Pictures: White wing Dove and Eurasian Collared Dove.

White-wing Dove 20d_8735

Eurasian Collared Dove 20d_1550

Email: It seems that my email has been particularly busy of late, ever have one of those time when it feels like your email is filling up way to fast? Most of it is stuff I want which is good, but sometimes I wonder if maybe I should opt out of a few things, LOL. I know that I should some of it because all I do is delete it anyways.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.63mi, time: 49:22, pace: 18:46min/mi, speed: 3.20mi/h.

Rooting : Yesterday I rooted my phone (the LG Access L31L) with the Towelroot app. It went well, the only thing about doing it this way that is bad is that the bootloader is still locked. Which is kind of bad because you can’t flash another rom or do a lot of other things that a custom recovery would let you do. Still I have root and that allows a lot to happen. For me the best thing is the “ops app” app which lets me control a good bit of what other apps do.

Night folks

McDonald’s Internet

Weather: The weather is much better today with lots of sunshine for solar and my batteries are very happy about that.

Pictures: Black-throated Sparrow
Black-throated Sparrow photo BTSparrow2.jpg

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher photo IMG_9340.jpg

Exercise: Walked a little today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.00mi, time: 01:01:36, pace: 20:33min/mi, speed: 2.92mi/h.

Internet at McD’s: They must be onto me ….. I have not been able to enjoy the fast Internet speeds at McD’s again 😯 I find that most McDonald’s have very slow to near unusable Internet speeds but the one in Lake Havasu City and the one in Blythe(for a while) where very fast. It was nice for a while 😈

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.

Night folks.


Bird: I will bore you with yet another Cardinal and this one is another female.
Cardinal photo CarFVA.jpg

Here is a Butterfly on a flower that I like. Both these shots took a long time ago
 photo BF_Flower.jpg

Friends: A couple of my friends showed yesterday evening and it is so good to have old friends around πŸ™‚ My friends, Mickey and Sandra, link to Mickey blog on the right side of my blog.

Diet/Weight: I am in the process of changing my diet up a littleΒ  and hoping to keep my weight the same (or lower πŸ˜‰ )Β  I have been on the Atkins diet for about two years now but it is time to see if I can get my diet more normal. I am doing this by slowly adding a lot more vegetable and fruits while removing some of the meats.Β  So far I am holding my weight down and not adding anything  photo crossfingers.gif !

I am still fighting my soda pop habit (maybe tomorrow will be the first day back off the soda). I am drinking water like a mad man, about 2 gallons a day.

Night Folks



Mouse: Since updating to Windows 8.1 on the laptop computer I have had to reset my mouse setting each time I start the computer (real pain) but I think I have figure a way around that by disabling the Logitech start-up in the task manager. It must be that Logitech has not updated their drives just yet.

Weight: I have not said much about weight lately and that is because it is staying the same, which is both good and bad. The good is that I am noting going up and the bad is that I am not going down. I am at a much heathery weight than 3 years ago but I could be at a even better weight ( as in Lower). Weight is hard!
I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.14mi, time: 42:17, pace: 19:46min/mi, speed: 3.04mi/h. Short Walk This morning I am starting to ride the bike around the park during the day now that it is warmer, it makes for easy transportation in the park, which is about a mile from end to end.

Weekend Park Business : The Park picks up a good bit on the weekends. Lots of folks come out to play and have fun.

Night folks

Plain old water

Water: Plain, tasteless and boring but all so necessary. Water is the only drink one can have all of that you want, and it not be bad for you. It is the best thing in the world when you are really thirsty, but for a sipping drink, it sucks, LOL.

Diet: I’ll talk a bit about what I am changing in my diet. I have decided once again to cut soda pop from my diet. As a matter of fact, I’m cutting all drinks with artificial sweetener. Yesterday was my first day to start cutting back, I drink only one soda yesterday and only one today. One seems to be enough to stop the caffeine withdrawal headaches, maybe tomorrow, I’ll be able to go without any, not sure. I will not be drinking any by the weekend, that is for sure. I have come to the conclusion that the artificial sweeteners are causing me to hold on to this last bit of weight that I would like to shed. If you read about artificial sweeteners, nobody has anything good to say about them, only bad stuff. So …. them artificial sweeteners, have got to go!
I hate losing my last fun drink, but the Atkins diet don’t allow sweet drinks so without the fake sugar …. it don’t leave much more than water. Maybe the day will come that I get my weight to where I want it and then I’ll be able to have a real drink with sugar in it, once or twice a month. The fight continues.

Bike ride: I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 10.26mi, time: 51:18, pace: 5:00min/mi, speed: 12.00mi/h. Added a mile walk on to my day, but I stopped and chatted with neighbors too much to call it a walk.

Hanging out: I think I will try to hang out in this area (Lake Havasu) for another two weeks, weather permitting. Maybe, nothing in stone. That would put me on a good schedule for crossing the state(AZ) and getting into NM.

Workout Summary:
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 03/24/2014 – 03/30/2014
7 workouts
6 routes
48.8 miles total walking and bike riding, 35 miles bike riding
7.8 hours
3,798 kCal burned

Bird of the Week: This is a Black-tail Gnatcatcher
Black-tail Gnatcaters_9884
How about a Red clover.

Night folks


Weight 187: Out of control 😦 Staying too close to the refrigerator ………… maybe I can move it outside? Every time I walk by the refrigerator I hear a little voice that says” resistance is futile ” LOL. Maybe that is just the growl of my over size belly?

Okay, on the serious side of things, I think I may have too much processed meat in my diet. It is hard for me not to have those constant little snacks, like a slice of lunch meat now and then. Sometimes the slice turns into 3 or 4 slices! The now and then and the how much part of this is what gets me in trouble 😦 . I have always been a big eater, and I still am, but now I control what I eat pretty good ……… however the how much and how often part, not so much control.

Diet: Okay, my diet is kind of like the weather with me, I am just over doing it here on the blog. I will be dropping the subject as a daily thing. I’ll keep the blog updated on my weight, but not everyday. Oh crap, what have I done now? If I take out the weight and weather ………. what am I to talk about now? LOL. Hey, I still got exercise! I guess my blog is just about the the little daily things in my life, and seeing as I’m a very mild manner old dude that is just not all that exciting, is it? So am I going to change how I blog? No, but maybe I’ll keep it in mind, sorry, I just like the boring old dude that I am, it works for me πŸ˜›

Exercise: Good bike ride. I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 10.77mi, time: 47:11, pace: 4:23min/mi, speed: 13.70mi/h. Not a bad ride at all considering the hills and wind.

Exercise is something I enjoy, it feels good to me. When I was young and exercise was forced on me by school and the later on the military, I didn’t much like exercise. Mind you, I was not lazy because I came up on farms and there was plenty hard work that I didn’t mind doing, but exercise for the sake of exercise was not me. I think exercise is a thing that needs order to it, a steady pattern, or at least it does for me. For me liking exercising started about 15 years ago when one day I couldn’t reach my shoe to tie the laces without a lot of effort . So, I decided that I had to do something about that, and that is when exercise for the sake of exercise begin for me. I blew my knee out in the middle of that 15 years and couldn’t exercise much and regained my weight but over the last four years I have gotten things back under control, thank goodness. Even with my knee shot, I tried but I ran into limits and that discouraged me. Exercise has been good to me, it has taken me off blood pressure and cholesterol medicines. It is good to be able to exercise and enjoy the benefits that it gives, I am thankful.

Walk: Hey, I must be feeling feisty today because I added a short walk to mine day. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.44mi, time: 01:00:21, pace: 24:43min/mi, speed: 2.43mi/h. A slow walk, but a walk πŸ™‚

Night folks

Mobile Software

Weight 184: Looks like I beat the carbs back a little πŸ™‚ for today? LOL.

Mobile software: I have been playing with Firefox Mobile browser and I’m begaining to get use to it. I have used Dolphin pretty much since I’d had Android but I’m thinking of changing to Firefox just for the benefit of the add-ons. Dolphin don’t have many and I’m finding out that Firefox Mobile has come a long way. The features I’m looking for most are to do with privacy. I found a new add-on for the Mobile and computer that I like a lot and it is ” Self Destructing Cookies”. This add-on eats up the tracking cookies as they are added. I have always use setting to delete cookies when exiting the browser but have never found a way to delete cookies as I get them and this add-on seems to do that, neat. I really like that it works on device and computer both, many of Firefox’s add-ons don’t.

Walk: Only a short one today and a stop in the middle too. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.13mi, time: 01:06:41, pace: 31:18min/mi, speed: 1.92mi/h.

Weather: The temperature is starting to come on now, pretty strong with it making it to near 90Β°. It is 89Β° in the RV as I type this. The air is so dry that it don’t feel like it though, and that is a good thing.

Night folks