Over Look

Pictures: This is the Sand Buff over look in El Malpais National Park near Grants NM, a very interesting area. I took this shot some years back.

Sand buff2_0153

Maintenance : I had to buy a new tire for the RV, so today I order that tire at a local shop and will have it put on the rim tomorrow and maybe I will put it on the RV tomorrow. Also I scheduled an oil change for the truck at the same time. I need to grease one more wheel bearing when I change the tire on the RV and grease one spring joint that would not take grease the last time I tried. I’ll likely have to put a wrench on the mount and turn it a bit. Maintenance an always present thing …. not as bad as a house and yard mind you but still needed 🙂 . If I have not said lately “I love my house on wheels” 😁

Night Folks


Tire Hanger

Tire Hanger: Today my friend and I put a spare tire hanger under my RV. My spare has always been mounted on the bumper of the RV but I plan to put the Generator back there so we move the tire to the hanger under the RV. My friend Barry is very good at mechanical things and to tell the truth he did most of the work but still I am beat!

Pictures: Sand Hill Crane and Coppers Hawk.



Night Folks


Pictures: Here are two Hummers, one Calliope with friends and one Rufous Hummer …. it is hard to get just one Hummer in the frame!

Make room!

Rufous Hummer.

City: I was off to the city today to do chores and such.

Maintenance: The truck needs new tires, I have a appointment for that tomorrow! I put a hundred dollars back each month for Vehicle Refrigeration, Insurance and maintenance and the tires will take a big chuck of that tomorrow! The poor little account says “Ouch”. The good news is that after tomorrow I will have new brakes and tires all the way around, so if I can get it going I will be able to stop it when needed! I just won’t have no money to buy nothing when I stop, LOL!

Camping Area: Ha, I have more good news! The camping area that I am in now, it was limited to one week camping at a time for all the years I have known about it but it has now been changed to a 2 week limit, so I can hang out for another week and watch the Hummers.
Also yesterday I finally had a bird visit for some of my birdseed, after a week of having birdseed out! It was/is a Canyon Towhee so maybe others will follow this week. Such little things make me happy 🙂

Night Folks

Being Watched

Pictures: While out on my walk yesterday morning I could just feel the eyes on me 🧐

This squirrel had taken up a post on the cliff but it was in my walk way and the squirrel didn’t give it up till I was pretty close.

The Chipmunk was way up on the cliff, nowhere near my path and I near miss the little guy 🤔


City: I went into the city today and pick up some food items and order some parts for my truck. Maintenance … always fun and cheap …NOT! I am going to replace the front brake calipers on the truck, I have a front wheel squeaking and I replace both the brake pads and rotors on the front just about 4 or 5 months ago. I worry about the calipers when I did the earlier work …. may not be the problem but I am going to replace them.

Night Folks


Weather: Well I must be in the summer plan now. I know that some folks out there are still having some very cool weather but here in Truth or Consequences, NM it is hitting 90 today, pretty dang hot being in RV(and not hook to electric). I would be gone from here if not for appointments with the VA Doc, I got to stick it out till at least the end of the month. From looking at the Weather app on my phone it looks like we are in for a hot week and then back down a bit temperature wise, I’ll be looking forward to the back down a bit part.

Wiring: Yesterday Barry and I wired up a couple of 3-way Switches for his RV water pump. It had only one switch in the Kitchen area and we add a second one to the bathroom and make them 3-way so he can turn the water pump on or off from either switch. We could not find any SPDT DC Switches anywhere in this little town so we used 120 AC 3-way switches. I know that is not the best practice but the pump is less than 10 amp(12 Volt) so I think it will not be a problem.

Weekend: The State Parks always picks up a little more activity during the weekends but where we are park, it is not much, just a few folks out for a little weekend fishing. Don’t ask me about what kind or how many they are catching because I do all my fishing at Long John Silvers! However … just watching a bit, I see some of the folks pulling a few in here and there.

Night Folks

Heron Lake

Pictures: Back in 2013 3 friends and I went to Heron Lake State Park in NM. Here is a couple of shots.

While out on a nice walk.Near-Heron-Lake,-NM-6-20-2013-_9446

Walking with friends.

Truck: I have had my old truck out in the desert for 10 years now and my Rain-Guards have had a little too much sun … Ordered some new ones today. The things are not cheap but with all the heat out here in the west, I feel that I need to always keep the windows open just a little and the Rain Guards stop the rain from getting in and helps with the dust. I always get surprises with the weather!

I need to get a set of tires for the truck, but I am going to try to put that off till early next year. Hey, all the tread are near gone but hey … they are 10 ply, I should have nine more …. right?? LOL, I wish 😦 I may have to make it happen sooner but we’ll see. They are one of my biggest expenses when it comes to general maintenance of the truck.

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On the Move

Pictures: Could be the last of the flowers for while, not sure what my next stop will have.



Moving: Today I packed up and left.

Landing gear: Well the motor and gearbox on my RV is shot, so I have stopped in Quartzsite, AZ to get parts when the RV parts house opens tomorrow. Looks like I will need a motor and the gearbox, not sure how much that will cost me. I looked online and for the “how-to” and it seems to be a job I can do ….. we’ll see 🙂 . I hope the parts place has the part in stock.



More Snarly Stuff

Pictures: As I look around here in the desert it amazes me to see have tough the plants, trees and cactus are.

In this case, use to be ….


Looking up, this cactus was maybe 15 feet tall.


Truck: I changed the oil in my truck today and cleaned the battery cable up, little maintenance. Next time I go city I will go by a parts house that will take the used oil.

Exercise : No :/ not today.

Night folks

More Bike Trail shots

Pictures: Couple more of the bike trail and the last picture just scenery from along the trail.




Exercise : I rode the bike for about 7 miles today and took a few pictures along the way ….. so more shots coming soon.

New parts : I went down to the city today and got a new stem for my Bike seat. I am putting a little wear and tear on the old bike. Actually, I just replaced what a bike shop broke when working on my bike down in Cottonwood last spring 😦 They put it on a rake hanging by the seat stem and was a little to rough.

The bike shop in Kingman, AZ sure had some nice bikes and they temped me pretty good but I resisted. I just got too many other things ahead of a bike to pay for and buy for now 😦

Night folks