Clark’s Grebe and Caballo Lake

Pictures: Here is a Clark’s Grebe and Lake Caballo.



Las Cruces : My friend Barry had appointments in Las Cruces today and I went alone for the ride, we left about 8 and got back about 4, sure kill the day.

Night Folks


Taking a Break

I have blogged for a long while now (few years) and I need to take a break every now and then.
I am well and just relaxing a bit.

Sept 11 2018 will be my full-time RVing 11th birthday 🙂

RV John

Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon)

Pictures: A couple more of the Pigeon I seen about a month ago. I am in the same area but I am not seeing it this time.



City: I took the day and made a chores day out of it. Laundry, Water and shopping.

Night Folks

Thank you!

Hi everyone, thanks to everyone for all the great feedback on yesterday’s post!! In conclusion I have been convinced that this is a thing that only my reader is doing and they are showing up fine for everyone else (thank goodness)! So with that in mind I am not going to worry with it any. It has to be some setting in my reader and if I figure it out I will let everyone know.
Pictures: Today I have more fuzzy friends!


City: I took a ride back to the city today (about 65 miles one way) and pick up some food items and now I am ready for my next stop. If things look okay it will be another way out-of-the-way stop 🙂
Exercise: I will be off for today and tomorrow and then back at it for another five days hopefully.

Night Folks