Panels Done

Pictures : I covered the back truss this morning with T1-11. I have decided the small end pieces of T1-11 will go on as I start putting the trim on. I am glad I went with the T1-11 vs using tin for the sides, I think it was a lot quicker to get done, then it would have been with tin.

So now it is time to start on the tin for the roof. I have been kind of dreading working on the used tin I have for the roof, just not sure how I can prepare it to work and look its best. Also, I have never worked with tin before, so it will be an experiment, all the way around. I guess it is time to start thinking about the paint I will need for the T1-11 too. Still so much to do!

Last panel 01_RP_06:01:23

Weather : The wind picked up a little bit this morning and worried me some while putting up the last of the panel. However, it stayed mild enough not to be a problem, thankfully.

Have a good day, Folks.


Front Truss

Pictures : I got a good start on covering the front truss today. The open rectangle will become a door to access the loft, a place where I could store pieces of lumber up to 12 foot long. I still need to add a couple of little pieces on each end, and as always there will be trim to cover up the little flaws.

Front Truss 01 RP- 5-31-23

Tomorrow : I hope to add the small end pieces to the front truss and get a start on the back end truss tomorrow.

Folks, have a good evening.

Little Progress

Pictures : The roof is now pretty much ready for tin. However, before the tin, I will add the T1-11 to the front and back trusses. That will be started tomorrow. I know it has taken me a while to get this far on the roof, but it had lots of small pieces of lumber added, and I go up and down the ladder kind of slowly, šŸ¢! Being careful is one of my main golds on this job, because I think a fall at this age would not go well!

Ready Roof 01_RP_ 05:30:23

Each sheet of tin is 5’6″ long and will be attached at the bottom, center and top. Of course, the end pieces of tin will be attached to the end trusses. I am still debating whether I am going to add Gable Trim. I am not sure if this is the right name of the part I am thinking of here. My landlord has a metal break that I could use, if needed, to make the metal parts I wanted.

At any rate, after all the above, there is still lots of painting and trim to do.

Folks, have a good day.


Building : I know you folks have heard enough about the building, but sorry to say it is the only little thing I have going on now. Please bear with me another 2 to 4 weeks, and I’ll be back to birding. At least, I want to be. Mind you, I am always watching but not always capturing images.

Easy Sunday : I did do a bit of work on the building today, but not a bunch. I did spend some time visiting with friends, which is always great.

I hope everyone’s holiday weekend has been going well.

Slow Going

Building : I added a few more boards to the roof today in preparation of attaching tin. The tin is not yet ready to go on yet either, so still lots to do on the roof. Today I worked mostly by myself, so it was slow-going. Plus, I was a bit tired from not sleeping too well last night.

Birds : The King Bird keeps visiting for water, but I am always busy doing other things with no camera handy for a quick shot. I’ll catch a shot of it one day.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Roof Started

Tin : Today, my friend Barry came over and cut the tin to length that I will need for the roof. I finished up the wall with lots of screws.

The next couple of things will be cleaning and coating the tin, and then putting something on the roof to attach the tin to, and of course attaching the tin. After that, I guess the next big job will be painting everything.

There are lots of other little job to do too. Lots of trim, molding and many other little things.

Weather : The morning have been very good for working, but the afternoons are starting to heat up.

VA : The sleep test showed that I was doing a terrible job at sleeping, which I knew anyway. So … VA wants me to do 8 hours of driving with a cost of about a $100.00 of fuel for my old truck for about a 25-minute lesson on how to use the CPAP machine. Oh, and then there is the fitting of the mask. Why they can’t do this at a local VA clinic is beyond me. At any rate, I may work out a deal with one of my neighbor who is a veteran also, and needs a new fitted mask for his CPAP machines. We are in Deming and all this has to be done in Albuquerque, which I think it’s absolutely ridiculous.

For all my fussing, I have been needing a CPAP for more than 15 years now, and I knew that. Back then they wanted me to use the air tanks and what ever went with them and I just said no because I was still traveling a lot and getting the tanks would have been a pain.
I guess my biggest fuss is that the VA has closer facilities that could do this for me, but I am not in their system. Besides, I am an old dude and just need a thing or two to fuss about!

Night Folks


Pictures : Finally got a little something done on the building. The building now has walls, šŸ™‚. I still need to fully Secure the T1-11 pieces with more screws, but at least they are up. Thanks to my friend Barry for coming over and helping me do the last 3 pieces of T1-11, or I may have not had 4 walls today.

I think doing these walls with T1-11 was a good ideal, the tin would have taken forever to do. Of course, the tin will still have to go on the roof, but there is still some wood work to do before I start on that.

Wall 02_RP_ 05:25:23

Wall 01_RP_ 05:25:23

Folks, have a fine evening.

Change of Plans

Change : I decided that I am not going to use tin as siding for the building. So today I was off to Home Depot in Las Cruces to pick up 9 sheets of T1-11. This time I got the thinner T1 11 (about 1/3 of an inch), it’ll be easier to handle than the 1/2 inch T1-11. It will also be a lot less time-consuming to put on the sides versus the tin. The tin I bought for the sides, I will sell to the landlord, who has some use for it. I will still be putting a tin roof on.
So hopefully, I will have a picture of some progress tomorrow, šŸ¤”.

One day, I will get back to pictures that are more fun, bird and flowers and such, šŸ™‚. For now, the building is fully occupying my life.

Folks, have a nice evening.

Not a Carpenter

Door : Over my years I have mounted a couple doors for myself, but it has been 30 years since I last did one. The ones I mounted before were doors without prebuild frames, and I don’t remember them giving me much trouble. However, I spent the whole of today’s work on the door. Wow, I am getting old and slow, plus this is not a thing that is in my bag of Know-How’s. Not a carpenter, for sure.

I guess many things along the way of this project has been like that, things that are just very time-consuming. I would have saved myself a lot of time and effect and if I had been keeping a closer eye on keeping things squared. Still, I am enjoying doing this little shed, even if I have to make up for a lack of skills with lots of patience and time

I would post a picture but not much to show, squaring up and getting the door set into place, don’t make a good picture for showing progress. Oh wait, I did add the deadbolt and the door knob! LOL

Here you go, a pitiful show of progress!
Door Knob 01_RP_ 05:23:23

Weather : The morning’s weather has been plenty decent enough for working. The afternoons are starting to get a little warm, but that’s OK, I don’t work much in the afternoons.

King Bird : The king Bird came by for a drink of water today, but I could not get the camera up and aimed in time. I will catch a photo of that rascal sooner or later, šŸ™‚.

Folks, have a fine evening.


Nothing done today : Just a long drive to Silver City and back. Had to go to the VA clinic, left about 7:30 and got back about 11:00, so the morning was shot. It is a nice ride, but also time-consuming. Tomorrow I’ll get back to the building.

Iā€™m going to chill for the rest of the day.

You Folks, have a fine day.