Talking RV John

Chatting: Unlike me to do all the this chatting, but it has been a little too warm for my liking to get out and shoot any photos. So you will just have to put up with my chitter-chatter for a while!

Summering Here: Yesterday I was talking about staying here for the summers for some years and not minded the heat, but come to think of it, most of those summers I was work-camping and when work-camping you usually get free utilities and site, so I would not have minded running the AC all I wanted to, seeing as the camp grounds was paying the bills! Now however, I am paying the bill and I mind a bit, LOL. The Swamp Cooler is my savior 🙂.

Weather: Doing a little better today temperature wise, staying under a 100 anyway. That few degrees of 5 or 6 makes a differences for me.

Have a nice day Folks

Just more Hot Weather

Weather: It is near 2pm, the sun is popping in and out and the temperature is 104 on the shade side of the RV! I remember why I don’t normally stay in this area during the summer … now! But this is a different kind of time, so it is as it is. I am holding the inside temperature to 83 degrees so far today and that ain’t bad.

Update 5pm: It max out at 106 today and it got to 85 in the RV … I am testing the limits here 🥵! I think the cooling off will start soon and I’ll get it cool off in the RV a bit! Hopefully we won’t have too many days this hot. Up North a bit where I have spent the last couple summer it will have some days that reach 90 and I have no problem dealing with it without a cooler so I will be fine even if we do have more hot days but still not to my liking.

Ha, even before finishing this post the temperature is dropping a little inside the RV.

Many of you out there may not know that here in the deep southwest Swamp Coolers are the most used way of cooling most houses, large Swamp Cooler can be seem on many home. I have even seen some house units setting atop RVs, but these are RVs that don’t get on the road no more.

You know I have spent more than one summer here in this area and didn’t give the temperature much mind but I guess age is making me feel it more now-a-days, Or … I could just be missing the mountains 🤔!

Exercise: I have knocked out my 5 days of exercise for the week as of this morning, so time for a break. The morning are not bad if you get out early enough.

Night Folks

Shopping Day

Shopping: Went out for a bit of shopping today(Walmart) and the store seem busy to me, I was glad to get out of it. At any rate I got my food in and stocked up on my monthly shopping. I no longer need to do monthly shopping because I manage my money well enough that I can get things when I want but …. old habits are hard to break. I remember the days when I was a young man … I had best gets things I knew were going to be needed early on after a payday, LOL.

Exercise: Wow, 4 days in the can already, the week is going fast.

Weather: The temperature is about 103 outside now and it is overcast 🥵! The Swamp Cooler is doing fine by me, the area I pretty much stay in while in the RV is staying at 80-83 degrees and the air is blowing over me … I am comfortable. I know the AC could do a little better but like I said, I am comfortable so I’ll keep using the Swamp Cooler instead of the AC and save a dollar or two.

Have a nice day Folks


Temperature: I am not use to the heat anymore so my answer is to avoid it by staying in. I stepped out a minute ago and seen my friend out and we set in the shade for a bit, but it is over a 100 degrees even in the shade so I was happy to come back into the RV at 83 degrees. Yes I am still managing to avoid using the AC but it is getting close! Tomorrow will be a big test if the weather man hits it with the predicted 105°. 🥵

Exercise: I am getting out early for my walks and staying with it so far.

Movie time!



Weather: . I see some forecasts are giving 100 Plus for the next three days with one day (Friday)being 105 degrees, nooooo! Oh well, I am staying fairly comfortable with the Swamp Cooler and can always switch to the AC if I have to. Today I am showing 98 outside(shade side of RV) and 82 inside on my thermometer(Note: time 4pm), and I am comfortable sating here in my chair with the air blowing by from the Swamp Cooler. It will be interesting to see how things go when the temperature goes over the 100 mark.

At any rate I am staying in and out of the heat.

Exercise: I still get out in the morning for my walk, as I did this morning.

Movie: Maybe it is time to watch a movie …. or two!

Night Folks

Portable Apps

Pictures: Not getting any new ones right now I am hiding inside from the heat.

Weather: Hot for now and likely a few more weeks to come, 90+ degrees everyday. Not my thing for sure!

Portable Apps: Hey anyone use these? I got a thumb drive loaded with them but have only use them a few times. I like that I can fire up Firefox from Portable App(on any computer) and have a prefect copy of the one on my computer, bookmarks, plugins and all setting will look just the same, handy sometimes. Also I have a copy of Keepass(Password Manager) with a encrypted copy of all the passwords to everything I have. I would list all the apps I have on the thumb drive but it is too many. Here is a few of them, Libre Office, Gimp, Firefox, Thunderbird, Notepad++ and many more.

Diet: I have been back on my Atkins Diet for a month now and so today is my “bad day”(the day I eat all the bad food I want).

Exercise: I got back at it today, exercise page update.

Night Folks


Pictures: Pictures are off today 🙂.

Open Source Software: I like open source software and was wondering if other out there use it.

Here is some that I use.
1) Firefox- my browser (I have tried many other opensource browser) And use one or two more.
2) Thunderbird- Email Client
3) Keepass- password manager
4) Libre Office- office suite
5) VLC- media player
6) Search Everything- windows search tool
7) Audacity- music/sound editor
8) Notepad++ – Text editor
9) BleachBit- A cleaner for Windows
10) 7 Zip- file Compression Tools
11) SumatraPDF- A PDF reader
12) Green Shot- For capturing a screenshot

One I have loaded but don’t use much
13) Gimp – kind of open open source alternative to Photoshop

Other I have played with just to see what they do
14) Inkscape- Graphics/Drawing (Way over my head but fun to play with for a bit.)
15) ClamWin- Free Antivirus (I keep on a thumb drive to help others sometimes)
16) Blender- 3D Graphics Tools (Way over my head but I did a few tuts in it to play)

17) I have Linux Mint loaded on a very old computer I have here but don’t play with it much.

I may have forgotten some that I have or have used. All the above software is free and open source (FOSS). There is thousands of others kinds of software that is FOSS, and much of it is highly technical and way beyond me. I love FOSS!

Night Folks