Juniper Trees

Pictures: I enjoy seeing the Juniper trees in this area, there are Alligator Juniper, Utah Juniper and the One Juniper(Maybe more). The Alligator Juniper I recognize right off the other two are harder for me, but …… lucky for me there was a sign telling me that they where here 😮 ! The trees below are one of the latter two, not sure which. They sure show that life is tough on these hillsides. Both these trees are still hanging to life.

Datil Juniper Tree-15-7D1-052319

Datil Juniper Tree -10-7D1-052319

Exercise: I walked 3.4 miles today, a nice walk. You know, I think I live better when I am in the woods! LOL.

Weather: It is so prefect today, I could not have order better weather. Temperature at noon is 69°, a light breeze and beautiful sunshine, shoot I think I am in love with mother nature!

Holiday: Well the holiday is pretty near upon us and the little camp ground has 5 other campers beside me today, Pretty peaceful so far, just the way I like it 🙂 . I wonder how it will be over the weekend ….. I am thinking most folks like a little more goings on then what is here, I guess I am hoping so 😈 . Could pick up a few more folks but it is not a big place so I don’t see that too much excitement is going to happen, sweet!

Night Folks


Good Walk Today

Pictures: It is (I am a hour faster I think) near noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and I see Flickr is still down for maintenance/moving, it is taking them a while to get it all up and running, it is one dang big move.

I see all my images are still showing even thought Flickr is down, that was well done on their part. I had read where they had moved all the data over to the new servers over the pass few weeks so I guess they are just moving all the stuff that makes the Flickr web site run and inter-react with all the user, which is of course a lot.

Ha, I see sign of life at Flick! I can get to my Flickr but still can’t upload just yet.
Okay, looks like things are working at Flickr.

Here is two shots from my walk today.


Exercise: I walked 3¾ miles this morning. Kind of an accident, I took a trail that just dead ended and I thought it looped so a little extra walking, likely good for me.

Weather: It is kind of cool toady below 60 but that ain’t bad. The wind does make it feel a little cooler than it is.

Travel : I talk with the park host toady and I think I will stay one more day here for a total of 8 days, the limit is 7 days but the host can allow extra days 🙂 . That way I won’t be traveling on the holiday. The little park has about 21 sites and I think for now, me and two other RV is all that is here other than the host (likely it will have more this evening). The host here are a great couple, friendly as all get out and they keep the place spotless. The bathrooms here are the pit toilets and they are cleaner then most public bathrooms I have been in. If the place wasn’t so far out (55-60 miles to a city) and had good cell connection and OTA TV the place would be full all the time but some of those things work well for me. I need a break from TV sometimes, my cell connection is good enough for my needs and I always stock up a bit for this stay. Plus all the fine walking trails, peace and quiet, birds and woods/nature are just all things a country boy enjoys 😁

Night Folks

Two big Yellow Bellies

Pictures: Well okay …. Maybe two little Yellow bellies, Lesser Gold Finches 😁


Exercise : I walked 3 miles today, this area has great walking trails.

Datil Well Campground: For those folks that have use this campground before and have not been here for a year or so, there has been some work done and now many of the sites will accommodate larger rigs and are level to park in. Much improved. Be aware the there is no OTA TV and cell services is weak. My phone only works when I am in just the right spot inside my RV and my Internet on the Mifi is not fast. However this is a stunningly beautiful area if you like the woods and nature.

Night Folks

Western Scrub Jay

Pictures: I put out some seeds and peanuts in my new site here in Datil Wells Campground and this Western Scrub Jay showed up in less then 10 minutes.


Snow!: I kid you not, I got snow! Just snow furriers but sill a big change in weather, 😐 ! Just as I expected so no fuss 🙂 . The forecast for the next few days looks like it will be cold at night, 30s, Brrrr!
Here is the forecast ….
2019-05-20-Datil, NM 10-Day Forecast _ Weather Underground Well …. Why did I do this, you ask??? I want to head to a state park a little farther up north next week so this is on the way and I knew I was going to have a few cooler nights and was okay with that. Yep, cool nights but don’t the days look near prefect? I think so 🙂

Today’s Travels : On the way up about half of it was northbound and I had a tail/side wind and half of it was west bound and I had a head/side wind …. mostly headwind, it was a ugly drive! I was getting about 7 miles to the gal when headed west and I normally get about 11 miles per gal when pulling the RV. Lucky for me, the whole trip wasn’t but about 130 miles and the half going north I got over 13-14 miles a gal with the tail wind.

Night Folks

Tricky Finches

Pictures: Here is a house Finch and a Lesser Gold Finch, both doing things I don’t expect from them. The House finch hanging upside down and the Gold Finch hanging from the bottom of the feeder.


Chores: Since tomorrow is moving day that made today chores day. Laundry, filling gal water jugs for drinking and shopping for groceries. I hope I got the groceries right because if I go where I think I going, there is no stores for a many miles.

Weekend Ends: It is like a mad rush out of here today as all the weekend folks head home. I bet it will be nuts next weekend over the holiday.

Weather: The weather here is fine with great temperatures but I will be getting into the higher elevations in my travels tomorrow and it will likely be cooler.

Night Folks


Pictures: Another one of the many Ash-thoated Flycatcher I seen at the park with the good birding trail.


Exercise: The day started out windy today so I took a walk and got 2.5 miles in.

Weather: It has been just the best!

Busy: The state park has been every so busy this weekend and I am glad I won’t be here next weekend over the holiday, that will be just nuts.

Night Folks

Lady Bullock’s Oriole

Pictures: While at one of the other parks and watching the Orioles feed, I seen mostly the males come to the feeder but I would occasionally see the female come for a drink.


Exercise: Windy today, too windy for the bike, so this morning I walked for two miles.

Friday/Weekend: The state parks always get a bigger crowd on the weekends and the park has started to swell up with the weekenders.

Night Folks