Hanging on the Block

Pictures: This Cactus Wren is the cool bird just hanging out on the block.


Weather: The Weather folks say the temperatures highs will be 97-102 till the of the month, 🥵. I am doing fine with staying inside but I sure miss be outside in the mountains.

Friend : My friend(Barry) is here in the RV Park too but he is headed out on the road next weekend and I’ll miss having him around. He is about the only one I know well in the area. I sure understand though, it is boring as all get out just staying in an RV Park! I wish I could afford to go with or go somewhere(to the mountains maybe), but I still need to get other things done, so I will hang. Also, many of the places I like to go is still closed due to Coronavirus.

Night Folks

Guard Duty Birds

Pictures: Here is another of Mr Pyrrhuloxia.


Bird Feeders: The House Finches and the Doves much keep a guard bird on feeder watch duty at all times! I leave my feeders down sometimes hoping to thin them (both House Finches and Doves) but within a couple of minutes of putting the feeders up, a dozen or so of House Finches are there and the Doves come to wait for the falling seeds. Maybe I can put up a Coronavirus sign warming that they must stay 6 feet apart! LOL.

Night Folks

Cow Bird

Pictures: Here is the Bronzed Cowbird again, I didn’t get a very good shot this time, he was gone too fast.


Exercise: Another week that I have managed to get my 10 miles walking in, now a couple of rest days.

Backup: Today was backup the photos day. I moved them from the computer to two backup hard drives. Takes me 2 to 3 hours to do this job after about 6 months of photos, but I got it done.

Movie: Think I will waste some time and watch a movie.

Good day Folks

Bad Leg

Pictures: This Road Runner came by for drink and I could see it has a bad leg. I guess there is a lot of ways a Road Runner can get hurt, but this bird has been seen around the RV park a lot and seem to be getting by okay.


Exercise: Day 4 complete, one to go.

Weather: The temperature has been hanging in around mid 90s and that is not to bad at all with my Swamp Cooler. The weather forecast has more 100 degree days coming, unfortunately.

Night Folks

Thrasher Portrait

Pictures: A pose by a Curve-billed Thrasher.


Exercise: Over the hump day, two to go.

Peaceful Day: Today has been a peaceful day for me and it is a thing that I am thankful for.

Night Folks

This one is a Regular

Pictures: The Curve-billed Thrasher comes by often to collect a seed or two. Most all the other birds prefer the loose seeds or the feeders but the Thrasher really likes the block.


Exercise: Day two in the bag.

Night Folks

House Finch

Pictures: A shot of one of the many House Finch that visit me.


Exercise: I walked my 2 miles this morning but at a slower pace.

Door Open: I have found that I can set with the RV door open as long as the temperature is not over low 90s, which allows me to watch my birds 🐦🐥. I run the Swamp cooler with a very large air exit(door way) for the air that it draws in from the window. It is not a power sucker so it works out. However if it starts in with those 100° days again, I will have to shut the door again and streamline the air more efficiently.

WordPress: Hey, some of you in the know about all things WordPress know how I can ……….. Background here for the question! I go to other folk’s blogs and make comments and would like to follow up if they make a reply to my comment but do not want to see all the other comments by other people or the bloggers comments back to the others because some blogs are very popular and it is just too much for me to keep up with(especially if I comment on two or three popular blogs). So is there a way that I can get a notification of the reply just to the comment that I made(if they make one) on friends blogs?

Night Folks

Bird Bath

Pictures: The birdbath brings in the Pyrrhuloxia for a cool drink of water.


Exercise: Always the first thing each morning, while the brain still don’t know any better 🤔! The body reminds me later …. 😯.

Weather: It has been so much nicer with the lower temperatures but I am sure we will have a return of the heat for a while. For now however, it is very nice indeed!

Night Folks