House Finches

Pictures : Here is a couple of House Finches with Lady White Head included 🙂. She has become a regular at the seed feeder.


Exercise : I got my walk in early again this morning, not sure whats with me and this early morning thing 🤔.

Weather : Sept is a fine time to be at 4000 feet elevation in lower part of NM, the weather is near prefect 🙂.

Night Folks

Young Pyrrhuloxia

Pictures : I think this may be a Young Pyrrhuloxia, from looking at the coloring.


Exercise : I got out early for my walk this morning. I have been getting started before daylight on my walks and I am often back before the sun raises. That is a bit different for me then the past few years. I have always walked in the mornings but not before day break … I guess that is what happens when you go to bed before 9pm. I am guessing in a couple months I will likely go back to later starts to avoid walking in the cold.

Weather : It has been about prefect 🙂!

Night Folks

Where did my Birds Go

Pictures : One day I looked out and all the smaller song birds where gone and I normally have a few around at all times and then I seen a little movement in the tree and it was a hiding Road Runner, it was looking for a little birdie smack. While there the Hummers kept coming and would kind of buzz the Road Runner making it perk up into a pouncing position but the Hummers where way too quick. The Cactus Wrens also came but kept a close eye on the Road Runner and give it a good scolding to the boot. The Road Runner give it up after a bit and all the song birds happily returned.


Thanks : Thank you to all the readers that pointed out that my White-headed House Finch is Leucism bird. I knew about Leucism birds but had kind of forgotten what they were called(Leucism) and I have seen pictures of them but I had never seen one myself, it is neat having one visiting me 🙂.

Exercise : Back at it today, the work of staying alive continues … a good thing, I guess 🙂.

Have a nice day folks.

White Headed

Pictures : I have never seen a House Finch with a white head before, but this sure looks like one to me. What do you think? She has become a regular visitor and hangs out with all the other House Finches.


Weather : Another beautiful day in the low 80s, nice.

Have a nice day Folks.


Pictures: I took a quick shot of the Rabbit nipping on the block while keeping an eye on me. I forgot to turn off the flash and had to do a lot of Red Eye repair.


Road Trip: My friend and I took us a trip to Las Cruces and I pick up a couple things I needed from the big city … well big compare to Deming 🙂.

Weather : All so beautiful, at a nice 78 degrees at 3PM, I love it 😁.

Birthday: Yesterday was my 13th full time birthday, I always call it 9/11 because that is easy to remember but I actually started out the day before on the 10th of Sept in 2007. 9/11 of 07 is easy to remember for me because I think of 9/11, the airplanes crashing into the towers, and 7/11 the stores.

Have a nice day folks.


Pictures: Here is one of the Prryhuloxias Enjoying a bite of Suet.


Exercise: I got my normal walk in this morning, so I am topping off the week with four walks.

Weather: The Temperature is a nice 72 degrees at 2:30 pm …. that is so good! I am in my weather zone now 🙂.

Night Folks

Can’t keep the kid off the Block

Pictures: Here is the Curve-billed Thrasher hanging out on the block …. again.
  I have different kind of bird that I will post a shot of in the next few days and I am thinking it is a white-headed House Finch, now and then you do get to see miss-colored birds and I think it is such a bird. Who knows, I could be wrong ….!


Exercise : I got back to my walking this morning.

Ride: My friend is like me, pretty much bored to death just hanging out so he decided to take a ride to Silver City and I went with him and I must say it was dang good to get out for a bit!

Night Folks


Pictures: I got me a lifer … well if my ID on this bird is right. Birders jump in here if you think I am wrong on this ID, I would love a confirmation or a correction on this one. If you need location, it is Deming NM area. This bird is likely migrating.

MacGillivray’s Warbler, female or maybe even 1st year.

MacGillivray’s Warbler.

Exercise: I got up to rain this morning so I did not walk.

Weather: Wow it is cooler now, 54 degrees at 10am! I like it better then the hot stuff, but it sure feels cool after all the hot days!
Update: 1:30pm it is only 59 degrees even now and I think yesterday at this time it was over 90 degrees. Still I like this better 🙂.

Night Folks