Two more Western Bluebirds

Pictures: Here are yet two more shots from the summer of the Western Bluebirds.



Moved: Today I moved to the north of Lake Havasu City. I like it here pretty good, it is a place I have come to many times before.

Exercise: I walked Sunday but will now take Monday and Tuesday off.

Night Folks


Couple of Birds

Pictures: Here is a White-crowned Sparrow and another Of the Say’s Phoebe, couple of the few birds I get to see a lot of around this area where I am park with my RV.



Exercise: I waked a couple of miles this morning. I usually take Monday and Tuesday off but this week will be a little different.

Weather: It is cooling off a little here and other places too(places I might go next) and my wheels are itching to roll 🙂 So it won’t be long till I move to my winter areas ….. 🙂

Night Folks