Solar Systems

Chilling: It is cool and overcast today so I am chilling for today. My friend(Barry) had to be talked into it, he is always ready to get after a job. As for me as I have gotten older ….. I’m not near as ambitions to get after jobs. I still need to remove the Inverter/Charger and the 4 batteries, it will only take about an hour or two, so not much left to remove the rest of the solar system from my friends RV, however it will be a real job to reinstall it on my rig!

I have a complete solar system install on my RV but this new one is a far better/bigger system, so I will be keeping parts of my and parts of the new one. I will have a left over Inverter/Charger and 2 Solar Chargers, at least one Solar Panel and other assorted parts.

Pictures: White Crown Sparrow and Sand Hill Cranes in the distance.



Bust of Energy: Well I decide to go ahead and remove the last of my friends solar system after all. Now it will be a matter of what to do with what.

Night Folks


Tire Hanger

Tire Hanger: Today my friend and I put a spare tire hanger under my RV. My spare has always been mounted on the bumper of the RV but I plan to put the Generator back there so we move the tire to the hanger under the RV. My friend Barry is very good at mechanical things and to tell the truth he did most of the work but still I am beat!

Pictures: Sand Hill Crane and Coppers Hawk.



Night Folks


Weather: Well I must be in the summer plan now. I know that some folks out there are still having some very cool weather but here in Truth or Consequences, NM it is hitting 90 today, pretty dang hot being in RV(and not hook to electric). I would be gone from here if not for appointments with the VA Doc, I got to stick it out till at least the end of the month. From looking at the Weather app on my phone it looks like we are in for a hot week and then back down a bit temperature wise, I’ll be looking forward to the back down a bit part.

Wiring: Yesterday Barry and I wired up a couple of 3-way Switches for his RV water pump. It had only one switch in the Kitchen area and we add a second one to the bathroom and make them 3-way so he can turn the water pump on or off from either switch. We could not find any SPDT DC Switches anywhere in this little town so we used 120 AC 3-way switches. I know that is not the best practice but the pump is less than 10 amp(12 Volt) so I think it will not be a problem.

Weekend: The State Parks always picks up a little more activity during the weekends but where we are park, it is not much, just a few folks out for a little weekend fishing. Don’t ask me about what kind or how many they are catching because I do all my fishing at Long John Silvers! However … just watching a bit, I see some of the folks pulling a few in here and there.

Night Folks

No Pictures

Hi everyone, I’m going to be lazy today and not post a picture or pictures. My water pump on the RV went out over the weekend and I had to take a trip back to Flagstaff to get a new one and come back and replace the old one, so it was a long day. I had some problems with the old pump last year so it finally give up the ghost.

I always eat bad when I go into the city and I didn’t exercise any today so that is a double hit 😦 I’ll have to do good tomorrow πŸ™‚

Night folks

Busy as a bee

Working on the RV today, trying to get the new cabinets done.  So no pictures today 😦   Hopefully I’ll be back to playing in a couple more days! 

Not much on here today but I’m going to hit the past button anyways, I promise to do better tomorrow.

Oh, there is a big Windows 10 update coming (they are calling it the fall update) let us hope it don’t break too many things.

Night folks

Old stuff

Pictures: Here is a couple old shots that I have stored on Photo bucket.

Ky photo WEEDICFK2.jpg

Ky photo ICFK.jpg

Busy: Working around the RV, adding some cabinets in the slide, so I have not been able to go out and play much 😦

Night folks

Forest, a rock one

Pictures: These from the Petrify Forest, which we stopped at on the way over from NM last fall.
Petrify Log, sticking out of every day rocks? πŸ™‚
Petrifly Log 20d_1401

This is a view from along the road that runs through the Petrify Forest.
Petrify forest 20d_1398

Exercise: My walk today …. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.42mi, time: 45:43, pace: 18:56min/mi, speed: 3.17mi/h.

Furnace: Today I replaced the motor in my RV furnace, which I have been needing to do for a long time. I always try to stay in warm places so when I need a little heat the Wave 8 Catalytic Heater is always plenty of heat but ….. I may go early to my summer Volunteer job and if I do I will need lots of heat! We’ll see if I go early or not, thinking on it πŸ™‚

Night folks

The only one

Weather: It is beautiful for now but the next couple of weeks could be the start of the cold. Over all, Sept is not too bad for weather in this area but Oct could really start to get cold I would think. Looking at the monthly averages it sure looks that way. Here is the monthlyΒ  averages forΒ 

September and October, Brrr on October!

Exercise: I am debating that …… o_O

RV repair: I had to replace my fresh water fill receptacle, so I tender that duty today.

The old one.

The new one.


New one_1188

Camp Ground: I am the only one here, all the other sites are empty. Nice πŸ™‚ I do enjoy the peace and quick however I think I would like at least one more RV here for the times when I leave, but for now I have no where to go.

Update 6pm; Another RV did show up, so there is two of us here now.

Night folks

Road trip

Batteries: Tomorrow I am off to Albuquerque for some new batteries for the RV. 4 new T-105 Trojan Batteries. The man on the phone says $125.00 each which is a good price for the T-105s.

Busy: Today I have been busy around the park doing this and that, and this afternoon I pull the old batteries out of the RV and loaded them on the truck to trade in on the new ones tomorrow. I borrowed a old battery (no Good, but should be good for a place holder) from a friend and put in for the night and tomorrow till I get back with the new batteries. I did a good bit of cleaning on the battery box and the cables, all a mess from the old batteries spewing.

Pictures: All from times long ago.
 photo IMG_4846.jpg

 photo DeerGB.jpg

 photo Flower2.jpg

Night folks

Chores …… again

Chores: The thing about chores is, they are never really done are they? I guess that is what makes them chores. At any rate, I did a few this morning, like laundry and shopping.

Slower day: Today will be a bit slower than the weekend and give me time to catch my breath. Always something to do around a camp ground but things are not as pressing when the camp ground is not super busy, like on this pass holiday weekend.

I did get a couple things done around the camp ground today but over all I’m taking it easy today.

RV: My kitchen sink stopped draining and I had to pull it apart to see what was going on. You would think that the trap would be stop-up but that was not the case, the design of the drainage system dose not have enough slop on it and my pipe was stopped-up before it even got to the trap. Lucky for me, it pulled apart easy, and at any rate I got it cleared out and it is working fine now.
The plumbing in these RVs are dirt simple and you would think that the design would not be hard but I guess in the interest of time and money shortcuts was in order when mine was built o_O

Night folks