A day of relaxing

Today I called Verizon to disconnect my air-card and they won’t let me disconnect till the end of my billing cycle! Why you ask? Because they don’t want to give me my money back for the rest of the month, LOL. This is the very reason I am leaving Verizon, with most of my connections. I will only be using the Home Phone Connect with them for here on, for my data needs I will be using only Millenicom for data, which is working great by the way.

Exercise; This morning I walked around the lake again and this time I did my Google tracks app on the phone. To get this all to work I had to carry both my Phone and MiFi device, but that does work.

Here is the info from my phone, as send by the phone and Google Tracks, click the link below to see the tracks.
I think you might be interested in this track:


Created by Google My Tracks on Android.

Name: Prewitt, NM 87045
Activity type: – Walk
Description: – A Walk around Blue Water Lake
Total distance: 8.51 km (5.3 mi)
Total time: 2:23:15
Moving time: 2:13:40
Average speed: 3.56 km/h (2.2 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 3.82 km/h (2.4 mi/h)
Max speed: 12.24 km/h (7.6 mi/h)
Average pace: 16.84 min/km (27.1 min/mi)
Average moving pace: 15.71 min/km (25.3 min/mi)
Fastest pace: 4.90 min/km (7.9 min/mi)
Max elevation: 2282 m (7486 ft)
Min elevation: 2216 m (7270 ft)
Elevation gain: 287 m (941 ft)
Max grade: 0 %
Min grade: 0 %
Recorded: 6/6/2013 7:48am

The above part of this post, posted from my Thunderbolt phone with the WordPress for Android app.

The first 2/3 of the walk was by myself with a little faster pace and the last 1/3 was at a slower pace after meeting up with my friends, a good walk.

I have a possible day for leaving Blue Water Lake now, and it is a day or two earlier than my two weeks time limit. I have a friend coming west out of Tenn and will maybe meet him at a place where we all will need to turn north anyways. No need for him to come out of his way if we all are just going back that way. So what this all means is that I may be leaving about Sunday or Monday. We’ll see as the time gets closer.

Wow, another day has flown by me, gone in a flash! Later.

Great Walking

There are some good trails to walk on around here and I have enjoyed them too. I walk with my friends some and then I go out for a walk later with just me for some adventure :0  ! I had a great walk this morning and I might add to that later today.

I am enjoying my stay here at Blue Water a great deal, it really helps that I have friends around. The problem with having friends around is, that we do things together and it makes the time just fly by, a nice problem to have …………. I think  😉

I have pull the trigger on the new Air-Card. I order the Millenicom MiFi device (it is the Verizon Jetpack 4620LE) and it has been shipped so I should be getting it mid week or so of next week. After getting it set up and dropping Verizon’s Air-Card, I will only have the Home Connect Phone with Verizon and that will only cost me about $20.00 a month. The MiFi device from Millenicom will run on the Verizon network (Millenicom is a reseller of Verizon Data) and it will cost me $70.00 a month. So with everything, it will cost about $90.00 a month and that is down $40.00 from what I was paying.

Phone ……………  here is what I am doing about a cell phone. I still have my old Thunderbolt and it will still do data on WiFi. OK, as long as I have WiFi (mine or others connections) I can do all the data stuff. I have added Google Voice and Talkatone app and I can make and receive calls from my Thunderbolt! No, it is not as good as a pure cell set up and has to have a data connection ………….. but hey man, the stuff is free!  If I just got to talk with someone and I have to be away from my RV, they will be given my Google Number and I will carry the old Thunderbolt and my new MiFi Jet-pack, and that will allow me to chat, for now. If I come to a point where I feel like I need a cell phone I will get something cheap and just buy minutes. When I was doing all my cell phone needs like that, before the smart phone, it only cost me about $10.00 a month and I talked all I wanted. I am not a big talker and when I want to have a big long-winded conversation in the future I will just wait till I am home in the RV and talk on my new unlimited Home Phone Connect. Maybe this is a long road to save just $40.00 a month but I can use it just now. I will miss my smart phone but I’ll get over it 😯 !

My friends and I plan a trip into the city (Grants) tomorrow and that will give us something to do for a day. Time for everyone to do a little shopping.

Have a good night folks.

No more Smart-Phone

Today I dropped my Smart-phone plan 😦   ………. It has just gotten too costly, I love the Smart phone but the bill for it has really been bugging me, so ………… enough, I am done with it. I went to Verizon and picked up the Home Phone Connect Device had my number ported to it and now, I pay $20.00 a month for unlimited calling nation wide VS the Smartphone was costing me $75.00 plus per month. Of course, I lost my unlimited data on the Smart Phone and I no longer have a phone in my pocket any more but I do have about $55.00 more a month to do other things with. Maybe at some point I will add some type of cell phone to my life but I am thinking it may not be a Smart-Phone. If it is a Smart-Phone it will be one of the no contract type with a very low monthly fee. A flip phone may be just fine with buying minutes as I go. For now I don’t need to carry one around with me.

Next will be the Air-Card. I am looking at going higher on that end of things. I pay Verizon $50.00 a month now for 5 gigs, and I am thinking of going with Millenicom’s 20 gigs plan for $70.00 a month. So between the phone and internet it will come to about $90.00 a month VS the $130.00 Verizon is wanting each month. I will still have plenty of data and unlimited calling (only have 450 minutes now) for about $40.00 less each month. I will not have a phone or data in my pocket no more, and I will miss that but I will enjoy having $40.00 more a month to do other things with. The Home Phone Connect will be on a 2 year contract but the Millenicom plan will not be.

I just talked to Millenicom and I will be ordering the Device and plan from them tomorrow, I got to get a shipping address for here.

I have been slack on exercise today. Tomorrow I will do better …………. I will!

OK, I have used up all my day (running around checking things out) so I am off to relax. Later.

I got 4G

Yea, I got 4 G on my Verizon air-card this morning! Both the air-card and the phone are running at 4G speeds today and just in time for a big Windows update, good deal. 4G speeds make things happen so much faster. I knew it was coming to Yuma but I was not sure if it would be here in Wellton too, I am so glad it is.
Not the best but better than 3G, I’ll take it.


Knees/exercise; the knees ain’t to bad today, at least not as bad as I was expecting. I did take a very short walk today just to do a little something. That will be all the exercise for today but I will likely add some stretching later on.

The weather today is going to be great but it was a little cool this morning. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer and so is tonight compared to last night, both good things.

Mail; I was surprised to find out that my mail had not come today. The post office said that Valentines day slows things down some, I sure didn’t think Valentines cards where still a big thing. Must be an age thing 😉   us grouchy old guys don’t get many Valentines cards!

Solar panel; I may pick up another one tomorrow. Found some used ones that someone has for sale.

Enough for today, Later.

Heat wave?

Wow it is almost 50 ° and it is only 11am. I like it, and tomorrow should be even better. The weather man says it will make 62 today so maybe I will get to ride the bike for exercise. I will give it another 2 hours to see where the temperature and wind is, and then decide.

Computer/updating/bandwidth; I updated LibreOffice on the laptop yesterday and it was a big one, little over 200 mbs. Updates uses a big part of your bandwidth when you only have mobile bandwidth type provider, in my case Verizon air-card. I get 5 gigs on the card. I do have the smart-phone from Verizon too and that is where I try to keep my video type downloads. I use more on the phone than the air-card, on the phone I use near 10 gigs a month.  I will be switching to someone else when my contract is up this spring. The air-card will go first and in its place I will probably get the Millenicom 20 gig plan(which rides on the Verizon backbone ) it will cost me $20.00 more a month but I get 15 more gigs, a good deal you ask me. The Verizon smart phone is just too costly and I will drop it at some point, and look for something cheaper. I know I won’t have the unlimited data on it no more but with the 20 gig from Millenicom I can do what video I do on the laptop. Maybe for a smart phone, I will look at T-Mobile if they go ahead with plans to drop their subsidized phone contracts and go with cheaper monthly plans (this is rumored to be happening).  Best part of Millenicom is they have no contracts. Not sure how the new plans on T-mobile will work just yet.

Just got done with my stretching, after a 10 mile bike ride. I enjoyed being back on the bike after all the cold weather keeping me from riding. I feel like I have satisfied my need to move, for today. My knees fuss some during the ride, but not to bad after the ride, so hopefully they won’t get to hurting much, later on this evening.

On my second glass of tea for the day, and it sure taste good 🙂  . It is of no matter, next week I will be cutting back to one glass a day. Once off the tea I will give it a month to see if my weight moves any at all, if not I might  allow myself to go back to a couple of glasses a day. I know that I will miss my tea 😦 . First I must break the habit before I can allow myself to start it again, LOL!

It sure has been a fine day, weather wise. Tomorrow promises to be even better. I think I will get out and enjoy some of this fine weather.

Later folks.

Clean install

The Windows 8 upgrade will make whatever you upgrade from no longer able to be activated by Windows. For example; if you upgrade from Windows 7 that copy of Windows 7 is no longer able to be activated by Microsoft, making it useless. Sooooo …………. I don’t think I will do that just yet. I will use an old copy of Windows XP that I have to activate Windows 8 upgrade making the XP copy no longer useful but I will still have Working copy of Windows 7 if I need it.  To do this I will need to do a clean install ( not bring any of my programs or setting with me to the new Windows 8). I will do this, it will give me a very clean running machine and it will not be that hard to get everything back together, beside it will be fun. It will also give me a chance to get rig of a lot of stuff that is lying around that I don’t need anymore. I have a ton of software on my Windows 7 machine that is never used any more. Some will be hard to replace but I will get there.

My biggest problem with this upgrade will be to find a place where I can download this huge file or buy/get a copy of the upgrade on a disk. I have only 5 gig a month on the air-card so I am limit somewhat by that.  I think this upgrade will be around 3 gig (the preview was) so that is about all my bandwidth. By the way, a big thanks to my friend Bill in Las Cruces for downloading the Windows 8 preview for me.

I have decided to install Windows 8 on  a new hard drive (1TB), that should last me the life of this old computer.The hard dive is Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA III 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache Internal. Lots of space.

I have played with Windows 8 for a few days now and I have decided that once you get under the hood it is a good piece of software. It is a bit hard to get going with it, but once on the road it rides very nice! I think the thing that will make it shine is the tablets and phones that come with Windows 8. I will probably never get a Windows phone but the tablet will one day, make it into my hands, maybe not soon but one day. I think the Pro tablet will be tops, because they will run all windows software. I wonder if Apple will come out with a tablet that runs the full version of Apples OS, at this point I kind of bet they will.

Updates for the Smart-Phone

My Thunderbolt will be getting an update soon to Ice Cream Sandwich ( ICS). The leaked update is already out so that means the over the air (OTA) will be out soon. I have my phone rooted (hacked) so it is always a bit scary to update because I could crash and burn at any time. Hopefully I can get it done without too much work. I will guess it will happen by the end of the month. I have read on it all morning.

Birds; Here is my bird of the week. One thing I have not done of late is get out and take any pictures, too hot for my taste. Maybe in 2 or 3 weeks things will cool off.

Wearing Walmart out

LOL, I have been to Walmart everyday since I have been back to Deming. I like being able to run into the little city of Deming to get the smallest of things. I don’t have the big beautiful outdoors no more and I miss that but I enjoy the convenience  too of the small city too. You know I am starting to find goods things about anywhere I go, and that is a good thing too!  🙂  It is good to like where you are …….. no mater where that is.

Oh one other good thing is that my phone is working all the time now, it was really hard to use on the mountain, just could not get good service.

Today I had to have coolant added to the AC on my truck and that cost me $65.00 so …… ouch. I think the last time I did this was about 5 years ago and the cost was around $25.00.  The cost of living is just getting ridiculous, while my income is staying the same. Hey, ain’t there some of you rich republics( Barry) out there want to use my donate button LOL! You know I sound like Bush when I talk …………. ROTFL ! Someone told me that I sounded like Bush when I talked the other day when my friend and I where out and about the other day and now he is having fun with it!

Exercise; ……… I have not done any today and it is now 2:30 and very hot outside(near 100°), don’t know if I will be getting to it or not. We’ll see …………….

I have update my Bird of the week, Yellow – rumped Warbler.

3G to start

Looks like I have my 3G speed back for the internet today, hope that holds all day.  Things where very slow yesterday with only 2G speed. 3G is by no means fast but I can live with it fine and of course I love it when I am in a 4G area. I no sooner said this and I got disconnected, LOL. Well it still appears to be doing better than yesterday anyway.

Weather; Ha the long-awaited and needed rain is here. It has set in pretty good today with a nice steady rain. I could do without the rain but I know that the area like most of the US could use all the rain it can get so I guess it is a good thing, even if I can’t get out and play, LOL. UP Date; it is now 6:30 and gthe rain has been stopped for a while but now the temperature is kind of cool.

Well on the Android front there is one thing I have decided I don’t like about the smartphones/devices and that is that the carriers and the device manufactures don’t care to update their device or have anything much to do with them after they have you hook on the contact. That is OK Mr carriers, it won’t happen again. LOL. I think I have found a work-a-round to about all my wireless needs, when I get out of this contact with Verizon.

It is coming up on 7pm and I hear the howling of Coyotes, I often hear them howling and I like the sound. If you have never heard Coyotes Howl you should Google it. When they first make a pack, usually early in the evening they often howl together and it is a neat sounds to hear. Fun things you hear out west. Up here on the mountain I hear some sounds in the early evening I am not sure what makes them, but I like hearing them. If someone finds me all chewed up one day, here on the mountain, you can ask “I wonder if he knows what makes that sound now?!”  LOL.

Today I have taken the day off from exercise but I will have to get back with the program tomorrow. I guess a day off now and then won’t hurt much. The cool rainy weather gets me out of the mood to do much of anything. The old bone just don’t like the cooler weather.

Night folks.

Enjoying my last day off

Man I have enjoyed my four days off. It was great to just hang out and do much of nothing.

Exercise; this morning I did about 12 miles on the bike just riding around the city, so the exercise is in the can.

I am thinking about going out to eat this afternoon. Maybe Golden Corral …….??   😕  Sure sounds good. It is coming up on two pm so it is a good time to go, at 2pm old dudes like me can get all you want and have a drink for about $7.00 …….. ends up being a bit more because I tip. Yes, It will be happening because it is already 1:30 and the low prices start at 2pm so it is going to be a done deal.

4pm: Update, the Golden Corral was very good and I did not do to bad today. At least when I came out I did not feel completely stuff like I usually do.

Weight; I hit a new low number today 116 lbs …….. it will likely jump around for a few days  but I am at least starting to see numbers I like and they are headed down 🙂 . All good.

A few months ago I talked about replacing my paper checkbook with my tablet and my smart phone after a good run of tests to see if I like it or not. Well the test is over and I do like the electronic check book better , I keep two of them so I have a backup and I have kept the paper checkbook up but I am about to drop the paper and only use the two electronic ones. Of course I have online banking so that is the top rank checkbook but again, electronic. Can I make the leap and do away with paper? I think I can, no more paper!