Pinyon Jay

Pictures: I had a batch of Pinyon Jays come by the other day and snapped a few shots and did not notice the my flash was not firing (dead Batteries) so I had no fill light to fight the harsh sunlight. So … the post processing was a bit of a challenge for me.



Social: I am going to turn off my likes for now …. I will keep my comments open. I will still be visiting, liking and commenting on other folks blogs.

Post of Yesterday: I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, I spend the day in the city getting work done on the truck. Still needs more work done … that dang truck is going to put me in the poor house!!!!

Exercise: I walked 2.8 miles today.

Night Folks


Western Scrub Jay

Pictures: A couple of shots of a young Western Scrub Jay Chick.



Exercise: I walked 1.24 miles this morning. Afternoon…. added another mile, so about 2.25 total for the day.

Friends: My Friend Dale came and stay two weeks here in Blue Water Lake State Park and I enjoyed visiting with him but today he hit the road, so good travels Dale!

Night Folks

Sparrow and Quail

Pictures: Chipping Sparrow and a Gambel’s Quail.

Clicking these images will get you to a bigger picture.


Weather : It is very hot on some of the days now( Well, maybe I should say it is very hot to me in the RV), reaching up near 90. I am in high hopes that I can get all my VA(medical) stuff done soon! After I get done with the VA I can be on my way to cooler places. Still have no ideal where that might be …. but likely it will be north.

This Area and State Parks: I have enjoyed my stay in this area and it has been handy for me to get to the VA. There are 3 State Parks in a 20 mile radius, Caballo Lake, Percha Dam and Elephant Butte State parks, all of which you can switch between when you like.

I bought the annual State Park pass ( $100.00 for senior residents, $225.00 for most others) and with that I can stay in any NM State park free(no hookups) for two weeks at a time. Note: there are over 30 parks. If you want to hook up to Electric/water it cost you a whole $4.00 a day 🙂 Ain’t that great! Once you stay your two weeks you can leave for 6 days and come back and stay another two-week if you want and some folks spend the summer doing that. In this area there are three State Parks and you can rotate between them if you want to and that is what I have done. I have only stayed at two of them. I will likely spend the summer running around the State Parks, but I will go north when I can, to cooler places.

Friends: Well my friend Bruce will hit the road tomorrow headed east, good travels to you Bruce and be careful out on the big road!

So, I guess I will have some solo time. That is okay, I like friends and I like alone time too 🙂

Night Folks

So many broke links

Pictures: Yesterday while looking back in my blog at post from last year I seen some with broken links due to Photobucket’s changes and greed. They put this big ugly sticker where you images use to be so I thought that I would re-post my images and make theirs look a little better.
Here is a link to that post from last year.

They take your image out and put this in.

Here is my version of their image 🙂

What do you think? I think this image fits their image much better 🙂 $400.00 a year to hotlink *%#*&#%^ !!!!!!

Here are the images I replaced.

Orange Sulphur.

Ranting : Okay I feel better now 🙂 🙂 🙂

Weather: In comparison of most of the winter here, today is kind of cool, windy and dusty. A good day to stay in and chill …. and maybe do a little ranting!

Night Folks

And here we Go!

GO!: And just like that the new year is off and running! So …….. will it be more of the same or are new things in store? Well for me it is just like when I travel we’ll see as we go.

Photos: I’m still not in the mood to post any shots just yet, I’m sure it will not be long 🙂

New Year Resolution: I don’t much like doing them … I kind of feel like starting something new for me works just as well in June, Aug or any other time as well as New Years does. However there is one small thing that I would like to do. To type without looking at the dang Keyboard!! I can do it but I seem to have to make myself not look and I do far better if I don’t think about it. Catch 22 is that if I am not thinking about it I will start looking at the Keyboard! &%$#!!! Maybe I will make that a resolution! Not look and not think about!!!

Exercise: I will keep up my exercise even if it hurts. I am in my off days just now (Monday and Tuesday) and will be back at it tomorrow. 5 days a week is my gold.

Extensions: I think I talked a little about extension yesterday but I want to say a little more today about the new one (for me) Multi-Account Containers. I just love this one! If you use Firefox and extension you should try this one. I sometimes like to make setting to multi accounts, such as, my two google accounts. This extension lets me do that in the same window with different tabs open but isolate from each other. Also cuts way back on the tracking from Web sites too, because all they see is what is open in the container tab that you have their site open in and not all your other tabs. Works beautifully!

Social: I have not been keeping up with all my web friends of late but I will make an effect to catch up a bit soon 🙂

Night Folks

Is it Over?

Holidays: Holidays, are they done for a while? Oh good!!! Sometimes there is way to much of a good thing 🙂

Blogging: I am starting back blogging today but it might be a bit before I get on track with photos and such. I will at least say Hello and Night Folks each day 🙂 Hey, that is the best I can do for now, LOL.

Texting: Over the last year I have just started to do a little texting … why you ask? Well, seems like over the last year I have run into people who want to do it. Most of the folks I know are older like myself and didn’t want to text, but that seems to be changing a little. What made me think of this is that I just got a text form an old friend that I know just hates anything Smartphone, so if he is willing to texts than it must be catching on with us old folk! Right Barry? LOL.

Firefox: I have always use private browser mode in Firefox but I have learned about an extension Mult-Account Containers that I like even better than private tabs. The extension seems to isolate tabs better when putting tabs in their own container. One of the best things about this is that I can log into both my google accounts and both my Flickr accounts all at the same time and they can’t see each other on Firefox. Helpful when you want to make different setting to like accounts 🙂

Internet: Over the last few months I have had lots of problems with Verizon internet service, I think maybe they have overloaded they network since they have push so hard with they new unlimited plan. Like most big businesses they like to get the customers but hate to do the services, (money for as little effect as possible).

Exercise: I have kept up with my exercise, doing five days a week and taking two off, but I have put on a good amount of weight over the last year and it is making it hard. I’ll keep pushing!

Friends: I have 3 folks in the area that I know from last year. Good to have folks around that you know.

Night Folks


Now and then I go through my folders on the computer and move all the pictures to the backup drive and I did that yesterday so I have no photos for today! I am going to be lazy and not take any new ones either 🙂

Exercise: Jeanne, Dale and I walked 5 miles this morning, a good walk for sure!

Friends: My friend Jeanne and I have been in about the same areas all summer (around Flagstaff) and have enjoyed many good morning walks together. Tomorrow Jeanne will move on to other places and I will miss our morning walks. Jeanne my friend, good travels to you, I’ll see you down the road 🙂

Barry, one of my oldest RV friends is back in the area and he is the one that likes to go a lot so he will likely keep me busy running the roads for a while 🙂

I have a couple of other friends here too, Nancy and Dale who will be leaving soon too but it is likely that we all will run into each other down the road somewhere.

RVing is a different kind of life where you have friends come and go a lot. That is one of them things that happens a good bit when everyone’s house is on wheels!

Over the pass 10 years I have met a lot of folks, a few of them have become very good friends. There is lots of other folks that I met that are friendly acquaintances and that I see from time to time as I travel. It is great when you run into a friend to spend a little time with and it is always fun to see folks that you have met before.

If the next few years turn out like the first 10, …… I will be a very happy person for a few more years 🙂

Night Folks

Wren and Bluebird

Pictures: Here is a Rock Wren and a Western Bluebird.

I looked out my window one day and seen this Wren playing around under the hood of my truck.



Exercise: I waked 3 miles this morning.

Friend: My friend Barry hit the road today after hanging out for about a month. My friend Barry is the one that likes to go all the time and went somewhere everyday and I would go with him. Now I will go back to going to the city once a week, I’ll have “going withdraws“, LOL! I met Barry early on in my RVing and he was one of my first RV friends from near 10 years ago.

Good Travels Barry!!!

Night Folks

More Juncos

Pictures: Here are a couple more shots of the Dark-eyed Junco (Red-back).

All the seed, makes a happy bird 🙂


Exercise: I rode the bike for 5 miles only.

Forgive Me: I am not getting around to other folks blog just now due to low-bandwidth but I will roll over data on the 25th so the 26th I’ll be able to see what you all have been up too 🙂 I am feeling deprived 😦

Theme: I am still playing with the setting a bit, I am looking for plain, simple and efficient. I am finding one thing that I can’t seem to work around and that is the default font in the theme (The body text font), I don’t like it. Is it silly looking or is it just me???? This is the Big Brother Theme.

Exercise: Only got in 5 miles on the bike.

Night Folks