Broad-Tailed Hummer

Pictures: Broad-Tailed Hummer.



Travel: I am on the move to somewhere 🙂

Bills: The 1st of the month is the day I get online and give all my money to the banks, Verizon and such. The best thing about the internet, it lets you do lots of chores for the computer 🙂

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Broad-tailed Hummer

Pictures: Couple shots of a Broad-tailed Hummer. I debated a good bit about this bird being a Broad-tailed vs Black-chinned Hummer …. if any of you birding folks would like to weight in please do so!

If you like you can click the images a couple of times for the bigger pictures.
Broad-Tailed Hummer-11_7d1__170716

Broad-tailed Hummer-7_7d1__170716

Moved: I have moved about a 100 miles or so to one of NM State Parks, nice park with a lake. I’ll likely be here for two weeks. The pictures above are from Pie Town but I put out my humming feeder in the new place and had Hummers within 5 minutes 🙂

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Got moved

Pictures: Here is a couple of shots of a Pinyon Jay, but I couldn’t get a good background and not very close either. I ran the ISO up some so Noise Reduction was used and I loss a little detail in the doings.

Pinyon Jay 2-7D2-210616

Pinyon Jay 3-7D2-210616

Changes: Pie Town is a very isolated little spot along highway 60 with a little camping area that has let camper stay for as long as they like over the years and many folks have spent their summer here. There is a sign now that says limit three nights stay. Is it enforced? Well I’m not sure if it is or not. I don’t much like going against posted sign at any rate.
Want to read more about Pie Town, (click if you do)?

Note: I would like to also note that not far east of Pie Town is the Very_Large_Array and this is where they watch for the little green guys 🙂 Just kidding …… Maybe!

Weather: It is hot here (about 90) but I can do that for a few days and it is not too bad with the door and windows all open.

Night folks

Slowing down

Pictures: This is a nice RV park and I can stay here for a really good rate but I sure like the freedom of boon-docking, space and such. I have great neighbors here with a lady on each side of me and they both work here in the park and you never hear any thing out of either of them but I do like my space and look forward to peace and quiet from the busy roads that are next to the park and maybe it’ll be nice to have some big trees around too.
The one place I am looking at is hitting the 90s for temperature just now and will be hot without hookups but hopefully in a week or so it will get better and if not I got wheels, so we’ll see. The good part is that at night it cools to at least 60 or below.

Ready: I am ready to roll, to where? Well … I have somewhere in mind but I may or may not end up there, we’ll see. I spent the day stocking up on food and stuff so if I end up way out in the boondocks I’ll be set for a spell and if not, well I will not have to do any shopping for a bit 🙂

Hooked-up and ready to go.
Connected 20-6-16 7D1_3819

My Friend: My friend will be headed north somewhere. I will miss having someone around to chat/fuss with about things. If I had plenty of money I’d go north too, but seeing as I don’t I am going to slow down for now.

Night folks


Pictures: This morning it was very wet and muddy when I got up and the weatherman said more was coming so I decide I best try to get out of the area I was in. I sling a little mud around but I got out Okay. It rain a good bit while I was traveling today so most of the mud got wash off. Of course they is still plenty of road dirt on things if you know what I mean ….. but better than the mud I had on this morning. I am now near Kingman, AZ. Here is some shots looking out my windows.

Kingman 2_20d_171015

Kingman 1_20d_171015

Travel: Always leaves me a little tired even when it is not far that I travel.

Night folks

New Location

Travel: Travel leaves no time to blog , but … I’m at my new home for the summer! With a few stops in Quartzsite to pick up some last minute things, I pretty much drove all day yesterday, spend the night in Gallup, NM and then on into Grant this morning.

Location: My new location (Joe Skeen Camp Ground).

Pictures: I’ll post pictures tomorrow. Still have a few things to do for now.

Night folks


Moved: I have moved to a new spot and probably the one I will stay at for most of the winter, I am back at the Tom Wells Exit about 10 miles west of Quartzsite. Tom Wells Exit. There, got all my location links updated.
I took my time today and didn’t even leave the Lake Havasu City area till after 10:30 and I just took my time getting here and enjoying the drive.

Windows Update: Today I had about 150mb of data to download to the laptop. One day I will have to do the desktop but I can wait because I won’t be using it all winter.

Pictures: A couple of House Finches.
House Finch photo MRFinch.jpg
House Finch photo LadyFinch.jpg

Night folks.

Lake Havasu

Pictures: I wanted to post a couple of shots this morning while I had time. This is an area they call the painted desert.
Painted Desert 20_1359

Logs laying around_415

Log2 20_1424

New Location: We took a pretty good ride today and made it to the BLM land just north of Lake Havasu, AZ. North of Lake Havasu, AZ

Exercise: I took me a walk after getting settle into my new location, about two miles. My Walk.

Weather : It is looking good here and the forecast is looking good too ❗ I love AZ in the winter 🙂

Night Folks

Ready set, gone

Wind and Cold: Getting up this morning I find the wind blowing and the cold reaching with its cold fingers. What a fine day to leave Grants 🙂 The only bad thing is driving in the wind. However if I want to get to the warm weather I will have to drive far …. at least to somewhere on highway 95 in AZ and I am not sure I want to go that far that fast. Maybe I’ll put up with a little cold for a day or two. We’ll see, when I talk with Barry this morning (who is in a RV park with his RV) we’ll make a plan …. of somewhat …. neither of us are big planner so no telling what we’ll do.

Note; My favorite weather app has become Bing Weather for the computer.

Them little Walmarts: This morning I got up about 6am and after cleaning up a bit I headed for Walmart door just to find it don’t open till 7am. I am not used to that. There are not many non-super Walmarts left that don’t stay open all night any more.

New Location: Petrified Forest gift shop. We came off I-40 and headed south on Petrified Forest Rd though the Petrified National Park and stop at all the major stopping places and we are now just outside the National Park at the private owned gift shops, south of the National Forest. There is a free place to park your RV for 3 or 4 days at the gift shop and it is surrounded by petrified tree parts, there is one just outside my door, no more than 10 feet away. Big pieces too.

Most likely we’ll just stay one night here, and then ….

Pictures: Bird of the week and story 🙂 My friend Barry was feeding this begging Raven pair in one of the stopping areas of the Petrified Forest and I was taken pictures when he said “hey if you birds act right you can be Bird of the Week” so … here are the Ravens that my friend Barry was feeding. The new birds of the week 😉
Raven pair_1382

So you will have an ideal of the size of some of the stuff we are seeing, here Barry is setting on a Petrified Log that is at least 50 feet long I would guess, and maybe 3 feet in diameter. That is a big Petrified tree ❗

Big Petrified log_1420

More pictures later on.

Night Folks


Done: I am done and on the road …. okay I am only 15 miles or so from the Camp ground at Walmart for night while I stock up on travel goodies.

Location: Walmart in Grants, NM for tonight. Tomorrow we’ll be off to the west and hopefully better weather. I am getting out of here just in time because the weather is about to take a turn for the worst here in Grants, as in colder.

Okay, maybe tomorrow I’ll have more news.

Night folks