Black and Blue Birds

Pictures: Here is a shot of a Red-wing Blackbird and a Western Bluebird.

The Red-Wing Blackbird was a very long shot.

Bluebird resting on a DO NOT ENTER sign.

Night Folks


Four O’clocks

Pictures: Couple shots of some flowers across the road from my parking spot.



Exercise: I rode the bike for 6 miles today.

Night Folks

Thank you!

Hi everyone, thanks to everyone for all the great feedback on yesterday’s post!! In conclusion I have been convinced that this is a thing that only my reader is doing and they are showing up fine for everyone else (thank goodness)! So with that in mind I am not going to worry with it any. It has to be some setting in my reader and if I figure it out I will let everyone know.
Pictures: Today I have more fuzzy friends!


City: I took a ride back to the city today (about 65 miles one way) and pick up some food items and now I am ready for my next stop. If things look okay it will be another way out-of-the-way stop 🙂
Exercise: I will be off for today and tomorrow and then back at it for another five days hopefully.

Night Folks


Pictures: I think this is a tree, I don’t know what kind.




Weather: I have looked at the long-range forecast and it don’t look bad for the first part of May in this area, maybe I hang out a bit. We’ll see.

By the way, the weather is a good bit better today, still cool like but the wind is near gone and the sun is out 🙂

Weekend: The weekends in the State parks always gets a little busier than the weekdays and it is so this weekend. Friday not so many with the wind and all but today(Sat) is better and we have picked up a few people. Tomorrow forecast’s is beautiful.

I say “Night Folks” early today so I won’t forget!

Night Folks

Still Windy

Note: I wrote this on the 13th and posted on the 14th …. I forgot to say “Night Folks”!!!

Pictures: With the wind and dust the Caballo Lake looks a bit muddy, has lots of little white caps and mini waves.



Still Windy: Well the temperatures has drop a good bit and the wind is still around so not a good day to be out (same as yesterday) but the wind is not scary hard(like yesterday) but today it is enough to be uncomfortable with the cooler temperature. Well as I am writing this it seem to be picking up a bit 😦 I think it should be ending by tonight, hopefully!

Dust: With all the wind the dust is being a pest to say the least. RVs are not all that tightly sealed and they kind of stay dusty inside in these conditions. Then there is breathing ……. I feel like I have a little person in my throat running around with a dust blower! It is not only me, it really bugs a lot of folks with coughing, sneezing, allergies and the like.

Night Folks

Lunch in Hatch

Chile and lots of them in Hatch, NM.

Lunch at Sparky’s: My Friend Bruce treated me to a great lunch at Sparky’s in Hatch, NM. Sparky’s is a poplar little place in the small town of Hatch, NM and lots of folks just love the place. Had a great meal of ribs and pulled pork. If you have not heard of Hatch, NM you may want to look it up on google …. It is known for being the “Chile Capital of The World”.

I was going to take my camera alone and then forgot it 😦

Windy: I would get out and take a few pictures but the wind is crazy today with gust as high as 55 mph! Don’t want to get blown over so I’ll stay in 🙂

Night Folks