Violets are Blue

Pictures: I took this shot in 06, of this Violet.


Night Folks


Bryce Canyon

Pictures: A couple more from my visit to Bryce Canyon a few years back.



Printer Fun: I have always tried to keep a printer in the RV for those (once in a year times) that I need to print something. For years I kept getting Ink Jet printers till I finally figured out that out here in the west you could not leave an Ink Jet printer loaded with ink (in a RV) for a year without it drying completely out. So trying to use an Inkjet left me buying ink every-time I needed to print something and that is just too costly! So I got me a Monochrome Laser Jet printer for what little printing I do and I have been very happy with it. The only problem is that I don’t use it very often and I forget how to use the thing sometimes, LOL.

Today I wanted to print something (For Sale flyers for the Solar stuff I have left over) so when trying to print I was hearing the paper load and what sounded like the printer printing but I was not seeing no prints come out. So off to some trouble shooting we go, that led me to test printing a dozen times or so …. and in the end what I found was that the printer has a little drop down door in the back and if that is open that is where the prints comes out but with the way the printer was setting I could not see the back! So all my test printing was going out the back … needless to say by the time I figured the problem out, I had plenty of copies! 😲

Night Folks


Pictures: Just another Sunset.


Wind: It has been another windy day toady and likely many more to come. To me it seem like Deming is so windy this time of year, more so than other places, likely just me.

Night Folks

Tioga and George

Today I am posting in respect to someone I have never met but have always admired as an RV Blogger. In all the years I have RVed and even before I started and was just trying to figure out what it was all about and how to do full-time RVing, I read this man’s blog, George of the Blog Tioga and George

He has passed away and nothing can make me sadder. He is a great lost to the RVing community.

My fellow blogger George, I will miss you.

RV John


Pictures: I have not been getting out to shoot any of late so I may need to dig into the old files 🙂

Oh, here we go, did these one day when I was bored! I never could color inside the lines!



Solar: I seem to have pick the best days to get that job done as it seems we are in for a little cooler weather for the next week or so. Lucky call for me. I still have some more to do but it all can be done at my leisure.

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