Great Weather

Pictures: Couple more flowers out of the great spring we’ve been having in the southwest.



Exercise: Had a good walk this morning with my friend Jeanne, always nice to have someone to walk with. We walked a little over two miles this morning.

Add about 4 miles on the bike for my exercise today.

Weather: The weather here is cool nights for good sleeping and the days are nice and warm, prefect for hanging out 🙂

Night folks

The new Area

Pictures: Two or three of the new parking area.


The line of green trees is were the creek runs.



Exercise: I walk a little with the camera this morning, not far but I had to climb a bit.

Weather: Wow the temperature has shot up a bit, in the 80s today. Not sure just how much longer I will stay in the area, farther north is on my mind.

Night folks

Say’s Phoebe

Pictures: A flower and a Bird.


This shot taken through the window.

Exercise: I walked about 2 miles today. Seems I am walking about every other day now 😦

Data/Phone Plan: I guess this month I’ll be testing the limits of this Verizon Unlimited Plan, I am near 7 gigs and I am only about 8 days in. I am sure to go over this month in both the 10 gig data limit as hotspot/MiFi Device and the total limit of 22 gigs, if I see any slowing I’ll let you know! This is not the best place for testing as the area has very slow 4G on any plan.

Weather: It has been just fine! A little windy sometimes but that is not all the bad to me.

Night Folks

Clouds and Rain

Pictures: Here today it is very cloudy and raining so I look back a bit and here are couple shots from Parker, one sunrise and one sunset.

Sunrise over Parker, AZ.

Sunset Parker, Az. This is another from one of a favorite evenings.

Exercise: I walk only about a mile today … The rain.

Weather: Cloudy, cold and rainy, the heat wave is over!

Night folks

City Trip

Pictures: Here is a bush and a weed.

Bloom on a bush.


A weed.


City: I took a ride into Cottonwood today. I did chores, laundry, shopping, got water for the RV and did a little shopping.

Exercise: I did no exercise today but yesterday I rode the bike for about 8 miles.

Weather : It is so nice and I don’t want to think about the cooler weather that is coming but hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Night folks

Getting Warm

Pictures: Just more shots of the flowers.





City: I took a ride into little city of Parker today and did a few chores and shopping.

Exercise : Taking the day off.

Weather: The weatherman is giving 90s and that will be hot in my RV parked out here in the desert. This time of year always gets me started thinking about where I will be going next. Even with option in mind, I still like to keep it open till the very last day before going 🙂

Night folks