Busy: My first day back was busy, a lot to catch up on seeing as there has been no host for the winter. I have three main areas to clean up, the Narrows Picnic Area area with 5 or 6 improved picnic sites and two pit toilets, the Arch with two pit toilets, and the camping area with two pit toilets and ten sites. Once I get it all caught up it is not bad to keep up but the first week or so will be getting things back in order. I like having something to do.

Arch: Here is a snap shot I took last fall of the arch.
La Ventana Natural Arch_1183

Stars: There is a group of folks here tonight looking at the stars and they invited me up to look through the scopes with them and they have one that looks about 18 inches wide, so I will do that shortly. Sounds fun.
Update, yes it was fun and they told me each time, what it was that I was looking at but still I have no clue, LOL. It is neat looking at things and having someone tell you what it is you looking at. It is a beautiful night here for looking out into space.

Weather: It is coolish, but it is not feeling too bad to me, but of course during the cold nights I am up in my Warm RV 🙂 The days are fine after about 10am. Weatherman says it will hit 18° tonight, brr.

Night folks

Settling in

Pictures: Just a couple snaps of the brown winter look of Joe Skeen Campground.
Joe Skeen photo Joe Skeen 20d_1518_zpsunj5gdpu.jpg

Joe Skeen photo Joe Skeen 20d _1515_zpsde7vmlsn.jpg

Settling in: My boss told me that he would get the truck out to me today so I can start to check things out and get started. Seeing as there has been no host this winter I’m sure I will find lots to do and I am kind of looking forward to it.

Solar: It is nice to be on the big Solar array 🙂 No worries about Electric. Here is a shot from last year of the solar array, 48 panels and I am the only one on them. Mind you, I still can’t do all the Electric I might want (for example run all electric heat) but I can do about 90% of all the things I would do if plugged in.
BLM Grants Solar_1141

Weather: Yes it is chilly here but I have the heat running and I am comfortable as can be. Of course I have not had to be outside much yet. I will be using a lot of propane the first couple of months here but that is OK.

Update: Well the boss got the truck to me today and tomorrow I will have to collect my tools. Lots of work waiting for me.

Night folks

Forest, a rock one

Pictures: These from the Petrify Forest, which we stopped at on the way over from NM last fall.
Petrify Log, sticking out of every day rocks? 🙂
Petrifly Log 20d_1401

This is a view from along the road that runs through the Petrify Forest.
Petrify forest 20d_1398

Exercise: My walk today …. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.42mi, time: 45:43, pace: 18:56min/mi, speed: 3.17mi/h.

Furnace: Today I replaced the motor in my RV furnace, which I have been needing to do for a long time. I always try to stay in warm places so when I need a little heat the Wave 8 Catalytic Heater is always plenty of heat but ….. I may go early to my summer Volunteer job and if I do I will need lots of heat! We’ll see if I go early or not, thinking on it 🙂

Night folks

Morning humor about oneself

Blogs: I have started my day reading blogs of people that I follow, trying to catch up a bit. There are a bunch of good writers out in blog land, make me envious of their writing talent. About the only thing I got going for me is that I am here everyday. I think one of the thing that I have come to a conclusion about is that I should keep my post short so as to not bore my audience too long. My theory is that anybody can read a couple boring lines but a long winded post would be too much, LOL. As a reader I know that I will sometimes skip over long post and op for the shorter ones and even better, are the ones with a couple of pictures but not too many pictures …… I don’t even like post with too many pictures 😦 So, a simple person with a short attention span? Oops, that is me!?!

LOL, a couple of quotes from yours truly. ” It is okay to be who you like …. as long as you understand the one that you are” 😈 ” Small doses of dysfunction is best eaten with a large dosed of understanding” ❗

New tablet: I am blogging with my new tablet this morning and one of the things I have come to really appreciate is the Samsung onscreen keybroad. I find it to be pretty much like a Windows keybroad which makes it very familiar. As I watch the development of Android, Apple and Windows tablets they become closer in funtion with each new version. There are always going to be small differences but they are slowly starting to do the same things the same way.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.55mi, time: 56:35, pace: 22:10min/mi, speed: 2.71mi/h.

Volunreering/Hosting: Looks like I will be going to Grants the first of Apirl. If you want to hear an old dude fuss over the weather just wait till then. Apirl temperatures are not very warm 😨 Looking at the weather averages it seems the temperatures dip into the freezing range about every night, but as in a lot of the southwest even with colder nights the day temperatures come up nicely into the 60s.

Visitors: Had a great visit with one of my friends (Barbara) ☺ Link to her blog over on the right side of the blog. It always feels good to have folks come by that I know.

Pictures: Mocking Bird
Mocking Bird photo MockingBird8086.jpg

Red-breasted Nuthatcher
Nuthatcher Red-breasted photo RBN9.jpg

Night folks

Chilling a bit

Easy day: I am chilling out a bit today, well not working as hard anyways. This morning was wet and cool, I even run a little heat when I got up this morning.

Walking: I will have to be careful with my walking for a few days as it is Elk hunting season. One could get shot o_O

Weather: Looks like I could be getting my first freeze or right next to it, next week brrrr, I don’t like the cold! I knew that Oct would be chilly so I am not fussing ……. just saying …… I really am not fussing …. No no, I am not ❗

Full Campground: Ha, this is the first time I have had a full house. Good to see the place going so well.

Pictures: Back to birds. Here is a Male Cardinal.
Cardinal photo WebCar.jpg

And a Female Cardinal.
Cardinal photo CarFVA.jpg

Night folks


Yep, busy again: I stay at it pretty hard today, a good days work for an old dude. I did a lot of clearing of bushes and weed-eating today (real work) so I am beat. Mind you, this is nothing I have to do, just things I am volunteering to do.

Rain: We had a good rain yesterday and we’re having a good rain now. Late in the season for this area but we are getting a good hard rain with a good bit of lighting too. A lot like a summer thunderstorm ❗ The rain is making it feel cool in the RV, I may run some heat after a while.

Pictures: Salinas Pueblo Missions This is near Manzano Mountains State Park.

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai2.jpg

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai1.jpg

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai4-1.jpg

Exercise: The work I did today was plenty good enough to call exercise.

Night Folks

Solar Electric

Another dollar: Back to work today, well as much as you can call what I do work 🙂  I do stay busy but I don’t work all that hard. I may work pretty hard for a couple of hours each day but that is about it as far as real work goes.

Electric : I have been testing my solar bank (the BLM solar) to see just how far I could push it. Everything in my rig runs on electric, refrigerator, hot water heater, other assorted small electrical things and last night I run a small electric heater all night. It finally shut down about 7:40 this morning, which I think was pretty good for running on batteries. No one should really expect to have electric heat when running on solar 👿 but hey, it did pretty good and kept me toasty last night! Now I kind of know just how much I can push it.
The sun will have me back going in a couple of hours I think.
Update; I went away to do some things and came back about 10:30am and the electric was back on.

Pictures: Here are a couple more Petroglyph shots.


Night Folks


Busy day: Yes another busy day here in my new volunteer job. These busy days go by really fast.

I am liking my job very well because so far, they are giving me a broad path when it comes to doing my job in both the way and order that I like, makes things so much better when it is like that.

Exercise: I am not adding exercise to my days when they go long like today, I figure my work is enough. I know it’s not the same but it will have to do. I have the next couple of days off so hopefully I’ll get in either a nice long walk or bike ride.

Weather: This morning was coolest but still I was able to get by with no kind of heat and started the day with a t-shirt and shorts, however I think my warm days will soon run out.

Pictures: Here are three from Sunday’s walk.
Hey you can’t see me!!
Fits in_1295

Time piece.
Time piece_1301

Can you read the petroglyphs …. not me!
Pet 2_1302

Night folks.

Lining things up

Busy Visiting: I have been busy today trying to line up a job for next summer, lots of time talking with the ranger who seems like a great person. Anyways this will be another camp host position. The area I would be hosting has 10 sites and the host site. The host site has electric(from solar array) a waste hook up (dump), but no water, I will have to haul water from the ranger station if I get the gig, but if I get the gig there will be a truck I can use for that, meaning no fuel wasted from me driving my truck.

Pictures of the Host site: Here is where I would be spending my summer. If I get this gig I could be here for 6 months of next year April – October, so we’ll see.
BLM Grants_1138

I would still be on solar but I would be stepping up from my 4 panels to this 48 panel array. I think that I could live well off this much power 😀 The only thing I would need to worry about is if the Hosts before me have badly abuse the system and destroyed the batteries, trying to do things like run their AC all day and all night.

BLM Grants Solar_1141

The one bad point I see, is that the host site is in the lower part of the camp ground and internet or TV signal is not the best here, so maybe no TV and maybe only 3G for the internet 😦 Even in the higher part of the camp ground (where I am now) I get about 2 bars of 4G internet signal and only PBS for TV.

From everything I see, I would like to do this gig but I am sure there are others that would like to do it too, so we’ll see how things goes.

And that my friends, is what I have been up for today.

Exercise: Just a short walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.28mi, time: 45:25, pace: 19:56min/mi, speed: 3.01mi/h. Added some stretching.

Night folks

Wild Flowers

Bird: How about a Domestic Goose? I took this shot in KY.

Wild Flowers: These from around the Park here at Storrie Lake.

Volunteering: All is going well and I am enjoying myself. There is not a lot to do, but one needs to be around most of the time. I’m more than likely around more than I need to be 🙂

Exercise/Stretching: I know I have not been logging any but I feel like I am doing enough with the walking while doing my chores and riding around the park on my bike. I am keeping up my stretching.

Night folks