Sedona Mountains 6

Pictures: Here is a couple more of the Sedona Mountains.



Exercise: I walked a couple of miles this morning.

Night Folks


Dropping in Unexpected

Pictures: Talking about dropping in unexpected …… this takes it to a whole new level!!!! One of the balloons landed less than 20 feet from my RV and the other maybe 50 feet away 🙂 So all of a sudden, I had about 30 visitors!!! I am parked in one of their favorite spots to land.



Exercise: I walked a couple of miles today.

Password Managers: I am trying Bitwarden password manager> I have use Lastpass for the last few years but it has been sold a few times and each company seems to go down hill a bit. I started out just using Xmarks and Lastpass brought that software and I starting using both Xmarks and Lastpass but I have now started to use Firefox sync for my bookmarks and am thinking very hard about give up Lastpass for Bitwarden to keep my passwords. Bitwarden is not as slick as Lastpass but it is open source and I like that very much. I will play a while to see how it goes.

Night Folks