The RV Park Dog

Pictures : This is a shot of the Landlord’s grandson’s dog “Buddy” I love that one ear is always down while the other is always up. I keep a box of Milk bones for when he comes by to visit me, he likes his treats and he’ll do tricks for them like shake hands and sat.

Buddy 20-7D1_ 11:17:21

Exercise : I did my mile this morning and will take the weekend off.

Have a nice day Folks

More Old Stuff

Pictures : Nope, nothing I want to walk behind!

Old tool 25-7D1_ 11:17:21

Exercise: I walked two miles today, so that will be my long walk for the week. Tomorrow I will walk one mile, maybe …We’ll see.

Mac Stuff: I am adjusting to the ideal of tapping and not pressing the Track Pad. Only forget now and then.

Maybe not Mac related but more of the things I need to do different …

I am still forgetting to change my glass form the ones that take the blue out to the regular one when editing photo.

Now, not looking at the keyboard … well the keyboard is like a magnet for my eyes, but I keep trying!

Have a nice day Folks

Old Stuff

Pictures : My Land lord brought this old tractor with a lock up motor a while back and got it running, he likes fixing mechanical things.

Old Tractor 24-7D1_ 11:17:21

Exercise: Not far but walking … I have started keeping up the exercise page again as of today.

Chores: Doing little chores today, took apart the battery vacuum cleaner and give it’s insides a good cleaning and took out the near 15 year old Honda Generator and fired it up to run a while, thing still works great! Folks, if you are going to buy a generator get a Honda. I never did any more maintenance then add fuel and change the oil.

Weather: This fall has been one that I’ve enjoyed greatly, with weather temperature that have been near prefect. Very comfortable!

Alright enough chatter for today.

Night folks

Setting Still

Pictures : Not today.

Setting Still: I am very tired of setting still and not going anywhere but I have to wait a while yet.

Slow Day: Not much on the old brain today.

Night folks


Pictures : Here is a pair of Pine Siskin.

Pine Siskin 52-7D2_ 11:04:20

Exercise: I did my mile this morning. I have a new app to do my walking with now it is (Solo Trip). I like that it is very simple to use and has very few bells and whistles, which is a good thing. No data collected … the first thing I look for.

And just like Forrest Gump: “That is all I got to say about that”.

Have a nice day Folks 😀


Pictures : House Finch wondering just how the Lesser Gold Finch does that.

“Hey?! How do you do that??”
Finches 50-7D2_ 11:04:20

Mac Habits: The Mac has a feature for the Track Pad that allows you to press on it or tap to click on something, so coming from the PC and being a mouse user I felt the need for that click feel the pad gives when you press on it. Now I am wanting to start using the tap feature but I am having a hard time of breaking the habit.

And a worst habit yet …….
After all these years of blogging I am still trying to train myself not to look at the keyboard while typing but it is hard for me to stop, So hard! Even knowing that it would help me to type far better ….. the eyes just have their own mind.

Habits are so hard to break!

Ride: My friend wanted to go out for a ride so we went to City Silver, a nice little ride. Didn’t do anything much but we enjoyed the ride.

Night Folks

Flipping Over

Pictures : My Lesser Gold Finch doing tricks for me 😀. The tape on the bottom is where the post use to be but I like watching them flip upside down.

Couple of clicks for the bigger picture.
Lesser Gold Finch 15-7D2_ 10:21:20

Learning More: On the Mac I am learning more of the gestures, very useful indeed. I have all the basic down pretty good I think but I like the easier ways of doing things on any computer, so knowing more is better. I have the Mac Book Air so the screen is pretty small(13.3) so I am starting to use the Mission Control option a little more often. When it comes to computers many people hate having to learn new thing but I exactly enjoy learning new tricks on computers.

Night Folks

Not long out of the Egg

Pictures : Here is a very young Gambel’s Quail, hunting for a seed.

Gambel's Quiail 75-7D2_ 06:14:21

Exercise : Well I did a mile a day Mon-Thur and today I did two miles so 6 for the week. Far cry from what I was doing but at least I am doing a little.

Night Folks

Red Top Bird

Picture : Here is a shot of my favorite Towhee, Green-tailed Towhee.

Couple clicks for the bigger picture.
Green-Tailed Towhee 74-7D2_ 05:07:21

Piano, Grass or Monkeys?: Nope this line is about none of those, just can’t think of much to chat about today, LOL. So …

Night Folks

Messy Eater

Pictures : Here is a Lady House Finch, the table manners don’t seem to be great but she is enjoying her meal.

House Finch 80-7D2_ 11:08:21

Diet: I was thinking of my next subject and my diet come to mind but my next thought was no need to talk about that because It has been none existent, but I am back on it now. I completely lost all control of my eating habits over the last year. Food is a hard one for me.

Editing Photos and Glasses: One of the things I have changed over the last year is my reading glasses. I don’t have anything special but I did pick up some with the blue filtering for computers/screens and it does seem to help the old eyes a bit. However ….. I have to remember to switch to a different pair when editing photos, likely not good to have the blue filter out. 🙄

Have a nice day folks