Dark-eyed Junco

Pictures: A couple of shots from a couple of year ago. Dark-eyed Junco.



Exercise: I rode the bike about 6 miles this morning. Not for sure my app stopped for some reason.

Night Folks


Scott’s Oriole

Pictures: A Couple of the Scott’s Oriole from a few weeks back.



Exercise: I rode the bike for 6 miles this morning.

Backup: I spent about 4 hours today organizing and backing up my photo. I always let myself get way behind and than have to do the hours to catch up! Anyways my photos are backed up to 3 drives now and the only bad thing is that I don’t have an off site backup.

Night Folks

Common Raven

Pictures: Couple shots of a friend from Blue Water Lake, I called him “Bad Foot” because his left foot was always curled back under. He like it when I put out peanuts in the shells.

I am not always sure when looking at Crows and Ravens of which is which … but I am going to go with Raven on this one due to the size of the bill and the shaggy throat.



Moved: Well I have moved to one of the other local parks and I am now hooked back up to Electric and the AC is feeling good!

Night Folks

Lesser Gold Finch

Pictures: Here is a couple of the Lesser Gold Finch.



Chores/Move: I went into the city today and did my chores. Tomorrow I think I will move to another park for a week and then come back here to stay over the holiday weekend. This is a very peaceful park and I think it would definitely be a good holiday hide out!

Night Folks