Hidden Beauties

Pictures: While walking the trails in Datil Wells I saw this little piece of hidden beauty. The background is not nice at all but I liked the little flower. There where a lot of these on the trails in Datil and I thought about cutting a little piece off, about the size in the photo and putting it somewhere with a better background but it was a windy day and I didn’t think I could find a place out of the wind, so I just took the shot in place.

Where is the beauty … Hidden-Little-Beauty-7-7D1-052319

Here it is, please click a couple of times for a larger view.

Exercise: Dale and I walked a slow 2.333 miles say’s my walking app. It was harder after taking a week off. I will move tomorrow and do chores so no exercise tomorrow.

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Blue is the Color of my Birds

Pictures: Mountain Blue Bird and Western Scrub Jay.


“Hey you looking at me?”

Exercise/Knees: I have took a week off from walking/exercising and it is time to get back to it, so tomorrow I’ll give it a shot and see how things feel.

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Jays, Pinyon and Scrub

Pictures: Here is a Pinyon Jay and a Scrub Jay. The lighting is very different in these shots although the camera settings stays pretty much the same all the time is the time of day that makes the difference. The Pinyon Jay was shot at high noon and the Scrub Jay much later in the day around 4 pm and I think the later shot makes a for a much better photo. It is hard to compensate for the harsh light of mid day in post. I know better but I just can’t help but to take that shot whenever I see it 😊

Pinyon Jay.

Scrub Jay.

Friend/Kayak : Today Dale took his Kayak down to the lake to paddler around a bit and let me try it out for a few minutes. I have long wanted something to get on the water in order to photograph birds but worry about where I would haul it on the RV and just how much I would use it if I had one. Also, I worry a bit about getting my camera gear wet!

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Wild Flowers

Pictures: A couple of wild flower shots.



Exercise/Knee: The knee is getting better, so maybe Sunday or Monday I’ll start walking again.

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Red Moss Rock and Old Cattails

Pictures: Just something the camera got pointed at 🙂



Ride : Dale and I took a ride in his smart car today and he showed me some places to camp in the Cibola National Forest. Only a mile or two from here as the crow flies but near 30 miles as the car drives! Plus we did some more riding around just exploring the area, enjoyable ride.

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Mountain Bluebird

Pictures: Here is a shot of a Mountain Bluebird. I had to do a lot of sharping to this one because I shot it handheld at 1/100 shutter speed and I am not that good at slow shutter shots handheld.


Exercise/Knees: Not exercising for a few days, I have once again got the knees all out of wack from over doing things. I have been enjoying the longer walks a bit too much I guess and ….. I am still over weight, which of course don’t help things.

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Chores and “Bad Day”

Pictures: Female Black-chinned Hummer. I wish I could have caught her on the other side of the feeder and not had the junk in the background.


Chores/Bad day: Today I was off to the city to do my chores, laundry, pick up gals of drinking water and do some shopping. This is also my one day a month that I have come to call my “bad day” because I can just eat any old kind of junk food I want, so I do. My friend Dale went with me today so it was nice to have someone alone to pass the time with.

Night Folks