Flicker and Jay

Pictures: My feeder has slowly been picking up new birds from the area but sadly it will be time to move soon. Here is a Northern Flicker and Staller’s Jay. I started putting out un-shelled peanuts and the Jays have figure out that they likes them 🙂 They also like the suet I put out.

As always click the images twice for the larger size pictures.
Northern Flicker.


Steller’s Jay.


Exercise: All the good walks have finally caught up with me and the knees have spoken …. time for a break.

Night Folks

Day Moon

Pictures: Here is a day time moon shots that I took this morning. These shots are as seen but I had to blend photos together to get both the tree and moon in focus. The first two I did by cropping the moon from one photo and pasting into the other. The third one with Photoshop CS6 by …… see below.



By….. With Photoshop open …
1. File/Script/Load Files into Stack
2. Browse/ (then I pick the files, I took four shots, two of the tree and two of the Moon) After picking shots I clicked /Open. — Photoshop then opens the images in layers.
3. Select all layers then
Edit/Auto-Align Layers/Auto/OK — I then did a crop of what I wanted.
4. Make sure all layers are still selected then
Edit/Auto-Blend Layers/Stack images/OK
5. You can play now with each layer/Mask or just flatten the image, which I did.
6. Process in Photoshop like any other image.
Note: Lots of YouTube videos on how to do this 🙂

The third is better in that you can not see where I try to blend the sky shots that were a bit different in each shot. Still not perfect, I likely should have worked with each mask/layer a bit.

Exercise: We walked 3.3 miles today.

Night Folks

Pair of Western Bluebirds

Pictures: Male and female Western Bluebirds.

When I have a bird with bright colors like red, blue or yellow it is sometime hard to get good detail and not blow out the colors in the brightly colored feathers. Especially when taking the picture in bright sunlight.



Exercise: We had a good walk this morning and we both forgot to turn on a walking apps on until we were near a mile or so in ….. so we think it was between a 1/2 mile or one mile and our apps were saying 4 miles when we got back so, ….. (adding…… ) 4.5 to 5 miles of walking 🙂

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