Pictures: A shot of a White-winged Dove.


Exercise: I have been very persisting with my walks but they seem very unadventurous down here in the flat desert.

Out Side: The weather has not been to bad so I have been doing a few things outside again today, it is nice to get out of the rig for a bit.

Night Folks

Wren on the Seed Feeder

Pictures: A shot of the Cactus Wren getting a sunflower seed or two. The Wrens will check out all possible food areas, Suet feeder, peanut feeder, Quail Block and the seed feeder. The wren is the only bird I see on all the feeders, they don’t want to miss a thing πŸ™‚.

Not the greatest lighting on this shot, the bird was in the shade and the background in the sunlight.

Exercise: I got back to my walking today after a couple days off.

Outside: Today temperature’s made it up too 100 degrees but the mornings have been cool enough to work outside so I did some piddling on some shelves I am making this morning. It is nice to get out of the RV a bit. Tomorrow is going to be another hot day but a major cool down coming Wednesday, I look forward to it. Oh, it is also giving a 50% chance of rain … that is a high chance here. A rain would be a good thing.

Night Folks

Half Size Quail

Pictures: Here is a shot of a young Gambel’s Quail, maybe 2/3s the size of Mon.


Chilling: The weekend is here, the heat is on, and I am just a-chilling πŸ™‚.
Update 5pm: Stayed below mid 90s today, not too bad.

New Area/Site: My new site has trees just outside my door and I am hoping and believing that I will have more variety of birds here because the birds feel safer with the tree cover. I am already having more of my favorites in this area(also more of my non-favorites such as House sparrows) but at least I don’t have to worry as much about them wasting my neighbors rig with their waste, because I don’t have a neighbor on my RV’s door side were I feed πŸ‘.

Night Folks

Female Black-chinned

Pictures: Here is the Female Black-chinned Hummer.


Exercise: I top off my week’s walking this morning with my everyday walk for this area.

Converter: My friend and I replaced his RV converter today, didn’t take too long and seems to work fine.

Weather: Good weather is in sight but a hot weekend is coming and a couple more days and then …. a real nice cooler break. Today in the upper 90s.

Night Folks

Broad-tailed Hummer

Pictures: I have been seeing a lot of Black-chinned Hummers and the Broad-tailed Hummer but have had a hard time getting clean shots of the latter. Here is one that show the beautiful colors of the Broad-tailed Hummer.


Exercise: I have continue on with my walking this week, four down and one to go πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is the Cactus Wren in my feeder area. I have moved sites within the RV Park and in a few days you may start to notice a little difference in the background because my new site don’t have a plank fence because it is an end site on my door side. Might be a few days as I start shooting new shots here.


Exercise: I did my morning walk and moved the RV which was a bit of exercise seeing as I have been setting awhile and have things spread all over the place from being still so long.

Weather: It is pretty good for me now πŸ‘.

Night Folks


Pictures: This Calliope Hummer is the smallest of the hummers that come to my feeder and it needs to stretch out a bit to reach the drinking hole if setting on the landing rail. Most of the time Calliope Hummers hover to drink.


Exercise : I got that done this morning πŸ‘.

Bad Day: I have one day a month that I eat whatever I want and this is that day! So I have sweets around and a Crock-pot full of soup-beans which I will have with cornbread and fried potatoes 😊. MMMMM MMMM good!

Update: Just had my first round for lunch, mighty tasty. I’ll hit them there soup-beans again about 6 this evening, hillbilly heaven ~~~πŸ˜‹~~~.

Night Folks

One of the Last

Pictures: Here is one the the last Rufous male Hummers that I have been seeing this year, it is mostly female Rufous Hummers that I am seeing now. I don’t recall seeing a signal male in the last week.

“Should I?” He ask. We all know the answer πŸ™‚!

Exercise: I got the first of my 5 walks started this morning and top off the month. Exercise page updated.

Outside/Weather: I have been piddling around outside for an hour or two in the mornings doing little this and that’s, now that it is cooler, nice to get outside a little πŸ™‚. It has made it to 90Β° today but still so much better than 100Β°.

Night Folks

Calliope this Time

Pictures: Here is a Calliope Hummer form a couple weeks back.


Weather: “Oh what a relief it is.” Wow! It is in the low 80s and it is near 1pm, too nice! Overcast(mostly) with a slight breeze, oh yeah πŸ™‚.
Update; 5pm, The sun stayed in all day and it stayed below 90Β°.

Sanding: I am working on a shelf about 6 inches wide and 3 feet long with a couple of layers place maybe 8 inches apart … anyways the cooler weather this morning afforded me comfortable working condition outside to work on it for a bit, nice indeed.

Night Folks