Pictures : Here is another wild flower shot. These are around a good bit in the desert. Seeing more and more wild flowers now.

Wild Flower 29_R7_ 04:08:23

Folks, have a good day.


Getting a Seed

Pictures : Here is the male Pyrrhuloxia again, this time on the ground enjoying a seed.

Pyrrhuloxia 03_R7_ 04:24:23

Exercise : My walking went well last week, even though I spent a lot of time running the roads with my friend. 4 days with 2 mile each, is pretty good for me now-a-days. I start back at it again tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed for another good week.

Weather : As far as I’m concerned, the weather has been immaculate.

Folks, have a fine day.

Road Runner

Pictures : Here is a shot of a Road Runner that came by today. It was getting a drink of water but seen me pick up the camera and back off a bit.

Road Runner 03_R7_ 04:28:23

Have a fine weekend, Folks.

Proud of my Colors

Pictures : I think this House Finch was showing off his spring colors to the ladies.

House Finch 04_R7_ 04:25:23

Weather : Continues to be beautiful, near perfect.

Roads : Running the roads a bit today again with my friend.

Night Folks


Pictures : Here are a couple of White-crown Sparrow shots.

“Well, I think I’ll have a little Lunch.”.
White-crown Sparrow 04_A-R7_ 04:23:23

“What a fine meal that was!”.
White-crown Sparrow 06_A-R7_ 04:23:23

Folks, have a good day.

Running the Roads

Pictures : Here is another of the Pyrrhuloxia. This is one of my favorite western birds.

A couple of clicks on the image will get you the close view.
Pyrrhuloxia 11_R7_ 04:14:23

Running: My friend Barry went to Silver City two days in a row this week for some VA appointments, and I went along for the ride, and I also got my Blood work done early at the VA that I had an appointment for on the 2nd of May, so that will save me a trip. I did miss my blog post yesterday, for some reason I was just worn out after getting back from Silver City and actually sit in my chair and napped a bit, and mapping is a thing I don’t do much of.

Weather : We are having such a nice run of beautiful weather, I will miss it when it goes away. Temperatures around 70-80 with a bit of wind but not too bad, I am so enjoying it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.