That’s the Spot

Pictures: This ♀ Rufous Hummer was having a good scratch and found the right spot.


Exercise: My walks have felt good this week. I got so I do my walking first thing in the morning before cleaning up or eating breakfast, I only get dressed and start walking right away, just been too hot to wait for long.

AT&T: Nope, no call yesterday, wonder why I am not surprised?

Truck: Well, I have been searching around for truck repair costs and somewhere that a chat about my truck and it’s history didn’t get met with “shrugging shoulders”. The last repair shop I talked with instilled a little confidence in me and also offers one years labor guarantee alone with parts. I told him how I would test the truck and he express easy confidence that it would pass. The only catch is that this one goes for higher cost parts and labor is costly too ….. but if the work holds up, it may very well be worth the cost. Still, letting go of money is hard for me so it takes time to think it out, LOL.

Night Folks


Pictures: This Rufous Hummer was getting all cleaned up while guarding her feeder.


Exercise: I got my walking done this morning and I felt better this morning, maybe the weekend is wearing off 🤔.

AT&T Support: Today an engineer is scheduled to call me from AT&T to figure out why I can’t login to the AT&T site. I am wondering how the are going to make it my fault, LOL! Well hopefully not, I do things that make the process harder but still that does not effect the method of authentication they are trying to use, which is to send a SMS to a device that don’t receive SMS.

DPP: I am really starting to like DPP(Digital Photo Professional) much better then ACR(Adobe Camera Raw). I seem to be able to coach out a little more detail on my images with DPP and I like detail. Again all this could just be my imagination, and I sometimes have a good imagination 🙂, LOL. I think the areas that I am finding a bit more detail in, is the Lens Optimizer and the sharpening tool. I am sure that Adobe has ways to accomplish the same things but I seem to manage to destruct the quality of the image if I play too much in Adobe. I will likely end up using both pieces of software but it is good to have options.

Night Folks

Portrait of a Thrasher

Pictures: Another of the Curve-billed Thrasher.


Exercise: I got back to my walking this morning. I felt a little tired this morning when I got up, during my walk and even after eating breakfast but I got out of the RV for a bit and felt better when I got back. A little movement does wonders for the old body!

Truck: I went down to the Dodge dealer this morning just to chat a bit and check on some parts for my truck for something to do. While there I checked out the cost of used trucks, and the price for used trucks has gone nuts, I won’t be trading any time soon!

Night Folks


Pictures: A shot of the Road Runner. I could be wrong but I think this may be the Road Runner with the bad leg because it was limping. I had seen and posted a picture of one that was not using it leg at all.
I did a little cloning on this shot to remove couple things from the shot, birdbath and watering bowel. The bottom of the birdbath was just over the head of the Road Runner and a small part of the Water Bowel to the front of the bird.


Weather: Wow, today it is just 100° instead of 105°, big cool down 🤔? Believe it or not, it does make a bit of difference for me using the Swamp Cooler to cool the RV.

Good day folks.

My Small World

Out and About: I got out a little bit today Walmart, and a couple parts stores. Felt good to do a little something. Other then that there is nothing happen in my small world 🌎.

Old Truck: I have been checking out some prices for parts and repairs on my old truck and I seem to have one that everything cost more then other trucks, just my luck! I have a couple big things that are getting near to be done I think and there are both very costly. One the clutch and two is the turbo. They are both holding up for now but I think it is a matter of a short time for both. I have thought about replacing the truck but the cost is just way too much for the size that I need to pull around my RV. I have also thought about a different rig all together but that is not cheap either. It would be nice to have something with a lot lower maintenance cost, maybe smaller. I have been thinking on it pretty hard of late. I got to watch out and not let my brain get me in debt because my little income don’t like payments!

Have a good day folks.

Out of Pictures

Pictures: I am out of new photos for now and will not be doing much shooting till it cools off a bit. I guess I have come to the years where I just don’t much want to fight with the weather, so I just stay hidden away from the heat. It is about 10am and it is already 96° out, nuts!
Weather Update: 1pm 107° 🥵. The weather person on the radio this morning said it might rain this afternoon, I hope she was right!

Exercise: Finish off the 5th walk of the week this morning, so now it is time for a couple days off.

Windows Shortcuts: I use smileys, and I have been firing up the on-screen keyboard and clicking the smiley icon on it to pick one, but I think I may start using the Windows short-cut { ( Windows Button plus period ) or by symbols ( ⊞ + . ) }, which brings up just a smiley set 🙂. I know this short-cut but I am just use to using the on-screen keyboard. Hard to break old habits. Those of you that use both Windows and smileys how do you type smileys?

Night Folks

Mr Rufous

Pictures: This is one of the shots that I got in a little closer to shoot.

Rufous Hummer.

Exercise: I have been keeping up with my walks this week.

Movies: I watched a couple movies this afternoon, other then that it has been a slow day.

Night Folks

Raw File Processing

Pictures: Black-chineed Hummer, I did not get much detail in the darker areas of the bird.


Raw Processing: This morning I used both Adobe Raw and DPP to process the above photo which don’t have all that much details in the darker areas and I was indeed able to save/recover more of it in DPP then I did in Adobe Raw. Now this could just be me, but that is the way it came out for me. By the way, I always use Photoshop to finish editing the photo. Actually, I finish with a plugin from within Photoshop, Topaz labs(DeNoise AI) Noise reduction software about 90% of the time.

Today Fuss …. : Let me see … I am an old man so finding a thing to fuss about is not really that hard, LOL. Today I will pick on software/web sites that wants to rent to you. I know that many of them need a way to keep an income coming in, however ….. lets look at all the software on your computer and think about the ideal of paying for every one of them … and paying for each web site you go to! Would that work for you? It surely will not work for me. So do I have an answer? No, not really, but paying $50 or more a year is not going to work for long, as more and more software companies pile on to the game. And $50 is low for what some of them want. Photo-bucket try for $400 a few years back, wow! Flickr is now up to $60 a year and then there is Adobe Photoshop with $120 a year…. What is going to happen if all go that way? For example, say you had to pay $50 for a web browser, $50 for an Email site, $50 for a news site, $50 for weather, well you can see where this is going. I don’t think it should all be free, companies have a right to make money for their work but greed will catch up sooner or later if they all pile on with large charges.
    Now, saying all that, I am not totally against paying for some things. 1) I kind of got hooked into paying for Flickr because I had about 3000 or more photos on there when they decided they would start charging for any amount over 1000 or delete them if you did not pay. These are all connected to my blog by linking so I either had to let all my old post break or try moving 2000 photos and re-linking each one back to the blog, no that is more then I want to do. So I pay Flickr. When Photo Bucket did the $400 a year I just had to let them go, so you find many broken links in the older parts of my blog. I do pay for other things too but they are all lower cost and I try to keep it to a minimum.
    I think If companies are going to charge they might should think about a time when everyone piles on to the charging game and we will have to pick what is most important to us. And if they could keep the price down enough they might get picked.

What is your ideals on it all?

Weather: It is 105 here at this moment.

Update on AT&T: They have been a bit of a pain for me lately but let me make it clear, I am getting a great deal from AT&T unlike Verizon who can be a pain often and I am not getting much more then the minimum from them and they are not cheap! So the hassle is well worth while with AT&T, and all is working well for now.

Good Day Folks

Wasted Trip … Kind of

Pictures: Here is another Ruufous Hummer.


Exercise: I decide to go ahead and do my walk this morning seeing as I was up early and the AT&T store didn’t open to 10 am.

AT&T No-help online Techs: Yesterday after I spending 6 hours on the phone with AT&T support, I got one person out 5 that was really putting in the effort to help me and he did that mostly by admitting he didn’t have the answer and contacted at least 3 other techs for help and they all said I needed to verify my account …… they were all wrong! I went to the AT&T store (145 miles round trip) and had my account verified and that allowed me to login one time and then … I was back to the same problem as before! ;^@$*%!!
   However, the kid at the store was smarter then all the techs piled up! He could not fix the problem of not being able to login but he did find a work around, great! I can at least get into my online AT&T account now, but I have to pick forgot password every time instead of logging-in as normal. After resetting my password I can get in. Hellfire way to do things but at least it works.

The rest of the Story: Well, yesterday while having all the trouble trying to login to my account, I did a silly thing and reset my device (Mobley ZTE Car Connect) and that caused an updated to the firmware on it ….. so what you say? As it turns out the car connect device had a option to stay on always before that firmware update but after the update it does not have that option, it only has options for 30, 60, 90 minutes and 2 hours max. So now I need to find a new work around to keep it always on …… $%^^&*(^%!!
   I am trying one now, which is to keep it moving a bit to make it think it is in a moving car. I read about one other, which is to buy a little power supply that keeps the voltage a little higher to make it think it is in a running car. I will likely get one of those power supplies . The testing is happening now 🙂.

Okay that ends today fuss!

Night Folks

AT&T Being Sleazy

Pictures: Another shot of the Calliope Hummer.


Exercise: I did my walk this morning but will likely miss tomorrow walk because I have to take a little road trip to Las Cruces.

AT&T Being sleazy!: As I said above, off to Las Cruces tomorrow ….. I don’t want to go but I have to go verify my AT&T account after spending over 6 hours on the phone today with tech support ….. %*%#@$*!!! A 142 mile round trip. I have been using it for over 3 years …. now I have to go verify it, bullshit!

Folks hope your day is going better then my!