Topped 500 post today;

Hey I just notice that I have made my 500th post! For me to be at a point in life where I will share this much with the world is pretty wild. Most of my life I have not been one to put myself out there at all. The truth is that I am having fun with this silly blog and that is a huge change for me.

The social functions of life has not been a big thing in my life LOL. Guess it is what comes of getting old and senile! ROTFL

Tanks are done

Yaaa hooo the tanks are done! Not the best of jobs to do but it turn out better(easier) than expected.


My phone service is not so good here on T-mobile. I have started using Skype for some calls but I can not receive calls on it. Guess I’ll make do for a few days.


Good and bad news ……… one; the good news is that I got in a ten-mile ride today, …………. the bad news is that I took a little fall ………. Ouch !, but not too bad, got a little skin on the arm and knee and a sore wrist, mostly hurt my pride!!! LOL. That patch of gravel was just a little deeper then I thought!

I sure am glad I was by myself so no one could laugh at me………….. (so to all my friends that would have enjoyed watching me fall)

Photobucket There!!!!


Here is two shots of the Florida Mountains and one of the Three Sisters Mountains all taken from my friend’s yard. Click for a bigger picture!

Everyone have a nice night.