Acorn Woodpecker

Pictures: Couple shots of a Acorn Woodpecker as it scores a shell peanut from my feeding area.



Going: My friend Barry loves to go, so I have been going out about very day to the city or somewhere. It is a fun change for me. Left to myself I will only go once a week or maybe twice.

Weather: Lots of rain and a good thunderstorm going at the moment, I find lighting a bit scary sometimes 😬

Night Folks

Acorn And Black-headed

Pictures: Acorn Woodpecker and a couple more Black-headed Grosbeaks.

I didn’t get very close to the Acorn Woodpecker.


I think this one is a young Male Black-headed Grosbeak.


And I think this one is an adult Male.


Moved: Not far still near Flagstaff but a little farther away and on a different road.

Night folks

Woodpeckers and Squirrel


There is a dead tree about 60 feet from my RV and the Acorn Woodpeckers will gather on it at least once or twice a day.


I looked out the door of the RV the other day and found this Squirrel grinning at me as it stole away with my peanuts 🙂


Exercise: Five miles on the bike and walked one.

Night folks