Work day one

Today I put in 5 hours at work, so 10 to go. My boss will be gone on Thursday so that will be an 8 hour day. Tomorrow will be a 2 hour day to make my 15 for the week.

While working today, I was running around the park for the whole 5 hours, so that will be my exercise for today. I don’t think my knees will take much more.  😦  , fun to be old and broken down, LOL. No, I am pretty happy to be able to do the things I can do and don’t want to make a fuss over what problems I have.

Safe on WiFi? One is never safe on the internet, not completely anyway, but WiFi can be a little more dangerous I think. At any rate I have ordered a new Router with WiFi as Wan. The router is the WiFiRanger Go. What is WiFi for Wan you ask? It is a router that will receive a WiFi signal and then take that signal and make a second WiFi network that is secure and controlled by you. So it is one more step a bad hacker would have to get through, to get at your computers, at least this is the way I understand it. Of course if someone is determine enough to get at you they will. The best defends is to be of very little interest to such folks, and I think I fit that, LOL. The reason I have ordered this router is that I am thinking of dropping my air-card (Verizon) for the time that I am working here and just use the WiFi in the camp ground. If I drop the Air-card the saving will pay for the router in just two months. I may drop my smart-phone too, that would save me a little chuck of money for sure. We’ll see. I am lock into the unlimited data plan on the smart-phone and don’t want to lose that, but still it is very costly and I will use it very little this summer.

Have a nice one folks, Later.



This morning I stop by the campground where I could possibly  be work camping at, and was told that the lady that opens the office wouldn’t open till 9 am. So I went to get one of my propane tanks filled (run out last night)and while doing that the lady called and said she would not open till this afternoon. So while I was waiting I thought I would play around with the Nexus 7 and start today’s blog post, and as always when I post with the Nexus 7, I also play around with the speech recognition. I just can’t understand why this thing don’t understand hillbilly 😯 ❗ LOL I will have to send an email to Asus/Google and see if they make a southern version of this nexus 7!

If I take this work camping job, I guess it will be a good test for my old body to see if the knees and other old wore out joints that I have, will hold up to a little bit of labor. Just this morning I had a really sharp pain in my right knee, the one that’s been replaced. Hopefully that’s something that won’t continue. I’ve have walked a lot and maybe that was the cause. I may be on my feet a lot with this new job so I guess it’d be a good test. Hopefully I can get a passing grade 😯

I noticed at the campground that they had a sign up saying free WiFi, so hopefully it’ll be nice fast WiFi. If all works out, come mid May, I could drop my Verizon air card and save myself 50 bucks a month for the summer. Well maybe not, I do like the security better on the air card, especially when doing my banking.

Update 3 pm;  I am a Workamper. I have moved into my new spot and will get started on my new job tomorrow. The WiFi is pretty fast. There is cable here too, but I am not hooked up just yet. Looks like they are laying new cable in the camp ground.


New Sim Card

Today I stopped by Verizon while in Yuma and got myself a new Sim for the Air-card. Hopefully it won’t be disconnecting any more. Good news, while at the store they give me more data (5 gig to 8 gig) with no contract and no more money. When they told me that in the store I could not believe it, after questioning the guy for some time I said sure. I ask why and he said sometime when near the end of a contract like I am, they will give incentive to keep you there. I even called the tech folks after coming out of the store to insure that I had gotten what the fellow said and it had not cost me any more money or effected my phone plan which is unlimited, data wise. So I will wait and see, till I get my bill and see if it is bigger and if it has a little note attached saying “HA HA We got You” LOL. Bottom line, if it is like they said I am now getting 8 gig for $50.00, which is a little better than 5 gig for the same money. I ask many times and they said the bill would be the same ………. so it had better. If this works out I may stay with Verizon for a little longer. They also offer me 10 gig for $60.00, I probably should have taken that. The guy said I will only get this offer once. The one thing for sure is, I did not sign any new contracts so if it don’t work out, I can walk away come May. Could of have had something to do with me telling them “I will be leavening when my contract is up”  every time I talked to one of their techs. 3 more gigs will be helpful, for sure.

3/30/13 UPDATE: This did not work out, see post on 3/30/13.

No exercise today, this will be a day off. I will get back to the program tomorrow.

I had a good visit with my friend while in Yuma today, but I always do enjoy visiting with my friend in Yuma.

While there we where talking about water tanks and she had a 13 gallon tank that she give me. So with that tank and my two 6.5 gallon tanks, I now have the capacity to haul over 25 gallons without all my gallon jugs. May come in handy in the boon-docks. Why would I have gallon jugs you ask? Well there are two good reasons, one; is that some times you can pick up a few gallons of water from places without them minding but they are not happy to see you stick a hose down a bigger tank (an example of this is, a Circle K over in Stanfield near Casa Grande)  , and two; the gallon jugs are very easy to handle.

Enough for today, later.

Air Card

My air-card has made me nuts here lately. This often happens when in a new 4g area. It started out doing so well but then it started to do bad. Just part of having an air-card, no way around it.

Exercise today was a bike ride and a one mile walk. I still need to add some stretching. Tomorrow will be an off day for exercise because tomorrow, I will go off to the city with friends for lunch and a little socializing, should be fun. We will go to Golden Corral, so I can pig out and still stay on my Atkins diet 😀

Temperature are going to reach the mid 90s this week, wow. That will make me want to find cooler weather, always in search of the 70s and 80s .

Went to get a little water and now my fresh water tank is full. I keep it pretty well topped off, hardly ever down more than 15 gallons. If I get farther away from water I may go down by 25 gallons, but it is a 50 gallon tank so I always have plenty of water. I think about getting a 25 or 30 gallon tank to haul my water in sometimes but I am not sure I need it. A larger haul could save me some trips, maybe one day. The bad thing about a larger tank is that you must have some way of getting the water out of the tank and into the RV and that usually means a pump of some kind. On a good thought, if I had a tank, pump and a hose, I could use it to wash my truck now and then.   25 gallons should be about enough for a truck wash.

In the City

Not much time today because I have been to the city and that always eats the day up. Did some shopping and stopped in and seen my friends and one of them is down with that old mean flu that is going around this year. I feel really bad for her.

I picked up a used Solar panel (130 watt) while I was out so that will give me 4 panels now.

I was having a hard time with my Air-Card (disconnecting)  and called Verizon and they had me pull the Sim card and then restart everything and that seen to help. The speeds jump around a lot, sometimes really fast but mostly just over 3G a little. 4 M-bits down and 1 up most of the time,but than sometimes it will get crazy and do 13 m-bits down. I like it when it is fast.

No exercise today but I may get in some stretching later on.

I got to do a few more things today, so folks I will catch you tomorrow, Later.


Air-card doing well

My air-card is working fine today, checked it first thing this morning and all was good. Verizon called me back later and said they would replace the air-card if I liked, I told them that I did think it was my air-card and I would keep it for a bit. I think they have some tower problems here now and again. It could be that I am near where armed forces do a lot of stuff with air-craft maybe they are doing something to affect the signal, who knows? I just don’t see an air-card shutting down for a day and then starting back the next day, not the way things usually break. If the air-card was going to work intermittently, I think that after disconnecting and restart it 15 to 20 times yesterday it would have work at least one of those times and not start fine today every time I try it(3 times so far). Anyways it is doing fine today so all is well. Man I miss my internet when it is not there!

Workamping: Well I am in talks with my boss of the last two summers about maybe working there again this summer, we’ll see how it goes. I kind of hope it works out because I like the Las Cruces area. The folks I work for are great too, and that is always a plus.

Exercise is in the can. I rode the bike today for the first time in a week or so and it felt pretty good. I did my usual 10 miles. I have done some of my stretching and will do more later on.


Well my air-card is working fine now, but it will not take the update to the latest firmware. After talking with the support folks it is decided that I will drop by one of the Verizon store next time I am out and see if they can get it to update and if not I will have to send it in for a replacement. I don’t have to be in any hurry because it is working fairly well. I guess the air-card just had a bad day ……..?

The weatherman says it will make it to 72° today, so not too bad. It does feel a little cool just yet and it is already afternoon. I sure won’t complain at 72° 🙂 .

Word:  In reflection of my post “My history with words”, I use a lot of tools to help me write and it helps a great deal but does not care all problems. I have talked about this before but I thought maybe I would go over it again for other that run upon my blog and maybe could use the writing help.

I use text to speech (TTS) sometimes to see if what I wrote sounds sensible, when I have the time. Maybe I do not use TTS enough LOL. The tool I use the most is my phone’s dictionary with it’s speech recognition, I just could not live without it. The phone is always right beside me when I blog. I used to use the speech recognition on the computer but the phone is just a lot faster and better, maybe it understands my southern-drawl better, LOL. Spell-checking is a must for me, and the word-press blog has one build in, thank goodness. I also keep a list of words in a notepad file on the computer for words that constantly evade my spelling ability. Of course one of the things that is helping the most is my typing that gets just a little better each year. When I started this blog I was only a hunt and pecker and now I can maybe do 20 or 25 words a minutes, still not good but I am getting better, slowly but surely. Lots of spelling and grammar errors still get by me and you know this if you read my blog much, please forgive and look over me 🙂 . I do keep trying to improve.

It is near 1:30 now and the temperature is about at that 72° I spoke of, so I am on my way out to enjoy some of that!

Exercise: A day off is in order I think, just because I can! The knees ache a little so I will let them rest a bit, maybe still do my stretching, we’ll see. I did get out for a while and just piddled around.

Drinking: I was reading some of George’s post and about 3 days ago he post this about Temperance give me a little laugh as I do understand as to where he is coming from. Give that post a read.

Another busy day

I got me some good sleep last night, I slept for 11 hours and man it felt good! Everyone is surprised that I got the trip over in two days. LOL I did not see any reason to waste time the longer it took the more it was going to cost me the way I see it and I don’t like that cost thing at all.


I was thinking that I would put on a lb or two but instead I took off a lb or two, LOL maybe I need more road trips! I did not eat well but I did not eat much, I didn’t have time! When you see me not blogging you know that I am busy doing something and as you see I missed two days. I was driving like a mad man LOL. Getting too old for them kinds of road trips!


Well the air-card is purring like a kitten today and not missing a lick. John “Knocks on wood and hopes that will hold on”. LOL.  Well as I typed it started 😦 ! Oh well it is a big money-making company so that is OK *&(%^%$*(&##!!! Kind of like our congress, you think?

We the people are paying for things we are not getting! Both congress and big business(same folks pretty much, seeing as the congress works for big business) like this!

Have a good night everyone, later.

Work day again

It is my turn to work again …… already! Oh well. Been keeping a eye on my stats and I see all two or three of you folks are reading my blog every day LOL! Well OK, to all 2 or 3 of you, thanks for caring!!! My blog is just like everyday with me ……. it is just me talking to myself, well I am my best listener! Beside that I am the only one that believes all that I say anyway LOL!

No respect/ Can’t get a break / Verizon

Well the thing on the return air-card is looking bad for me 😦  😦 .  When I got the last air-card I also got an antenna adapter with it and they come in two different boxes. Verizon says ————– “well you use the wrong return label to return your air-card instill of it being sent back to get your refund you sent it to a donations center” . Of all the damn things ……… have was I to know that one of the boxes had a donations return! Yes I am sure that somewhere way down in the fine print there was a few words that said it was for donations but it sure hell was not obvious!!!! Farther I was told that I would be sending it back by FedEx and I did ( one box was FedEx the other was USPS). I even ask later while trying to get my back for the last replacement air-card that I got and was told that yes they had got it back. So I did not think on it no more till I got the bill with a near $300.00 charge on it.

I told them I would not pay this but I got to look at my choices …………..! One: be out the lost of 3oo by giving it to Verizon stealing a holes, two; change carriers and be out even more money, three: give the whole internet thing up. It will more than likely be one but …………..

I will not go down without a fight ……….. I will be posting on-line anywhere that I can post about this and I will be filing with BBB! Plus I will be calling tech support till they turn blue!!!! Oh it is Verizon I guess they will turn red! There will be many calls to billing. From now on I will call every month to insure that they got the payment. I do a lot of my own research on how things works but from here on I will just call tech support. I recommend Verizon to a lot of RVers but that will be no more ………… and I guess that is all I got and predatory Verizon  will have all my money  😦  !

OK guys this one will take me a while to get off my soap box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verizon has the best coverage and some good gear but they are like the banks with very predatory behavior and this is something I was not watching out for. I am now!

I will be on the soap box for a long time on this one.

Cold/ Bug

The cold or whatever it is still hanging on. It is in the chest mostly.

Good News

Some good news ……………………… I am doing OK on the weight thing. I did get the 5 lbs off for Aug and I am setting the gold for another 5 lbs for Sept. I am getting some mileage out of eating less bread. It the carbs thing, I love my carbs! I always knew it was much of the problem, but the carbs are a hard fight for me. I do still eat a few but I am cutting way back on them. My rule is to not give up any type of food completely but to change how much I eat of many types foods.

I have heard of late (from friends) that beans in the diet is good for you so I am going to eat more, I got a big pot of pinto beans going now! They should be ready by tonight maybe.

OK time to work, later.


Got a good start to the day with a 10 mile ride on the bike. We rode for about 11 miles, giving me 25 miles for the week.

I will do some shopping today and than be off to my sleep test tonight.

LOL I can’t help but to laugh at a sleep test! I guess if one had a really hard time at sleeping it would not be funny. This all started for me because I fussed at the doc about my mouth always being so dry. She said that it may be because I sleep with my mouth open causing the dryness. She than ask how I slept and I told her that I sleep light and wake 5 or 6 times a night. Well that was it, I had to have a sleep test! LOL so I am off to a sleep test!

I have done my shopping and the day is moving by quickly. I think I may go out and eat somewhere and by than it should be time to get ready and head for El Paso. Not sure where I will go to eat.


My air-card has done well and is staying connected OK. I leave it in the router 90% of the time. The Novatel 551L is doing much better at staying connected than the Pantech UML290 did.

Well it is time to do something, so later!